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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

What Would Jesus Do?


Hey, everybody!!


Today is my 60th blog post!!!

That’s right! Yesterday I was looking at my published posts and it said I had 59! That means that today is my 60th post!!!! I can’t believe that! My best friend and I started praying together 60 days ago as well, though, we haven’t made 60 days straight we have continued praying when we can.



After the 30th day, we started missing some days and haven’t been able to keep a good solid straight week now for awhile, but in time we will!! We started praying together 60 days ago and out of those days I think it’s safe to say we’ve only missed 20 scattered days so that isn’t too bad! It’s good being able to pray with your best friend; it’s the highlight of both our days.

But our prayers together isn’t what my topic is about today. My topic is about stopping to think about and ask ourselves:




“What would Jesus do in times like these?  I think prayer is one of the things that Jesus would do. Don’t you? How about reaching out to others and showing them hope?


“I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”- Luke 5:32 K.J.V.


Or, would he walk among the sinners and fall to his knees? Heal the sick and saved lost souls the way he used to? In times like these as Christians, it’s vital that we stop and ask ourselves WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? We must not only reflect on this as a question but as an act for our own self as well. We need not only  just ponder  what Jesus would but also once we know of what Jesus would do, we need to do our best to try and do those things ourselves. Don’t you think?

I think he would walk among the sinners. I believe he would be right out there with them showing his love and kindness as he once did, never to once judge them for not knowing what they are doing is wrong. That is the thing today. For a sinner to not know what he/she is doing is wrong is one thing. In a sense,in God’s eyes it is natural. Until a sinner truly knows in their heart that what they are doing is wrong it is normal behavior but for a Christian to do something that is wrong, knowing that what they are doing is wrong is even much worse. Because when you know the wrong yet still do it anyhow, it is even worse then the sinner doing those things.




Ask yourself that question today. Stop and take the time to ask what would Jesus do and once you get an idea of what he might go out and do today, why not go out and perform some of those actions yourself? It might be a great help and change in today’s world. We can’t change the entire world, but each day we get the chance to make it slightly better, so why waste that time on other things? Why waste that time judging and bringing those who need God down instead of picking them up and bringing them to the Master’s loving arms?

That is what our job is, to go out and be a light. That’s what’s most important in today’s time is that we all be a light I think it’s what Jesus would do! And when we’re judging and bringing others down, that’s not being a light, that’s being a forest fire to God’s lost children…

Check out my cover of Adam Gregory’s “What Would Jesus Do?” I first heard this song in the movie which was titled “What Would Jesus Do?” And every since then I fell in love with it! It’s both a great song in a great movie as well!! I hope you enjoy my cover and that you can go out today and do what Jesus would do.



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One Response to What Would Jesus Do?

  1. Just beautiful. I’m SO proud of you!!!!

    mom <3