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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Welcome To America, Jack!


Oh! MERRY CHRISTMAS by the way – and HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY New Year! Why hello, everyone! I pray that you are blessed today and enjoy yourself!


Today I’d like to give my thoughts on what is happening to Phil Robertson about his religious beliefs as they are many Christian’s beliefs as well. I’d like to just say here I most certainly stand by Phil with this one and I am excited to keep updated with the latest news and information on this story! It is a very exciting thing! But at the same time it is a very stupid thing…

What’s wrong with him saying what he said? It isn’t like he said it during one of the recordings. He said what he said when he was point blank asked. And because of it, he has lost his job? Now I know that A&E they reserve the right to hire and fire the people they choose but… Think about it for a moment. Isn’t this discrimination? Isn’t this hate towards Phil Robertson and the rest of us that support the Bible and stand up for those beliefs and moral values this country was founded on?

I believe that it’s more than most of the time  that when somebody who states the belief it is they have and if it happens to be from the Bible everyone has a very big problem with it. But on the other hand, people like Oprah Winfrey can wish death on a race her being one of the BIGGEST racists in this country she can win a noble prize! But somebody simply states their CHRISTIAN belief when asked, they are all of a sudden the bad ones?


Open your eyes, people! Look at what we are becoming; look at how insanely crazy this is! Remember, think back to what it is that America really is! My thoughts, my opinion? My belief on it all? I stand with Phil on what he said and believe the same thing as a lot of ‘real’ Christians do as well. As for the way people are treating him for it this is what I believe. We don’t hate those, we don’t mistreat those we do not agree with, we don’t torment. We simply just have a difference of opinion.

I believe that we should ALL get to voice our opinion and be who it is that we are! Because that is exactly why this country was founded. Yes there are laws, but the freedom is being taken away from US more and more and by US I mean the ones who are the ONE NATION UNDER GOD in this country! How dare people say we aren’t that anymore! Because we are! And I’d like to say to everyone!

Welcome to America, where we ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL! Where we ARE Christians, where we most definitely do celebrate Christmas and where we say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, NEW YEAR!



God bless y’all!


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