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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

To America’s Guardians


Hello my fellow American’s, today I’d like to share with you a poem, if I may.


A poem that came to me late during one night that I was having trouble sleeping.

This Poem Is Dedicated To:

(All fallen soldiers, All Veterans, All who Served, & All  who serve in the U.S. Military.) 
To America's Guardians:(Of Freedom)
By: Nathan Tune 
Copyright December 29th 2014

To those that protect the Red, White and Blue, what would America be without you?

The land of the free because of the brave, their battle cries can be heard from the grave.

Those who are here and those that have passed on, where would we be if they never would have gone?

Some just young boys marching in their first war, others old, and experienced, they had seen it before.

All come from families and homes like me and you, who leave them behind to defend the Red, White and Blue.

They are Mother’s sons, daddies and mommies, sisters and brothers fighting for the freedoms of others they have never known, the least we can do is let our thanks be shown.

To the brave men and women, both young and old, to their families at home who are so bold to share them with you and me so that we can be free.

I cannot imagine how it must feel, to constantly worry your loved one will be killed, while out at battle fighting through and through defending what’s true, the Red, White, and Blue.

God bless you, and your families too, may God bless you, for protecting, the Red, White and Blue.

Though I may not know you, we may have never met, and if you served in times gone by, I most certainly thank you for it.

If you’re just starting out, Godspeed my friend, may God be with you wherever you are led.

You have my support and others too, we thank you for wanting to defend, the Red, White, and Blue.

When the early morning dew so gently falls without a sound, I make my way to a tall poll above the ground, as the sun is just rising, I hoist her up high, there she goes in the wind she can freely fly.

I think of you and the brave ones that did die, in the name of freedom, can’t you hear their battle cries.

They were someone’s son, a smiling face someone’s beloved brother.

But now a void, a broken heart and tears shed from a mother.

Because they gave their life doing what was right in any decent human’s sight.

To leave a void, broken hearts and tears shed from a nation.

The fallen soldiers.

Not forgotten.

To those who did fall and those that did not let our thanks be known for you have given a lot.

Yes this is true, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

All my life I’ve had respect for you, and each time I see her flying so true.

I can’t help but think of the sacrifices from you, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

The colors of freedom, liberty and justice for all, one nation under God we stand proud and we stand tall.

Land of the free and home of the brave.

I hear the battle cries of those in their graves.

To the veterans and the young, active and inactive, new and old, may your story forever be told of you defending the Red, White and Blue.

Thank you.


ALERT – U.S. History


Well it’s time for a little U.S. History lesson about America’s flag!

December 3rd
On this day, December 3rd 2014 marks the very first day the very first (unofficial) flag of our country was flown. The flag of the colonists, with the Union Jack placed initially where the stars are placed today. It does however have the same 13 stripes representing the 13 colonies.

This marks a very unique and sadly much overlooked day in U.S. History, I seem to find the American flag a fascinating thing, and it gives me great joy to be able to display this lovely piece of history in my front yard today, in remembrance of the very first day it was ever flown 239 years ago.

Many people are actually unaware it was ever an American flag at all!

And to be honest, when I first seen it, I had no idea what it was either. But with a little research I quickly fell in love with it! Some people get mad seeing the British flag in the place of our stars, but that is indeed the flag our country used at one time and it was at one point an American flag. Unofficially that is.

It is actually the first flag that was flown into the Revolution and it is the flag for July 4th 1776, that is the date it was named the unofficial flag of our young nation. Making it in essence, (unofficially) our Nation’s  first flag.

That being said, if you plan on making a correct 1776 history play, do use the genuine flag that they would have used, because it wasn’t until 1777 that the Betsy Ross flag was introduced and adopted as our official flag.

June 14th 1777 (Flag Day)  to be exact!

I hope you have enjoyed this brief U.S. History lesson, and who knows; perhaps I’ll be giving one again soon!

You can get your very own “Annin”  Grand Union Flag (the very best!) for displaying, simply by clicking the image below:

Until next time…


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