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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

God, Hear The Children


I am starting off another week with the same thought on my mind. I guess I can’t help but think about this subject due to experience in my life and the fact that I’ve been raised in a family that has always been reaching out to others.


Before I was even born, my grandparents were helping people – even before they got saved. And because of this, I have a heart for people as well. Not only because of what has been instilled in me by them but also it is due to the fact that I have had some experiences in my life that I can relate to others, children especially, which brings me to the title of my blog “God Hear The Children”.

So in a sense, this is another prayer. I was out in my bus room the other night praying and God spoke to me and I was moved and the plea came out for God to hear the children’s cries.


“The problem isn’t that God doesn’t hear the cries of the children, the problem is many people choose to ignore the crying children.”Nathan Tune


This at first was an indefinite statement to me and then I began to ponder what God was trying to tell me even more. It isn’t that he wanted to tell me this for my own self but so that I could share this message with everyone. Though this is not the first time I’ve mentioned this subject, it most definitely will not be the last. I will say it again and again throughout my course of time so that everyone gets a chance to hear me and also a chance to hear the cries of the children. Because as what God explained to me, it isn’t that he doesn’t hear the cries of the children, it’s just that many people choose to ignore the crying children.

But why? How could we turn and look away from such an innocent child? We see a situation and choose not to get involved because we either fear it will make things worse or that it won’t do anything at all, but like a said before all that is necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to sit back and do nothing. Good men and women sit back and do nothing all the time, and by sowing a field full of nothing what will you have to harvest? NOTHING!


From Nothing Comes Nothing

But when you decide to make a stand and step in where you feel God is calling you to be, then that is when good will begin to prosper. Everybody gets all caught up in their lives. I know we aren’t supposed to judge others and worry about what they are doing but the thing is, that doesn’t mean we are to forget others completely. Jesus wants us to love everyone and be there for those who need us and to go out into the highways and the hedges. It’s all good to go to church and learn what the bible teaches but what good is having that information if it is never going to be put to use?

When the Pastor tells us to that God commands us to love one another, the bible means that we are to be there for each other supporting each other and working together instead of pulling apart. When the Pastor says that we are to let our light shine, he doesn’t mean just when we are in church. What good is the church if it’s kept to itself like “my secret clubhouse” that you have to have some kind of stupid password to get in?



What good is your going to church and having the knowledge of God’s word if your just going to keep it to yourself? To me, that is the worst thing any Christian can ever do. Because by not going out and being witness for others and showing them love, you’re not letting your light shine – and that just makes this world that much darker.


God bless y’all!


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