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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Strangers Here…


There are moments when this world can be incredibly amazing and other times when it can be incredibly disappointing, there are times when all things are as alright as they can be and then there are times when everything comes crumbling down like a house of cards, and what are we supposed to do then?

the-stranger1I have always had a very real grasp on the fact that as a Christian in this world there is absolutely a 100% chance that you are not going to fit in anywhere and that might even count for some churches as well, I have contemplated this fact many times that we as Christians and we as the children of an almighty powerful all knowing God, we aren’t meant to be of this world, we are only meant to be in it for a short time, if it feels like from time to time that we haven’t been doing well and as if we will never fit in. Well, that’s because we won’t, no matter how hard we try and no matter what we do, no matter what it is that we try and convince ourselves or no matter how nice we are to people we will never truly feel at home, and it’s a sad thing in many instances but at the same time it is an amazing thing that we should be exceedingly grateful for.

Moving to Texas hasn’t been something easy for me and my family, then with all the hurt from personal family problems that hasn’t helped any either and as matter of fact it’s made things worse for us, I still love Texas, but no matter how hard we try we just haven’t been able to make that personal community type of connection with those around us, no matter what it is that we say or do we can’t get that here, and as matter of fact we have never really had something like that. But at least we got to meet people and make some type of connection with them, here we’ve struggled to even do that, from my point of view that is, because I personally love being able to go somewhere and recognize someone I have met before, I may seem real shy and to a very great extent I am however, I enjoy being able to make those connections.

Travelin’ Through This World Of Woe –

There is an old folk song that I am certain I have mentioned many times before and it expresses some of these real issues about how we are only strangers that are traveling through this world of woe, we are only passing through on our journey to be with our Father in heaven, we are only here for a small period of time and if we don’t take that into consideration we could let ourselves be lost to the fact that even though this world is not meant for us, we are meant to be a light for this world, while Jesus is THE light, we know very well that we are to be an example for him, there are some of us who have had our guts beat out and our hands burned in the fire, others have walked so far that they can’t hardly walk anymore from all the blisters on their feet and then there are the people have been through it all.

We all have a story my friends, we all have a destiny, we all have a much greater purpose than to simply ‘belong’ here, because we can’t possible be a part of this world with all it’s perverted wickedness, with all of it’s evil ways, we can’t be a part of the true world. However, just because we aren’t able to be some part of a world that’s filled with horrible things that doesn’t mean that everyone in this world is bad, it doesn’t mean that everyone out there isn’t reachable in some way shape or form, and I think once we all get a hold of the fact that we aren’t meant to belong here but rather meant to be an example for others and to make a difference and an impact while we are here, well. I think when we figure that out then that is when we will have it all figured out, actually I fully do believe that once we figure that out, that is when we will be someone stronger than we have ever been in our entire life time.

In Conclusion:

It’s hard, I know it’s hard, you know it’s hard. We all know that it is hard. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean that is completely impossible of doing, it just means that it’ll take a little more time to finish than it normally would. My friends, I know that there are those who have gone through the worst possible trials ever, but like I always say, it’s important to remember that when you are going through something bad, the good that came out of the last time you went through a rough patch. It’s vital that we take into consideration all of the little things, it is vital that we give God all the praise at all times, because it is one thing to praise him when life is fine and good, but when we can praise God when we have literally ‘nothing’ of this world, that is when we will be able to say that we have reached an extremely special relationship with Christ, and I know some of you reading this now, you can do it, you have done it and all that this trial to you is, is just another stepping stone to take.

We may never fit in this world, that doesn’t mean people of the world won’t like us, it just means that it’ll be harder for us to be liked simply because of how strong a stance we take for Christ. People can either hate you, love you, or simply respect you. But what’s always important is that we stand for truth in love with great boldness like we are taking our last breath today, it’s important that we realize what is important to us and once we find that out it is even more of an importance to actually make that something known, shout it out from the roof tops, don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, don’t be shy and for goodness sakes don’t be ashamed. We’re just strangers here, we’re all strangers here, it’s alright if you can’t stop the tears that you cry, because someday we will touch the face of our God and the sorrow will disappear.

Until then “We’re Strangers Here.”




Hello again friends far away and in between, what brought thee to me this fine day, have a sit and hear what I would like to say.


Well it’s obvious what I wish to discuss in today’s post the title of it kinda gave me idea’s away, but there is still much to be said on the subject (look at me, I’ve only said a few sentences and I act as if I have been talking for ages) let’s get started then, shall we?

I find that in today’s day and time – Trust is something that appears to be missing from our every ordinary day, in our every ordinary life – we just don’t up and trust strangers anymore like we used to which is  rather interesting considering that the crime rate isn’t as high as it was in the 90’s as matter of fact studies show it’s about the same rate that it was in the 60’s now that’s something.

So why is it that we still find a hard time to trust others, what can we possibly do to change this? Stop lying every single breath that we so lightly take perhaps? Or what if we just try being honest and true for a change, how about that, do you think that would really make a big difference on our society?


But it’s going to take more then just that, we have to actually mean our honesty, we have to actually mean our genuineness, because it so happens that people tend to notice if one is not really being truly honest with them – people have gotten smarter and even a whole lot less gullible, they just aren’t going to believe anything anymore without proof and it’s not that unreasonable.

If you think about, it’s very realistic at the most because so many of us have been lied to, burned, beaten down, taken advantage of and used simply because of our trust that there just so happens to be no trust left in us, and it’s rather sad actually because for a society to continue trust must abide in it.

Don’t Forget The Ice:

Let me tell you a little story where I actually experienced true trust in a person at a local grocery store, it was sometime in the summer of 2013 – my grandparents had just left the store and I had just got off the phone with them prior to that and they called and said that they were coming home, well when they got home they quickly realized that they had forgotten the ice.

Now they had paid for two bags of ice and we needed it, they were too tired to go back home so they sent me and my uncle to go back with the receipt to get the ice and to get a few other items as well – to tell you the truth I honestly didn’t think that anyone would be willing to believe me when I told them that my grandparents had forgotten the ice, but it was worth a try anyways.

When we arrived to the store I went up to the manager who’s name is ‘Reba’ which I always her about because it’s the name of one of my favorite country singers (Reba McEntire) I told her that not long ago my grandparents left the store having purchased two bags of ice yet forgetting them and walking out, I showed her the receipt and asked if we could get it from the freezer now and to my surprise she actually believed me.

I mean I know that I wasn’t lying but she had no way whatsoever to know other then she must have read me and truly trusted within her heart that I was genuine or perhaps she thought that it was only ice and it didn’t really matter, that could be the case but Texans are nice they aren’t too gullible though – so I believe she actually trusted the story and that was encouraging.

Trust is like a breath of fresh air in today’s society and even more so the TrustWorthy.

In Conclusion:

Not everyone is unwilling to trust those that they don’t know and at the same time, not everyone we don’t know is completely worthy of our trust – that is something that only we can determine by actually ‘judging’ that person but even though scripture tells us that we can indeed ‘judge’ I honestly don’t even believe that is what most of us even do, so to use a less aggressive word It’s more of a discerning nature to understand whether or not that person is one that deserves trust.

Judging with our Spiritual Instinct – rather than by ones Appearance.

I for one only have a very small list of people in this entire world (which includes my small intermediate family) that I know I can completely trust in whatever circumstance that may arrive.

It’s not a lot, but considering 6 of them are outside of my family 6 that I consider to be good friends and I can’t really mention that number again or else we’ll have something bad in this blog post which might cause controversy and it wouldn’t of even been intentional.

So without further ado, what I hope to have left you with is what I always hope to leave the readers with, a lot to think about, stuff to just ponder on and I understand that many have so much to think of in their life but I believe thinking about other’s aside from our own problems, in a way, helps us deal better with ours.

Until next time – though I don’t know I even made a lot of sense.

Have some cheeseburgers, with crispy french fries and a chocolate or vanilla shake or both who cares, right? I’m Nathan Tune, signing off.


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