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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

We Plan – God Laughs


Have you ever got up in the morning, put a great big smile on your face and said out loud that today was going to be the day that everything turned out just as you have planned it to? Have you ever woken up with such strong determination to make sure that each minute of your day goes exactly as you have it planned? I’m sure that you have, we all have, we all have tried and we all have failed, because like the saying goes, when we make plans, God laughs.

bigstock_Sky_and_clouds_background_26443844Welcome to the amazingly wonderful bloggin’ experience of ‘Nathan Tune’, I of course am, Nathan Tune and today’s post is going to be discussing how it is that we often make our own plans in life only to see them wither away throughout the day as plans of a higher authority proceed with excellence and a great humoring day of complete interruption in our little puny lives, have you ever got up in the morning and went out to start your car and yet it didn’t start exactly when you wanted it to? And when it finally did start, though you were 30 minutes late for your job or wherever it is that you had to be, you come up only to get stalled yet again, by a traffic jam, caused by an accident, an accident that perhaps you might have been involved in if your car would have started just when you wanted it to, ever look at things like that?

I do, I look at things like that all the time. Because I for one am always trying to see the brighter side of things, the other night I was watching one of my new favorite TV sitcoms on ABC – ‘Cristela’ about this Mexican Family in Dallas Texas, it is ‘Hilarious’ and I remember their Mother was talking to them and they were discussing plans for their life and she told them “Don’t you remember what I told you? We make plans and God laughs!” then one of the daughters all of sudden replied, “We know, A’ma, you tell us everyday that God laughs at us.” and she simply responded something like “It’s true.” it was so funny and I really do enjoy that show, and it got me to thinking, it really is true.

His Will – Not Ours

I often mention the importance of being aligned in God’s perfect will, and if we choose to obey him and pray this over our lives then to make plans and then to be angered when they don’t go as planned would be completely ludicrous, either way we must know that when we commit our lives to him, he has all on his on already planned out the ‘perfect’ life for us. Perfect? Yes, perfect, but how can that be? Well, what’s perfect to us may be extremely different to what is perfect to God and vice versa, but if we allow God to plan our lives then we can rest assured that he will plan our lives far more perfectly then we ever in a million years could have done on our own.

Scripture Reference:

“There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.” – Proverbs 19:21 KJV

I remember one time I was with my family and we were going to get on this shuttle to go to a blue berry farm in Louisiana where we could pick our very own blueberries, we were all so excited but we had to wait in line forever because one of their drivers was late, we even had to go drive around while we waited because it was taking so long. Then when we got back and their driver had finally arrived we almost didn’t get to go, but finally we did and when all of us got on the road we didn’t make it but a few short miles before we came upon a terrible wreck where gasoline had spilled all over the road and caused a pile up that involved one of the shuttles that went ahead before us, a Motorcycle and a truck, everyone was so astonished that whether they believed it was God or not, that something of a higher authority ‘spared’ us from the wreckage.

In Conclusion:

I do believe it was God and I am so thankful that he is always watching over me and my family and all of us, even those who might not fully believe in him or even those that might not have their life committed to him and doesn’t believe in him at all. He still watches over them because he loves them with so much love and compassion that our tiny little minds couldn’t even begin to comprehend that we serve such a sovereign God that is in control watching over all of us. It’s incredible and I can say with utmost assurance that ‘Our God Is An Awesome God’ he reigns from heaven above, with wisdom, power and love, yes our God is an awesome God.

Remember, though it may be frustrating to make plans and watch them wither away, it is best that we trust in God at all times and obey him because he for certain knows what is best for us. Thank you all for reading today’s post and I hope and pray that it has been a blessing to you in some way shape or form, whatever time it is, wherever you are and whoever you are, I wish you a blessed life.

Until next time…


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