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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)



Today is Sunday, people, and that means RECAP time!

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I know life is busy and time gets away from us so let’s check out the past week’s…


Previous Posts

Monday we asked that:

God, Hear The Children

I am starting off another week with the same thought on my mind. I guess I can’t help but think about this subject due to experience in my life and the fact that I’ve been raised in a family that has always been reaching out to others. READ MORE….


Tuesday we learned how to:

Make An Impression!

They always say first impressions are important. What kind of first impression would you say that you make on a person – a good one or a bad one? Or even worse, a boring one? READ MORE


Wednesday I shared:

When I Fell In Love With Texas!

This is the shortest title that I could get for this subject! It’s not only going to talk about when I fell in love with Texas but it will also talk about my acting and learning experience in Dallas, Texas at KD College – because that is where my first visit ever in Texas took place. It was then that I knew it was just right. READ MORE….


Thursday we discovered:

The Body Of Christ – WE ARE THE BODY!

I believe I have talked about this many times before, but perhaps some of you were busy that day and missed it and even if you went back and found it with my weekly RECAPS then that’s great! But I’m telling it again, not in the same way. I will be explaining it in a different way though how we are all the body of Christ. READ MORE


Friday we peeked in on:

My Daily Walks!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I updated you on my daily walks. Well, they haven’t been so much daily as they are supposed to be. With the weather being as cold as it is and with it pretty much always raining here in Texas, I miss out on some days! I started my walking back the 18th and then the 20th it was supposed to be raining throughout the day so I didn’t go, but I did still have some form of exercise! READ MORE….


Saturday we visited:

The Healing Stream!

There’s this song my grandma has always sung throughout the years and it’s called Healing Stream. It’s a wonderful song and I’ve always liked it very much. Both my grandparents have sung it for years and I think it’s going to be needing to be making a come back soon – let’s go to the healing stream! READ MORE


I hope y’all enjoyed catching up on what I shared this week. And I pray you were blessed by taking a dip in the Healing Stream!

God bless y’all!


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