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The ‘GAG’ Order…


Hello there friends, I know that the beginning of this blog post may seem quite different than any other one that I have ever written. It is that is most definitely true, but let me just explain and jump right on into this then why don’t we? You all know how awhile back I wrote a blog post asking prayer for my mother and my family. Whoever read it yes, you know. I appreciate all the prayers from across the world that I am receiving. From my two amazing new ‘mate’s’ and brothers in Christ in Australia (I’ll talk about them later) to people all over the country.


Onto the rest of my story… Well before I had written that blog post I did something that both I and my grandma have received much criticism for but you know what? I don’t care, and I’m don’t one bit feel guilty or bad about what I’ve done. You know? Because It’s true, I am disgusted and the things that have been going on with my mom and in my family makes me disgusted and it makes me GAG, it makes both me and my grandmother gag. I don’t believe this hurts my ministry one bit, people say “WWJD” they need to ask that to themselves the next time they’re in the bars getting drunk before church on Sunday morning, they need to ask that to themselves when they’re out singing at the honkytonks, Jesus wouldn’t be doing that, THAT’S FOR SURE. I find it SO amusing how LOVE LOVE LOVE “NON-JUDGY” Christians can become so judgy to others when they state truth or just state the biblical scripture. It’s ridiculous.

I’m pulling the “I’m Only Human” card on this one and I believe I have every right to be upset, disgusted and YES even post a long comment on my mom’s facebook with a pic of my grandmother and I gagging, I have EVERY right. Let’s get to that now then why don’t? I am going to edit a bit of this so I take out people’s names I used so they won’t be shared on this wide range of publicity but I will leave the majority of what I said in there and it’s the TRUTH and it’s how I have felt over the matter, my mom getting back into these people’s lives has disgusted me, not only that it’s made me sick. Especially after everything she once said when she returned to us back in 2012, anyone that has kept up with me remembers everything. Because this is one thing I have shared with everyone, I myself don’t believe a Minister is to have a personal life I believe it is good for him to be completely open and honest and that is what I’m being. It tells you that a person is real and nobody’s perfect.

All we can do is try our best, love God, deliver his truth to a cold dark wicked world and keep trucking on for Jesus no matter what this evil place throws at us. I’ve witnessed enough at my young age and been through enough that I don’t care what people say anymore, the way I look at it is if they have anything NEGATIVE to say then that’s THEIR problem NOT mine. And I don’t care because for the most part their ‘opinion’ doesn’t matter to me. They think they’re crushing, they think they are breaking us down with their words.

Sitting there waiting for us to fall and fail just like the devil, but they don’t realize is every stumbling block they throw our way we turn it over and make it a stepping stone HALLELUJAH!!! Some people think I’m crazy, that’s fine. If you aren’t crazy then your’e the one that happens to have a problem pal, not me. Because without crazy HUMAN people in this world, it would be such a boring place… Finally onto what I wanted to share most this morning.

I wrote this on my mother’s facebook page with a picture of me and my grandma that I no longer happen to have but I do not feel bad or happy about what I had to say I believe it was what I needed to say and do, I believe it is the truth and if anything I still feel disgusted.


“My my my look at how things change “I ain’t NEVER gonna have anything to do with them people ever again” you said… You blocked em and wanted em out of your life cuz that was the past….

So much for that, you’re all double minded and unstable in all your ways and you better all watch out cuz you can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time but sooner or later Gods gonna cut you down, yeah sooner or later Gods gonna cut you down.

Said you’d never have anything to do with those reprobates again, here you go right back to them again.. 

What is that the scripture says?

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly. 

(Proverbs 26:11 KJV)

It is just awful and a huge disappointment, I was rather proud of you, you were making something of yourself but I can guarantee you that you take this path again you will fall terribly and nobody’s coming to pick you up this time… 

You can all say whatever it is you want but here’s what I have to think about all of it… Know that God is still God he’s the God over mexico that dropped the wicked mexicans dead and God is just and upon this rock Is my foundation and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail… 

Go tell that long tongue liar,
go and tell that midnight rider,
tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter, tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down.

Tell em that Gods gonna cut em down.. 

You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time but sooner or later God’ll cut you down, yeah sooner or later God’ll cut you down.”


Now first off you have to know the situation which you couldn’t ever even begin to comprehend the things my family and I have endured to bring both my grandma and me to that point of gagging in public but that’s where we are and I don’t feel bad about it one bit I feel disgusted things are the way they are. That is all I said friends, along with the pic of us gagging, and we have received so much criticism for that. It’s ridiculous these people believe they’re perfect but they’ll soon find out they aren’t. I believe in truth I believe we all ought to try and be everything we can be for God and be as perfect as possible but I don’t for one second believe that I myself am perfect and I don’t believe anyone of us is except for Jesus Christ.

I shared what I said with many of my friends, they see nothing wrong with it, and they are very loving Christians that love God with all their heart and are great people. They are real, not some stepford Christian that lives in a world of all positivity and sunshine. They live in the real world with real Christianity where things may get negative from time to time but they remember the comforting words of Jesus Christ and pull right on through. This will cause another uproar in my family and probably among some of you reading, but again. I don’t care, I’m doing what I feel is right, I’m doing what I feel I need to do at this time and I’ve done so with much thought and finally decided to take this time, so go ahead, criticize me. I don’t care. That’s why I want to be an Actor, that’s why I want to be in the entertainment business using my talents for the Lord, because I’ve seen some of the most awful things said to my family and had awful things come my way from relatives that I got over and If some bystander hollywood reporter thinks that he or she is gonna get the best of me. Let em try cuz my own relatives couldn’t break me I never cared about the criticism they’ve given and I sure don’t care about what some stranger say.

This whole incident caused my mother to block both me and my grandmother on facebook, that’s why I called this the GAG order because both my grandma and I have been under a GAG order… With my mom, not here and most certainly anywhere else. Everyone has the right to do, say and live however it is that they please but they will have to pay that cost, we’re paying our cost. We have the right to say what we feel to say not out of hate, maybe out of anger, disgust and sheer disappointment. But especially out of love.

If you have made it this far in my blog post God bless ya, now go ahead and say whatever it is that you may… But remember, if you don’t judge people then well.. You don’t judge people, so why judge someone when you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes first? It’s funny how the NON- JUDGY LOVE LOVE LOVE Christians don’t believe in judging yet they always make the hypocritical judgements that Jesus Christ preached against, the ones he called scribes, pharisees and hypocrites. The ones he overturned the tables on, the ones he sent to hell. They make those types of judgments based on their on opinion rather than a righteous judgment and when someone does make a righteous judgement based on God’s word they ridicule that person and send them to hell.. Well poppycock, it’s just poppycock.

Thank you for reading and remember, don’t let others break ya! Let em help to make ya!

Blessings and SHALOM In Jesus ALONE.


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