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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Welcome To My Blog 2016


Greetings, friends. Brother’s, Sisters, Traveler’s, Wanderer’s. Welcome, welcome to today’s blog post and welcome to my website. May you be richly blessed in some way on this day.


Hello, for those of you that don’t know this yet – My name is, Nathan Tune. (Jut in-case my website’s name didn’t give it away very easily.) You can read my bio to find out more about me and you can search the rest of my site to learn more about the goals and aspirations that I have. If you do so, please feel free to like me on the Facebook, follow me like a little creepy stalker on Twitter and subscribe to my Youtube channels. It would most definitely be much appreciated and I’ll do my best not to disappoint.

For quite sometime now, I have been inactive on my social media accounts. I’ve gone from posting regularly once a week to not at all. I build myself up just in time to see my views go all the way back down to zero due to lack of activity. I wish I could promise “NO MORE” to any of you that faithfully followed my blog. (Which would be very few and ancient of course) But sadly, I cannot. The fact is. Life can sometimes get in the way of everything, it can bog us down and make it incredibly difficult to continuously keep your creativity going, no matter how hard one might try or how good one might be at creating.

Don’t get me wrong, my light of creativity isn’t completely dead, not even a bit of it has been dimmed. Just halted. The candle is still burning, it’s just not burning as quickly as it once did before. Which is a better thing if you ask me. If you let the candle burn too quickly then it will soon become burnt out, and we don’t want that now do we? To be completely honest, when I started writing this post, I had no idea where I was going to take it. As I am with most the posts I write. But I have stumbled upon a perfect, yet short message subject matter.

Let It Burn – But Slowly 

Slow and steady wins the race. Or so they say. If you think about it, if you light a candle and it’s not made well enough and the wick isn’t good enough quality. Then it will burn out too quickly. And in most instances, candles are used to either put out some light or to put out some kind of fragrance. There are so many fine fragrant made candles out there, that just aren’t good quality. You open them up and they smell divine. But when you go to light them, after a couple of hours, this huge candle is gone and it barely put out any aroma at all.

Now what good is that? In life, we often feel the need to use every last talent we have as quickly and often as we can in hopes of being successful. We go bold and we go strong – and… We go fast. Yes, that is the truth. The finest smelling candles that are cheaply made will start out with a bold strong aroma, but it will quickly dissipate into the air without leaving so much as a whiff of evidence that it was ever even lit. I believe that we, mere humans can sometimes become like that. Like a cheap wick candle that burns out too quickly. We too can become burnt out too quickly from going to bold and too strong and too hard in the beginning of our aspirations.

Which is why, I myself. From now on, tend to take things a bit slower. This will be the second post I have written this year. 2016 is an interesting year for me, I am still working at the movie theater I wrote about a few months back and it is still as meaningful to me as it has ever been. With all the new movies coming out this year it should be quite interesting for sure. I am excited for what is to come and I hope that you are too.

In Conclusion:

Sure, there is much to fear in what the future may bring. But we must hold on to hope, for without hope we have nothing. We must believe. While I do intend to write more regularly then I have been, it will still be on my own time and on my own terms. It sure isn’t like I have made or am generating any money from this site/blog. I write on this and share my belief’s and opinions because I care. Because I enjoy it, because it is my passion. And I have found that while it may not be much. Over the past 3 years of being active on this blog, I have almost written 200 blog posts. The 200th post is not far away and when I do arrive to that post. It will most certainly be as special as I can make it.

If it isn’t obvious to you yet, let me make it a bit more clear. (Let me be clear. Obama impersonation) I don’t have a definite theme for this blog/website. Not a primary one anyways.

My motto has always been this. I want to be able to write about anything and everything I see fit, so long as it relates to God and life. And I can make pretty much anything relate to God and to life. You’ll hear me rant about multiple things. You’ll hear me talk about God and politics in the same sentence. (HOW DARE I?) You’ll hear me mix scripture with a political message of hope and freedom. You can even find my full set of biblical and political beliefs on this site. You’ll find a presidential endorse at the bottom of this page and in multiple blog posts. You’ll find quiche recipes, cake, and television/movie reviews as well. Anything and everything. However, I strive to revolve my blog solely around these major points.

  1. God
  2. Politics
  3. Life

If you have a problem with that, well… Then that’s your problem. For those who enjoy this blog, thank you. God bless y’all (because I’m southern and refuse to say you all just to be grammatically correct) and have a blessed day/morning/evening/night/afternoon – wherever you are and whoever you are/may be.


Overcoming Heartache…


Good tidings of thanksgiving and love to you all my beloved brethren in Christ and SHALOM! Today I would like to take a short moment of your time to discuss some issues that have really been on my heart lately, as you know I have been dealing with the sorrow that is the fact of my mom taking back the homeless man yet again. And that is the whole reason I have decided to title this post exactly what it is:


Because whether anyone chooses to believe it or not, YES, my heart has been incredibly ached by this. I get angry, upset and highly frustrated; over and over again in my mind I have thought to myself “Why God, why have you allowed such things to take place?” Why is it that me and my family go to to extroadinary measures giving up so many things (yet again) to help my mother just so she could take this crook back into her life? Yeah I said it, CROOK. It upsets me to the very core because I was SO proud of the way my mom was moving in her life, how she was making something of herself, finally going after her dreams and MAKING them happen. It upsets me to think of the sweat, blood and tears my Grandparents has put into her all their life just so she could brutally harm us all yet again. I try not to sound mean or bitter or ugly, but the only way I can describe the feeling I’ve had for so long is DISGUST.

For months I have been disgusted at the fact that this could ever happen, however I shouldn’t be so surprised, I felt it coming months before it did happen. Just as I had before, I prayed, fasted. It seems this is just something that was bound to happen regardless of what I did, what I just can’t understand is: why would God warn us of things that we ultimately have no control over? Friends have talked with me about this and do their best to explain. But the fact of the matter is, it’s still bewildering me, nevertheless all we can do is trust God, right? Trust him in the good times and the bad times, because he can make good come out of ALL situations. If we never learn to endure our trials gracefully, faithfully, and thankfully, we will never come out cheerfully. We will come out bitter, angry, cold and heartless. But let us conquer evil by taking the single first action to do so.

Let us choose to keep persevering, keep moving on; even when you think you can’t take another step, do it anyways. Because the more we move on in doing what is RIGHT the more God will bless us for it. I have been so confused and so shaken up, many do not even understand the heartache I still feel, there are nights it hits me hard and I don’t know if it will ever go away. I am strong enough to move past it, but I still feel, I still have certain days where it really gets to me and I believe we are allowed to have those days. Especially when someone has caused you pain, not once, not twice, not three times or even four but FIVE times. FIVE times you have been harmed by this person, FIVE times you gave this person you love and forgiveness without hesitation, FIVE times you allowed someone who had stabbed you in the heart to come back in and trusted them. And then FIVE times they abuse you again. I say FIVE times is where I draw the line…

Now this is something I struggled with for quite sometime, but I have now realized that I must. I have forgiven my mother yet again of what she’s done. But as my dearly beloved Australian Brother In Christ, Thomas puts it:

“Forgiveness doesn’t mean, permittance, people don’t deserve the chance to hurt people again. It doesn’t mean you don’t forgive, but you don’t forgive and forget. You forgive and learn from your mistakes.” – Thomas

I fully agree with that, you can love someone, you can completely FORGIVE them, but you do NOT have to allow them back into your life, and that is what I have chosen to do. I can’t trust my mother again and I cannot afford to emotionally, I have health issues, nerve problems and heart problems. High blood pressure and sleep problems. I cannot allow another traumatic experience like this to cause my health anymore damage than it already has. I just can’t, and that ends up hurting me too, but I’ve come to the conclusion that; It is a whole lot less hurt to just keep my distance. Yes, when I see her in the grocery store with her “man” I cannot look at it, it upsets me with hurt too much, so yes. I turn away and HAVE to leave the store. I am not at fault for that and no one will ever make me believe I am, my chest starts hurting, my heart begins to beat real fast to where I can feel it pounding against my chest. I become overwhelmed with emotion, I have an oversensitive nervous system and it’s hard to maintain in horrific, bad, scary or even good events. So I avoid the possibility of seeing them as much as I can.

Living in the same area doesn’t help but I manage. The way I look at it is, I have done nothing wrong, I am a victim, but I will NOT play victim. Because through scripture I am VICTOR. I will continue to do what is right, I will march on in the Lords army with my battle scars, and I will choose to do GOOD, because I REFUSE to be trampled on. I REFUSE to let myself quit. I will not live like I don’t care because I DO care, and while I don’t hope and pray for bad incidents to take place in my life. I don’t fear them, because each strike I take from the enemy just makes me stronger in Christ. I won’t be shaken, I won’t be broken, I won’t be moved. I will continuously stand strong in the Lord. Those of you that read my posts, my statuses and follow me online through twitter, facebook, youtube and my radio show. I will always remain honest and true with all of you, I won’t hold back my mistakes or my victories. I am human, but I do my best to be my best and if I falter I’ll admit it.

To my mom:

“If you’re reading this. Here are some things I would just like to thank you of. Thank you for empowering me, thank you for strengthening me, thank you for igniting an even deeper passion within me, because all the choices you’ve made that has caused me deep, deep DEEP harm. Has birthed something great within me, because I allow BEAUTY to come out of my heartache, I choose to OVERCOME my heartache. While you choose to live in the past as you continuously keep making the same mistakes over and over again, I choose to move on and take a brighter path. With a brighter future and a brighter life ahead. I pray that someday you come to your senses and realize the mistake you have made yet again, you can disagree now it doesn’t make me no difference I still mean what I say and I’ll still say what I mean.

I am not at the alter begging God for your return this time, I honestly cannot allow you back into my life after this, but I do say this. I love you, I always have, I always will. That won’t ever change. I have loved you when I was four year old little boy locked in a basement, starving, locked in a room to stay in bed all day. I loved you when you were sick and ill and couldn’t get out of bed. I loved you when every singing I went to I would plead out to the church singing groups to please pray for your recovery in good health. I loved you when you left with this man the first time, I loved you when you chose to take him back a second time and I now love you when you have taken him a third time. The fact of the matter is all my life I have loved you, all my life I’ve just wanted you to be a real mom, where you loved your mom and we all loved each a other, a great big happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, a barney family. But life isn’t an episode of barney, but that doesn’t change the fact that all my life I have spent praying and pleading out God protect you, God bring you to your senses, God bring you back to me, all my life, God restore your health, God make you new. All my life crying out to God for you. It doesn’t ever change that fact and it never will. But now we can never be in contact ever again. I just can’t. But I will see God prevail yet again, wait and see, your eyes will be opened soon. My hope rests in the one true God, Yeshua HaMashiach, and he’s never failed me.

You keep waiting, you hear? God still hears me, I know. He will answer too, in time. His time, his sweet, sweet time.. ” – Nathan Tune

To all of you that took the time to read this, thank you, God bless you so much. Keep watching, great things are coming, keep believing, the best is yet to come. And always remember, just when you think it’s the end, think again. Because what we think is the end, is actually the BEGINNING of something NEW…

Until next time my beloved brothers and sisters…


Happy New Year!



Happy New Year everyone!

I know I’m a day late on this one but it’s the second of January and I believe there’s still time to wish everyone a very blessed and prosperous new year!

With this new year I’m glad to get this new website started out! May it be a good experience for you each time you visit. I hope to accomplish many things and, I pray that 2013 turns out to be just like the year 2011 because that was a great year for both me and my family.

I called it the year of:

I also pray that God be with all my followers and wonderful friends and family.

Remember you hold the key to your future, God will make the path but you’ve got to be willing to go down it.

With the hills, the valleys, ups and downs, you gotta be strong and just- KEEP MOVING ON!

God bless you all greatly,

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