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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)



Good Monday to you all, I’m back yet again for another magnificent and awesomely written blog post of the day, get comfortable.


I have discussed many things with you the past two weeks, but for this one in particular I would like to go over the importance of what true courage really is, where it really comes from and what exactly it takes to find it deep within ourselves even though times can be incredibly difficult and scary at times there have been so many who reach deep down to only pull out incredible courage.

But where does this come from? For many it comes only from the fact that they would rather die trying to face and defeat those of their enemy (rather that be enemies inside, spiritual, or physical) then not having faced them at all and for others their courageous acts can only come from God because they are scared like no one else deep inside, but they bow their knees in seek of a much higher power.

From a war-point Courage means so much, but what about from just your average ordinary guy point? Does courage really mean anything then? Well, it does but it isn’t often put to use because so many of us spend most of our lives thinking that – ‘Well someone else will do it’ – ‘I don’t have to, I can’t’ but did you know that we are meant to be of courage for Christ? We were all made to be courageous and strong, however not all of us can, but many of us must.

Good Must Rise Higher:

I was standing in the kitchen the other day washing the dishes and this thought came to my mind while I was improvising a speech that I might make as President someday (God forbid I ever have to lead us either in our out of some terrible war – Oh yes, I plan on running for POTUS one day too) and in this speech the main point was this.

When ‘evil‘ rises – good – must rise higher. – Nathan Tune

How true that really is, in our time now all we see for the most part is how quickly and high the evil of our time is continuing to rise more and more. And we aren’t really seeing any of the ‘Good’ rising at a higher rate than the evil at all and that’s because people seem to have grown weak and I’m not even talking about from a global or even a scale as far as war.

I’m talking about inside of our Churches as Christians, I often try to keep things as Christian, as life related and as politically related that I possibly can because I believe that for us as Christian, though most importantly and firstly above and beyond is Christ in the end is the only thing that matters – it doesn’t mean that we should be so insane -ly to the darkness of our time, because we are meant to be involved in these things.

It has been often said throughout history that ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing’ now – I’m only paraphrasing there but you perfectly understand what it is that I mean and hopefully you can understand the meaning of it’s importance to stand up courageous for God when it truly comes time to defend him, we must at all cost.

In Conclusion:

Courage is there for us all, but some of us cannot channel it like the others might be able to, which is why it is up to us to help those who can’t find their inner courage on their own by rising up for them and lead the charge for – TruthLoveBoldness – and above all other things, GOOD.

We as Christians may not think it but most of our darkest times only comes from some of our greatest mistakes, now God loves us greatly he does and he would never put us in harms way, but so often we can find ourselves in troubled times simply because of our own free will that he has given us. Because his will isn’t always on our mind and I have seen people say that God want’s us to have what we want to which is most certainly true.

He want’s us to have our hearts desires, but he also said that if we are willing to put him FIRST in everything then he will bless those efforts and he will always give us what we need, but it’s so easy to get lost along the way and we ourselves can cause complications that had nothing to do with God at all.

He will do his part most definitely, but WE must do ours. 

I hope today’s post has helped you in some small way or a great way – either way the message is still the same, stand up and fight for what you believe with great Courage, because GOD is with you.

Until next time, I’m Nathan Tune signing off from the deep East TX Conservative piney-woods, have a great day, eat lots of cookies and have some ice cream too. It makes for a great day.




Hello again, neighbors, friends, brothers, sisters, ladies, gentlemen, webianites, internetonians, people across the land, sea, and world.

I am here to talk with you today about one thing, who knows though, my mind can quickly move from one thing to another just like that (you don’t know it but it just did) but no worries because I’ll work hard to stay on topic, maybe.

Winston Churchill not an uncommon name as far as people actually knowing that name I mean, not a man that isn’t famously recognized across the world, because he is, and if anyone knew more about taking a stand on something it most certainly was him.

He was a powerful man in strength, integrity, boldness, guts, faith, patriotism of his country, and in determination to stand against the evil of his time, he wasn’t afraid of these things, he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

As matter of fact, he embraced it, he was a man that gave people hope, he was a leader. Back then we actually had those, today though I bet if Churchill said even a small fraction of what he did back then, he would be labeled a hater probably even put in jail for ‘racism’ and so much more, our world has come a long ways.

Good things and bad things, where we have failed in one area, we’ve learned to make up in another. However, we also can’t seem to break ourselves from making the same mistakes over and over again, we need to realize that we can’t allow history to repeat itself and sadly it already has a lot, people swore they would never let this happen again, but sadly that generation is dying off and there isn’t enough smart enough to care.

Or is there? Perhaps there is, actually I believe there is. 

The only problem however, is that those who actually care, don’t seem to care enough. They understand the problems very well, they know what is going on in the darkened world and they just don’t know what to do, or perhaps they are afraid? Is that it?

Yes, that could be… These are dark times that we are living in and I’m afraid if we don’t do something now, we will indeed repeat history, we may very well be on the brink of WWIII but horribly enough; hardly anyone is paying any attention to the signs, hardly anyone is standing up.

Churchill once said:

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. – Winston Churchill

People these days are weak, and I know I am at guilt myself at times, but we must understand. If we don’t stand, who will? I know that we often think it won’t really matter, people won’t listen, ‘they’ll think I’m crazy’ ‘they’ll make fun of me’ ‘they won’t be my friend anymore’ ‘I’ll have enemies’ what then?

Well, I guess then you have enemies, but if the cause is great enough, deep down no matter what you will know, you will know to keep moving forward because you will realize how much it matters that you do.

I didn’t intend to get off into this subject, but now that I am here, let me find some way to conclude my thoughts on the matter so we can move along.


I will leave you with this quote on the matter.

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” – Gordon A. Eadie

It seems that has what is slowly, possibly more rapidly each day in our society, our world is filled with this almost ‘universal’ belief that all beliefs are equal and that they qualify to be as much truth as anything else, and with time that will destroy everything that we as a society stand for.

Because without truth, then nothing really matters anymore does it? Well actually I seem to be getting somewhat off the subject again. Maybe not.

Without truth then there is no longer a reason to ‘take a stand’ because there is nothing to stand for because we have at that point fallen for the outright lie that all things mean the same thing, all religions are equal (including satanist, which just isn’t true) all things are the same.

By that point we might as well be living in ‘The Giver’ now that movie was something else, it sure made you appreciate life more, because personally, I believe it showed us all the things may take for granted in our every day lives.

And when we lose the ability to stand up for the most important things, all else will fall behind, we have to continuously make a stand my friends, a bold stand a strong stand.

We cannot let ourselves be moved from that stand either, because there is meaning and value in what we believe, as Christians we cannot let our faith be crushed and destroyed having to watch it crumble before us like it was nothing, because it is something we cannot give up the fight and as Americans we cannot let our patriotism be burned out of us.

It’s important that even if our ‘leaders’ don’t believe in anything, we must. Because if one thing is for certain it’s this, America isn’t our Government, America is the people.

Because when tables really get turned over, American’s true pure patriotic Americans, know how to rise to the occasion, and that is why I’m proud to be an American.

The Government never has defined us as a people, it cannot, because we are so diverse. The people define America, the people is what makes America great.

And I encourage you, as Christians, as Americans, to stand with me, to stand strong, preach truth. Spread truth.

Stand with Israel and show them support in prayer and everything you can do to show them that even if our leaders don’t, WE DO.

Until next time my friends.


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