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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

God First…


This is a picture of my bible cover that I got as gift for Easter back in 2013 and I would really like to make something clear between me and you, the readers.

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I contemplate for quite sometime what it is that I am going to say, before I say it, why? Because  in reality I really don’t want to say something that I shouldn’t, I study things before I make a comment on them and I make sure I have as much information about that subject BEFORE I form a personal opinion on the matter, and most times If I do I am able to back it up with facts.

However, there are times that I feel strongly impressed upon by God to say some very controversial things and I give much prayer and thought to these matters as well, I don’t normally speak without thinking and I am not afraid to say what it is that I feel God has brought to my attention to say.

Because unlike some ‘Christians’ I actually care for peoples souls, I care about feelings oh yes but in the end if you truly are a Christian, which one will really count? Saving a person’s own feelings, or saving their soul? You’ve really got to think about that one because most Christians today don’t.


They cling on to this ‘false’ wishy washy love that they interpret to mean sparing a persons feelings in order to get them to come to Christ, but will they truly ever come to Christ, most times they will not truly come to Christ and I’m not saying spewing all kinds of hate like those WestBoro baptist church loonies either. I’m talking about standing firm in your principals of truth in love with boldness.

These are the things that I have been working hard to emphasize all year long, I believe that it is vital that we as THE Church Of Jesus Christ quit being such wussified babies, and man up about our faith. Take a firm stand in the Lord and not back down from it, regardless of the consequences, regardless of hurting feelings at times, regardless of being called a hater.

No, we won’t intend to hurt anyone, never. Never do I purposely plan to hurt people for my joy and I always use my words ever so carefully because I do not want to hurt people on purpose, BUT at the same time I use TRUTH in LOVE with BOLDNESS…

This Is Key:

When we lose this key we will lose all hope of ever actually reaching these people, if we try all love love love then they will be lost from not being deeply rooted in his entire truth, and if we simply try hate hate hate (which I never support or do not ever recommend and do not believe it’s ever found in the bible) then those we are hoping to reach will turn away from being hurt by us and this is not what we want to happen.

Here’s what we want my friends, we want to be their friend for real, we want to love them, we want to care for them exactly as Jesus would, because think about it, we need to be constantly asking ourselves WWJD?

It amazes me how many people completely ignore this simple step in finding out how it is that Jesus would want you to act, what he would want you to do, say or move in a specific situation, now is it because they just don’t care or what? I mean how can so many be so careless as to what it is that their heavenly Father would want them to do?

Perhaps that isn’t always the case, if it isn’t, try to always keep that in mind from now on, because it is a vitally important key in learning to do something else like Jesus would.

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean to love like Jesus did? What does it mean to love like him? Along with WWJD, this is something that I often find myself asking, myself and the reason of this so happens to be because awhile back I was filled with a deep desire to know what it meant to love exactly like Jesus used to.

To love exactly how it is that he loves now, because I know when he sees the lost and his sheep doing things that will lead them to hell, I know it must hurt, but how much? I’m pretty sure that I can’t even possibly begin to imagine the type of pain that he must feel, I mean after all he  did love us all so much that he died on the cross for our sins so that if we would believe in him we could be saved.

So you can only try and comprehend how much it is that he actually loves us, because in reality we can never truly understand it, but can we ever understand what it means to love LIKE him?Perhaps we can, I think we can anyways, because I prayed and asked him to show me and every since then each time I see something that isn’t in accordance with God’s word my heart aches out more than it ever has before in an incredible moving way.

I used the photo of my bible cover to say this.

In Conclusion:

Even if one day that bible is illegal in this country right here, I have my mind set, I am most certainly ready to be killed for defending what it has to say, not merely defending it, but doing what it commands me to do, now It doesn’t command me to kill, rape, behead or brutally murder anyone that doesn’t agree with what it says.

Nor do I believe that is what it tells me to do, no, I believe that in scripture I am commanded to go out and preach the gospel amongst the world.


Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. – Mark 16:15 K.J.V.


To present people his word, the word ‘Gospel’ is translated into “Good News” people have a choice to accept or reject it, I can’t bend or break them either way, my only job is to tell you about Jesus.

So in closing let me leave you with this, one of the most inspirational, most known quoted verses in the bible, and in the world.

John 3:16
For God So loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should NOT perish but have everlasting life.

Until next time…


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