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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)



Hi there, how are you? I hope that you’re doing well today, I just want to take a moment to check up on you that’s all.


Are you doing well? Has anything interesting happened in your life recently? How about your week, how has that been going for you? I hope it’s been going great because nothing else would be greater than knowing that you are working towards a brighter tomorrow.

Unfortunately though, sometimes we lose sight of tomorrow, we are quickly losing a brighter future all together, hello, I’m Nathan Tune and what I really would like to talk to you about today is a bit more than you might of bargained for when you first decided to click the link in your newsfeed, or wherever it is that you were directed to me from.

What do you think about Family? Do you have a family, whether it’s of your own or it’s one you are a part of I am looking to see if you actually care about your family, if your family has the values that most all families do, like teaching one not to lie or steal or having good manners, love, faith and integrity.

How about something else, are you a Christian by any chance, do you happen to support some things that you might not really feel that comfortable with but you do so anyways just to make yourself feel popular?

Oh I’m Sorry:

Am I judging you? I don’t think I am, I’m just asking a simple question that’s all I’m doing because It’s not like you’re asking yourself that question now is it? Are you? Are you really even considering what it is that you are doing, or are you doing these things just to continue on in your cozy lifestyle?

No my intension aren’t to attack or to judge, but just to make you think, that’s all, that’s all my intentions are because it seems to me that too many people these days say one thing and then apparently  do another thing totally opposite to what they say and I am trying to figure out exactly why that is?

Can I even do that though? Perhaps I can, I guess I will have to see. A lot of people like to say that they are the ‘family’ type – they like to go to Church every Sunday without fail, they believe in the core values and principals of the bible and hold them dear to their hearts, but when it comes to big public actions, they show differently in those.

And then you know what happens? People all of a sudden begin to lose hope in humanity because it seems to them that all that anyone is trying to do is just get more popular by doing and saying anything possible that they can to keep from losing everyone they ‘love’.

One Question:

Would you even consider lying to someone if you knew they had cancer and you knew you had the cure to that cancer, or what about this.

(Yeah I said one question but oh well.)

Would you even consider letting someone that you ‘love’ walk out in front of a bus without trying to stop them? So why would you lie about so many things to them in order to not hurt their feelings?

I don’t know why so many people do the things they do but it really gets to me and I hope that more and more often people will just boldly and freely speak their minds without fear of hurting other’s feelings. I mean I understand the importance when it comes to other’s feelings, but at the same time isn’t honesty something important too?



Don’t eat too much sugar or you’ll get fat, drink a lot of pickle juice if you don’t want to get fat, and if you don’t wanna do a single one of those then well…

I guess you can just eat a whole lot of pizza and french fries until you can’t hold anymore. Ok I’m kidding that’s not really the real conclusion of this blog post, I was just having a little fun, now I’m done; in conclusion – we really have to start being more open and honest with each other.

Even if it means a little bit of backlash every  now and then, It is very important that we start trying to have dialogue with each other instead of just trying to blame everyone and everything.

One last thing webianites, eat lots of cookies and ice cream it makes for a really great day, also this is this weeks final blog post which I would like to briefly discuss – from now on until I can’t possibly do it anymore.

I am going to be posting a blog post a day every day for 5 days a week taking Saturday (Shabbat) and Sunday off to plan the next weeks posts, be in continual prayer for me and wish me much luck.

Until next time…





Today I’d like to talk to you about LYING! And what it means these days to people “Keeping Their Word” and what it used to mean.

My grandparents have always taught me that your word is your bond. If you don’t keep your word to someone then you won’t be very respected.

Lot’s of people today though, and throughout all my life have never believed the same principals my grandparents taught me. Not even most church going people! Why? Why is it that people won’t keep their word? Why is it that when they say something to you that a lot of times they never seem to come through?

Well, there are many excuses for that question:

Something else came up that I couldn’t control

It slipped my mind I completely forgot

I thought it was another time

The list goes on and on and on…

I was reading in this book written by C.S. Lewis that my best friend ordered for me. In the first chapter he talks about the natural law in our hearts. He discusses how people are constantly haunted by the desire to do what is right. People invariably defend their actions by arguing that those actions do not really contradict a basic standard of behavior, or that the standard was violated for good reasons. There again – excuses from people! Everyone knows deep in their heart, the difference between right and wrong but because of so many excuses in this world they fall back on those and let it slide and think in their mind that they really haven’t done anything wrong.

Oh, but how they are so wrong! It affects everything, yet people still make promises and end up not being able to keep them, but like in “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis when the time comes for you to keep your word to them if you don’t normally no matter what the circumstance for you was they become furious because you just lied to them and you broke your promise. So where does the lies stop? How do you keep your promise to someone who can never keep their promise to you? Why would you keep your word to someone who is always making excuses about not being able to keep their word to you?

The Bible Says:  


“But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him.”- 1 John 2:5 K.J.V.


There you have it: a man that keeps his word in him is the LOVE of GOD. Does that mean that those who don’t keep there word doesn’t have the love of God in them? Not entirely, but maybe it just means they don’t have as much of it as they should have. Someone who has a great amount of God’s love in them should constantly be striving to be more like him. And how can we be more like God? Living a clean, holy and righteous life. Do you think in a life like that there is, lying, word-breaking, excuses? I think not. It doesn’t matter what comes up or happens. If it isn’t something vitally important then it’s NOT so important that you can just throw away the word you gave to someone else.




“An honest man is a respected man”– James Fickle


Have a blessed day people, and remember: your word is your bond. When you make a promise to someone that’s your word and if you break that word your breaking your bond. If you break your bond then it means your word is no good and neither are you. You are not to be trusted or dealt with. This is how people believed back in the old days, but today people are too lazy to care – about anything.

God bless y’all!


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