Nathan Tune

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Growing Up


The little boy stares at the new remote controlled toy truck displayed in the toy stores window, with such childish awe and amazement he begins to slowly reach up and touch the glass, dreaming of the day that he could own the toy himself, however, he knew that such a dream was absolutely foolish. You see, Mike’s parents were very poor at the time and could barely afford to take care of themselves.

The-Land-of-Ooh's-and-Ahh'sMuch less afford something so grand for Christmas, yes. Sadly, Mike’s hopes of ever owning such a nice toy was nothing more than that – just hope. “Why do we have to be so poor, God?” Mike thought to himself. “Why do my parents have to work twice as hard as any of the other families on my block yet only make half of what they make, it isn’t fair God, it isn’t FAIR!” He began shouting and kicking the trash cans outside of the store and the store owner ran out to see what all the ruckus was about, when he found that little Mike was to blame he was shocked. See, Mike isn’t known for getting into trouble, he’s actually quite a nice boy, he does what he is told when he is told and he does so with the utmost politeness, he is very mature for his age, (that would be 8 by the way) he likes to drink a lot of chocolate milk and play in the dirt with his ‘friend’, Bill.

The only serious trouble he’d ever gotten in was not cleaning up after himself one evening, he’d never made such a mess before in his life, most certainly not intentionally anyways, when Mr. Pine found him standing there he quickly began to question why it was that our friend, Mike had so angrily knocked over his trash cans, when Mike explained his frustrations with Mr. Pine, Mr. Pine just gave a slight grin and a small tear started to stream from his face, because you see, Mr. Pine knew all too well the struggle of being poor, so he got himself back together and he told Mike not to worry, “You be a good boy like you always have Mike, you pay attention in school and I promise you that one day it will all pay off.” “Now, let’s get this mess cleaned, what do you say?” Mr Pine said with a laugh.


It had been 50 whole years since that short encounter with Mr. Pine, who is now long gone, our friend Mike has grown up to be a fine businessman and though he never became filthy rich, he always managed to have everything he always wanted, except, he never did seem to get that Blue remote controlled truck that he had dreamed of many years ago in the window, now this being his 30th Holiday with his family, they all agreed that it was time to get their dad something that he had still always dreamed of, but never made the time of getting himself, come Christmas morning he was just excited to wake up breathing, but when he started opening his gifts his eyes filled with tears as he saw the toy truck under the wrapping paper.

He began crying and remembered the day that he had stared into the store window, asking God why. – He remembered that it wasn’t easy growing up the son of a farmer in the middle of the hardest times his country had ever faced, he remembered that it was often difficult, but he made it through, he grew up, he came out something wonderful, like a diamond he was given just the right amount of pressure to come out worth more then he could have ever imagined.

In Conclusion:

We often ask ourselves “Why God?” why is it that we work so hard but seem to get nowhere, or why is it that we can’t even afford the simplest of things, much less a little toy? Personally I have to say, even though my family has had it rough at times. I have to say that there has never really been a ‘bad’ Christmas, we may not of always had ‘everything’ but you know what? Most of the time we do not need ‘EVERYTHING’ we always had just enough, somehow, we managed to get what we wanted and somehow we always managed to get by, I have always been amazed at that. We all change, we all grow up, it’s just a part of life, I remember when I was little running down the hallway on Christmas morning shouting at the top of my lungs “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” My eyes getting real big as I seen the gifts and stockings full, the candy, the tree, the music, the hot chocolate, the food, all of it, somehow everything was just right even when we didn’t have much, it couldn’t have been better.

There may be times that we wished we could go back and change things but we have to ask ourselves, in growing up, is there really a lot that we would change? How much is there that we would change and if so, what exactly would we change? For some I am certain that there are many things that they would change, but for a lot, myself included, I have to say that I would not change much or any little thing at all, because even though there are rough and bad times throughout our life and for those that grew up in far worse conditions than myself, even though there are bad times, it is those tragic events in our life that make us who we need to be, well I could put that in a different set of words, it is what gives us the power to be who we need to be, whether we choose to do the right thing is another story entirely.

But that’s also a part of growing up, thank you much for reading (the story above the conclusion is entirely fictional written by Nathan Tune for the purposes of this blog) I hope you have been blessed by it in some way.


Travelin’ On…


Hello everyone, I titled this post “Travelin’ On” however, I do not know entirely what I am going to say on the subject and please let me warn you ahead of time that I may stray away from topic here and there, I just needed a nice little title for the post so I thought that the one above was a perfect fit. You see, it becomes ever more difficult to find inspiration to give inspiration, to be an inspiration!

airplane-wallpaper-3I am often weary from thinking of what to write next even though I try my hardest to keep these posts scheduled way ahead of time so in a sense I am working each day to travel on with this blogging mission that I have taken upon myself, I do enjoy writing and posting what it is that God has given to, and I love reading all the feedback that I get whether it be negative or positive (though the positives always outweigh the negative) I enjoy being able to shed some kind of light in someones darkest hour and I love to bring hope to the world in some way each day that passes us by. Because I know that there are so many who doesn’t feel as though they can continue traveling on, as matter of fact they feel as though they might have hit their limit, ran their last mile, spent their last ounce of strength and lost their last drop of fuel to get them through.

This may be true for some, however, I am here to say otherwise. It’s my job now isn’t it? Otherwise. There, I said it. You heard me, yes that is correct. OTHERWISE. Otherwise what? OK, how about this. What if you haven’t spent your last ounce of strength or your last drop of fuel, what if you are seconds away from a pit stop and if you give up now you will feel so foolish when you could have gone a few more steps ahead and rejuvenated yourself to keep moving on, but instead you gave up because you didn’t think you could go on any further. When in reality, God had otherwise planned, there was a way, there is always a way. We must find a way to make a way to live the way.

Hold On –

Keep holding on no matter what, we know that it is hard, we know that it isn’t easy, we know that things can become tiresome from time to time but we must not forget to keep holding on to our faith, to hope. Because there most certainly is hope, there always is hope my friends, when we least expect it, hope comes around the corner and slaps us in the face with a wake up call and we are amazed at the way things start to turn. Because when we thought about stopping only seconds from a pit stop, we didn’t, we kept going, we got a rejuvenation and went back out there until our next checkpoint and we kept going.

Along the way we may have faced some dark valleys, some mountains and some storms, we may have had to endure freezing temps and brutal heat waves, we may have had to endure slippery slopes and rugged hills that were almost too hard to get over but by the grace of God we made it and we continue to each day.

In Conclusion:

In the words of one of my favorite TV Ministers of all this world, though he’s not a real Minister at all, rather just a Character from one of my favorite TV Shows called “7th Heaven” he most certainly was an amazing Pastor in the show, and though the man that had the honor and privilege to play the role of “Reverend Eric Camden” has recently had some bad stuff come upon him from some awful things he did in the past. The Character is still the character and the character is amazing.

“You live, you learn, you learn to cope.” – Reverend Eric Camden

And that is so true, in this life we all go through hard times in the struggle we pray for a life line, needing someone to show us the way but we’ve got to have faith. We must continuously grow stronger in our faith each day, because God is our mighty defender.

Thank you for all who have read, may it have blessed you in some way. (Rev. Camden’s quote may have been slightly paraphrased for the sake of not being able to find the actual quote and not being able to remember it fully)


My Shoes – Your Shoes


Hello there, I hope that every one of you are doing fine this day or whatever time it is that you choose to read this post, may you be richly blessed in his name alone, AMEN.


For today’s post I want to discuss the importance of wearing and being thankful for our own shoes that God has given us in our life.  Are you appreciative of the shoes that you have been chosen to wear? If not please do think on this for brief moment if you will, see if you’ve noticed my purpose isn’t to judge, condemn, or outright TELL anyone what to do, all I can do is present you the truths and hopefully you might pay attention and accept it for what it is and if you don’t then I have no ability or authority to make you do or believe anything else.

I have been given shoes to wear that have wore my feet out at times, they’ve left me blistered and sore and in terrible pain, they have given me comfort too, when I least expect they show me how much they really do help me, because someone that doesn’t have any shoes at all is put into my path by God and I am shown that there are others out there who have it a little bit worse then myself. Who knows, perhaps you’re reading this and you have a worst story than I do.

But do we really want to look at our life as a ‘bad story’ or do we want to look at the alternative which would be to view every event that we’ve endured as a great ‘testimony’ for Christ, do you truly believe that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose? Tell me if you really believe that today because I am absolutely certain that you would have to say ‘YES, YES AMEN!’

Then Think About This:

What if you would of had to endure something much worse than what you are facing at this very moment or what you have faced before? Try to put yourself in someone else’s position and see if you are able to walk a minute in their shoes, much-less a day or even a mile, could we really do it? Could we really survive in someone else’s trials and pain? Perhaps some of us could depending on what we have gone through, but say that those struggles were worse than anything that we have ever even imagined or endured, maybe we could make it through but we would come out thanking God for the shoes that he has given us don’t you think?

The other day when I was out I realized something very important, something that I needed to be reminded of because from time to time we can forget these things, with the pain from what my mother has done with taking that man back and forsaking all of us leaving a gaping wide hurting hole inside of us. I have to say that from time to time I get a little upset about it, (which is why I’m prone to getting a bit to emotional during family/Christian/Drama’s) but I was reminded that I am not the only person that is going or has gone through this type of hurt in my life and when I see something else going on in someone else’s life even if I don’t understand it I can feel their pain.

I may not be able to feel all of it, but I can feel some of it, especially when it is caused from the same type of situation that I have experienced, and I see the things I’ve went through and I know that I am blessed, I may wish things would have been a bit different from time to time or I may just wonder what things could have been like.

In Conclusion:

But I am always grateful for the shoes that God has given me, and when I see someone else hurting from any type of pain, or similar pain then it really hits home for me and I get nudges from God at times to go and speak to people to let them know that I’ll be praying for them or whatever I feel that God tells me to say, because I know myself what it is like.

Let’s all be grateful today my friends, you wear your shoes and I will wear my shoes and together we can clean each other’s shoes of all the mud, the grime and trauma that they might have went through during their time of hardships in this dark wicked world however let us know one thing that is the most important of all. God is always in control and whatever it is that is going on right now in our life, in my life and your’s you have got to remember that everything honestly happens for a REASON and a PURPOSE, a GOOD reason and a GOOD purpose.

I really do hope that today’s blog post has given you some type of insight on life in some way and until next time don’t forget that God loves you, he’s watching out for you, he’s got your back you belong to him and if you keep fighting the good fight of faith you will do alright.

Signing off from the East Texas Conservative Piney-Woods.


Be Grateful…


Hello there again my long distant friends, brothers, sisters, webanites, internetonions and alien life forms from the far off outskirts of the universe.

Sun 2 copy

I am Optimus prime, (no just kidding, I just really like saying that) today I would like to talk with you about being grateful for whatever it is that you have, I myself have grown up learning that even though one might not have much they in many cases have more then others, because when we didn’t have much I knew that we had far more than others might have had. We had food on our table (we actually had a table, yes it was a little cramped but we had one) we had a nice place to eat.

We had mostly all of the necessary organs and parts of our body to function properly, not a limb missing, we could talk, see, smell, hear and walk. It seems to me that aside from just being ‘sorta’ poor we actually had it made compared to others don’t you think that’s a little bit true? Because I most certainly do, but most importantly above and beyond we had something else, something much far greater, we had Jesus Christ (which we still do)


Really friends, just think about it would you? Could you even begin to think about it for one moment about how great you actually have it even though in other areas of your life things might not be going exactly as you want them to go? I hope you can, because I know many of us can and many of us can’t, but there is a very great importance in actually acknowledging these things.

What if (now I know I’m not for playing the ‘what if’ card but just bear with me for a moment could you?) what if you was to wake tomorrow not being able to hear, what if you hadn’t the ability of hearing anymore? Or even worse, what if you lost both your hearing and your sight in the same day, could you even imagine those things for just one minute or do you not want to?

Of course you don’t want to imagine these things, none of us does because to all of us these things are precious to us, sadly we just do not understand it until they are taken away from us – like the old saying goes ‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.’

That just couldn’t be any truer, we often complain that we are in a horrible predicament, probably the worse type of situation in our lifetime and some of us may even go as far to say that we are in one of the worst predicament of ALL times, but do we really think that is true at all? Just how could we even dare be so selfish as to forget we are not the only people on this planet?

In Conclusion:

(Yes this is a shorter blog post than usually but I still think it has pretty signifiant value if I do say so myself, now moving on.)

You, me, whoever, are obviously not the only people on this earth and we have to constantly realize that because we may have our own share of dark troubling times but we aren’t the only ones experiencing grief, heartache, pain, hurt.

And there are others out there that may have even experienced some of the same things that we have, we just need to try and find them so that we can both comfort each other and they may end up helping us or we may end up helping them or who knows, we may end up helping each other all at once.

Whatever happens I know this, I know that I am grateful that I have the glorious ability to smell things such as the magnificent aroma of bakeries and pizzerias or subway (like the food chain) and so many other great things and even more so I’m grateful that I am able to TASTE those things! Seeing them, smelling them, feeling them and even hearing them cook, it’s all so beautiful.

Vibrant colors, exotic tastes, just imagine if all of that was taken away from us because I just can’t, and even though every so often there may be hard times for me and my family to face, I am grateful having been blessed with so much more than I ever deserved.

Think about that.

What are you blessed with?


What Now?


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whatever time it is, wherever and whoever you are, greetings and Shalom.


I write to you today in a bit of a rush actually, well not really, well maybe, who knows right? Sometimes we can get so consumed by trying to do something great that we can actually forget to just be great, actually living life the way we are supposed to live it and sadly that causes us to miss out on a lot and I often try and not make that mistake myself.

But sometimes I happen to get distracted by a dream, a goal, a strong aspiration of something that I really, really would like to do and before I know it I find myself asking the same question that I’ve decided to title this blog, what is it that you do when you have reached a point that seems hopeless, useless, maybe even pointless?

Keep Moving:

I know that this is something that I tend to speak of very often but you have to understand that I really personally know what this actually means, and I know that my family does, because all of our life no matter what it is that life has thrown our way we have always been able to keep right on moving with strength determination and perseverance most of all.

Without that I don’t think we would have gotten as far as we have, what now? I’m sure that there are many of you out there going through all kinds of trials and troubles and tribulations that maybe even I myself cannot even begin to comprehend what type of pain it is that you may be going through.

Perseverance my friends, that is a valuable key in overcoming all these obstacles that you may be facing right now, and I know that it’s hard to hear any type of encouragement from this 20 year old kid that you may think doesn’t know anything about what’s going on in life and definitely not anything about you.

Which is most likely true, I don’t know you, maybe I don’t but here’s something I am most certainly familiar with, pain, hurt heartache, struggles and hardships.


You may have heard me mention this before, maybe not and if you so happen to be a new reader, then just listen to what it is that I have to say on this matter, perhaps you will be inspired & encouraged to ‘keep moving’ in your troubled times.

Growing up way out in the middle of nowhere in a very, very, very small town in Southeast Missouri, my grandpa unable to help much anymore, I was 7 years old – my uncle was 10 – my mom was unable to help from disabilities and my great grandmother wasn’t so well either.

I watched my Grandma conquer some very dark times then, when we had only but certain things to eat, the electric was almost shut off multiple times but every time God would come sweeping in at the nick of time, having heard my grandma’s prayers.

We never starved and we always had enough, and every day my Grandma would tell me to ‘Believe’ she would tell me that if I had faith in the little things, then God would bless us with bigger things.


…the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1 K.J.V.

I have to say that from experiencing the miracles in my life personally, and in my families life, these are more than words that is often used as ‘pick me up’ words, these are actually the very core beliefs of faith.

I know there are many hurting right now, and while I’m not this Joel Osteen fluff and puff preacher, I’m also someone that does believe we can have comfort in our trials in pain – it’s not all ever gonna go away, not when we want it to and it will be there to cause us pain.

But we have a hope, we have peace and assurance found in Christ, I encourage you today to let not your heart be troubled during whatever hardships it is that you find yourself in right at this very moment, as matter of fact I ask that you be constantly reminded of God’s word’s to Paul.

Sufficient Grace –

In Conclusion:

His grace truly is sufficient to carry you through any type of pain it is that you may be going through your life at this very moment and while I mostly believe in spreading the core truth of God in dealing with peoples souls.

I also know that people need his strength to carry them through the trials in their life and I know that according to the scripture and from my own personal/family experience that he will.

Believe, have faith, keep moving on, never give up and never surrender because God is our mighty defender.

Until next time…


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