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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Needs VS Wants


In this modern world we happen to live in a society where our ‘wants’ far exceed our actual needs and this can very quickly become a bad habit for us to continue on in, you see, the reality is that we don’t ‘need’ half or even more than half of what we actually have, do some of us deserve it? Probably, there are those who work hard for what they have and they deserve what they have and even maybe more than that.


But, is it really necessary? Some of us may jump too quickly and say ‘YES!’ okay, let’s just have a look at all the technology that exists among us today, the following includes, phones, computers, video games cellphones, television sets, the internet, tablets, fablets or phablets, flabby flabster flab-phones or whatever they are called along with bluetooth, youtube, facebook, twitter, blogging, posting, sharing, liking, commenting and tweeting and texting oh my! Is any of it really a necessity?

Perhaps, maybe some of this is something that makes our lives ten times better than it was back, say 40 something years ago, WOW, I’m not even that old and I can’t believe that the first personal computer was created by Steve Jobs and his friends on April 1st 1976 (nearly 40 years ago!) Isn’t that just amazing how something so insane to people back then can seem like such a necessity to people today?

People laughed at the thought of other people spending any time at all on their own computers, well – THANK GOD that Steve Jobs was crazy enough to make the deals that he did to bring us our very own home computers.

Though I guess that I still haven’t answered the question now have I? Is it all really necessary for our survival? I have to say that yes and no –  it is and it isn’t. My reasoning for that is because most of those I call ‘friends’ (who really are my friends) are online and sometimes I feel like if I was ever stripped of my internet privileges that it would be as if someone killed everyone that I know, but then I realize that is just plain ridiculous, they would still be alive and I would just have to talk to them less than I was used to.

What We Need & What We Want –

Many times we can lose sight of the things most important that we really need in our lives, we need to make sure that we are loving those that are around us and we need to make sure that we are appreciating the smallest of blessings that might come our way, we need to make as sure as possible that we don’t take anything for granted. We might look at something as simple as a light bulb and take no consideration for it at all or we may have a little bit of food leftover on our plates and think that we can’t finish it so we carelessly throw it away without even giving it one ounce of thought or consideration.

Why? There are people out there that live in the dark, with no electricity, no food, no water, no way to bathe themselves no way whatsoever to keep themselves warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Yet we complain about not having a strong enough cell reception, or we might even complain about having ‘too much’ food, or we complain about bad internet, not even thinking about the fact that we have a bed, a roof over our heads, a blanket, shoes, clothes, a way to bath, plenty of food, water and a way to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, even if it is just a small space heater and box fan it’s more that what some people might have.

If we ever stop thinking for one single minute about what it is that we want and start looking around at what we have, then we would soon learn that in our dilemma of bad cell reception, and in our temper tantrums of begging for more and more, we might realize that we have more than we ever needed to begin with. We have more than most and quite frankly that should be enough, however in this world as it is today we know that it never is and sadly this probably won’t be changing anytime soon.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still humble, hardworking, deserving people out there.

In Conclusion:

Today’s post was not intended in any way to speak to those who actually are going through any kind of rough time, well it is and it isn’t, if you do not have the simplest of needs then don’t feel as though this post is talking to you, this post is talking to those of you who have far more than is needed and it is my hope to bring you to the realization of that, not to hurt anyone in anyway or to make anyone feel bad about the current way of life they are in.

If you happen to be having a really rough time and maybe even losing faith and hope in God because of the intensity of whatever trial it is that you are going through, then let me offer you some uplifting words of wisdom from Annie Camden:

“Sometimes if your need is great enough and your want is small enough, it shall appear. – 7th Heaven Annie Camden

OK, I am sure that I quoted her on here once before and that’s alright because the post was a long time ago and it wasn’t even related my topic of today’s post. Always remember that when you are in such a great need of help, if you keep your faith strong in God and praise him in what is the worst of storms then he will help you through and he will bless you beyond your wildest imaginations, he is absolutely capable to perform in whatever way he chooses ‘miracles’, miracles that exceed our capacity of understanding all together.

And when our need just so happens to be at it’s highest peak, while our want is at it’s all time low, God will be higher than all and he will reign above with great power and mercy and he will prevail through the darkness and shine light on our struggles and he will lead us out of the trials to victory!

Until next time…


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