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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Looking Beyond What You See…



Today, I would like to talk about looking deeper into the life that we live – such as life in general, or the place that you are today. I like talking a lot about my faith and the trials and tribulations that my faith has brought me through.

I’d like to discuss many things today, not just about my faith but more of why my faith is so strong, why I believe In God and why there isn’t a doubt in my mind that he exists.


Look Beyond What You See…” – Rafiki “The Lion King”


When you’re born in to a family like mine, you can’t help but to believe in God, not that any of his word has ever been crammed into my head by force – everyone when they’re little (almost everyone) has been to Sunday school and remembers hearing the teaching of his word. Well I myself have always had a belief in him since I was four years old. You’ve got to look beyond what you see, to unveil what you can’t see.

From a very young age, I have experienced many miracles throughout my life. I have felt his presence. I have even heard his soft yet strong voice. I’ve witnessed angels guarding me. You have heard me write about when I was four years old locked in the basement of this house that sets in St. Louis Missouri. I have wrote about witnessing the beatings my mom was given by the man she was married to. He was a preacher, went to church every Sunday, led everyone to believe he was an upstanding citizen like most men who beat on women do I guess, but there is also those that doesn’t surprise you as much.


Any of my readers ever watch Touched by an Angel? I’ve caught more than a few episodes of this show during my lifetime and the way that the angels appear to the people in the show is very unique as well. I don’t feel that the creators interpretation is entirely far-fetched.

Once, while sitting in the basement at four years old watching my mother getting beat, slammed into mattresses, and box springs I remember it appeared to be foggy as if there was smoke everywhere, like time had stopped and I remember sitting on this bench beside of me was this person glowing and that person told me to not be afraid. Never did that person identify itself – but their presence was definitely known, as was God’s. I like to call that person an Angel. I know it might sound a little bit crazy, but I remember it very clearly – and it was very real.

I recall the “Angel” returning to my rescue more than once during my time in St. Louis. My mom took this man back twice; the second time we almost didn’t make it out alive. Luckily, though, both my mom and I had a very faithful family and faithful friends. My grandma, my mom’s grandma, my family’s Pastor and his wife all sent up many prayers for us. There isn’t one doubt in my mind that those prayers didn’t help my mom and I make it out. God was watching out for us the entire way. My mom was punished for her actions, but that was her own fault. But because God is loving and merciful, he showed her the mercy of letting her get away from that man.

Well we’re just getting into the miracles that I’ve witnessed – and I was just FOUR! That was just the beginning! It wasn’t long after we were home there was only more trials and struggles for my family. My grandma had her mother sick to take care of, my grandpa sick to take care of, my mom sick to help take care of, my uncle, me and all the other work that takes place on a 20 acre farm. That most certainly was a test on my grandmother’s part but she was strong and faithful to God during those times. Another reason I believe so much, seeing everything she’s been able to withstand even before I was born.

People look at my family and they see where we are, but that’s all they choose to see. They don’t take the time to look beyond what they see. They don’t take the time to try and see where we’ve come from. Instead they just jump to being green with envy over the good that God has blessed us with. Yeah, we have blessings such as our 1988 40′ ft Prevost bus. They see that and think either we’re somebody, or that we’ve got some big money, God’s money and that we’re just using it up. But that would be a huge misunderstanding.

Our money comes from our own pockets. We’ve had people give us (small) donations here and there over the years, but we’ve never begged them to give us the money. We’ve never asked for money at all. God has always taken care of us. It often upsets me how quick people are to judge, but that’s only because they don’t know where we’ve come. Even still after they know, sometimes it still doesn’t change the way they look at us and I guess that’s just fine you can’t make people like you. But they can help to make you!


I’m still not finished, people! I’m still testifying. I’m still only about six years old now at this time. My faith was strong but somewhat weakened at that age because of losing my great grandpa on my grandpa’s side of the family. It hurt me a lot when he passed away and I became very angry with God for taking him away from me. Losing loved ones is still something I have difficulty dealing with and something I fear. But I have to keep reminding myself that grandparents, family and friends are only borrowed for a time. They are here to love us, be there for us and teach us many valuable lessons and then when it is their time, God takes them back. They are forever living in our hearts, though.

One of the things I learned from my great grandpa refers to his and my favorite scripture:


“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” –  Psalms 118:24 K.J.V.


Whether it was cloudy or raining, sunny outside or not, my great grandpa would always get up and say:


“This is the day that the lord hath made, it’s good because Jesus’ is in it.”-  Franklin Tune


There again, it is about looking beyond what you see. With everything that’s gone on in my family’s life and everything that I’ve witnessed, my personal experience… everyone in my family ( including myself) shouldn’t be here today. We really shouldn’t be alive, but I believe God has spared my family and I for a reason and a purpose – a good reason and a good purpose.

My grandpa is a walking miracle. There isn’t a person in my family who hasn’t been fought to be alive, especially my grandma. The doctors tried to kill her at birth!  She’s a survivor, we’re all survivors. With all the glory and blessings he’s placed in my life, I can’t help but believe that God is real.

It’s simple really.

So my dear friends I ask that you do this, for the sake of yourself and the sake of others:

Take the time to LOOK BEYOND WHAT YOU SEE … whatever that may be.


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2 Responses to Looking Beyond What You See…

  1. That is a very powerful message Nathan. It doesn’t matter what people think, it only matters what God thinks. You are so very blessed with your talents and you keep up the good work. YOu bless many people including me. Bless you

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