Nathan Tune

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

It’s A Flip Flop Life!


Wake up this morning feeling as though nothing will go your way? Your hair isn’t the way you hoped it would be, you burnt the toast or you flopped the pancake, maybe you even caught something on fire, It seems that everywhere you turn, everything just flip flops out of control. Now isn’t that something? In life we will have to endure flip flops, what outcome we choose to make of them is left up to us.

beach_grayscale_monochrome_par_2560x1600_The other day I was planning this wonderful dinner for my family, I had it all envisioned in my head, cheeseburgers and fried potatoes – does that not sound so yummy? Well, it ‘DID’. I like to blanch the potatoes in hot boiling water (usually oil but you can use water and it is all I had so it’s what I used) for about 10 minutes or less, well I had got distracted with making the burger patties, which by the way I had to add some black beans to the ground beef because I only had a little less than one whole pound of hamburger beef, as I started to pat them out I noticed they weren’t holding together too well. It seemed as though I had added one too many eggs, (oh bother, little did I know though, that, that was the least of my problems.)

When I went back to check on the potatoes I found that they had been blanched for far too long, at first I will admit that I started to let myself panic, and then I stopped myself. I quickly began thinking of what I could make out of these potatoes that would go well on the side of Hamburgers that I had just cooked, mashed potatoes? No, that wouldn’t work, mashed potatoes don’t go well with a meal like cheeseburgers, not in my book. Aha! It came to me like lightening in the midst of a storm, as if a light-bulb had just lit up on top of my head like in those old cartoons that I used to watch. Potato salad! I can make potato salad!

When Life Gives You…

The old saying goes:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

My dear friends, in my case it was: when life gives you overly blanched potatoes, make potato salad, don’t let the flip flop become an inconvenience in your life. Make something beautiful out of it, in my case it was a great big ole’ delicious bowl of potato salad, in your case maybe it will be a chocolate cake instead of brownies, or cookies, or scrambled eggs instead of fried, either way you are still blessed to have what food you have to prepare any dish you like with, so don’t let the flip flop life get to you, flip flop it right back into something absolutely ‘FANTASTIC’ (as THE Doctor would say.)

Notice that though I became slightly panicked, I did not allow the over cooked food to spoil the rest of my meal, I went right on making dinner for my family with joy and I ate that potato salad right up, it was muy delicioso! (Psst. It’s my favorite.) So you see, I took what seemed as if it had ruined our meal for good and turned it around around, I flipped a flip flop life incident and come to think of it, I am glad that I did. (Because like I said above, I ‘REALLY’ love potato salad.)

In Conclusion:

There will be times when our life will flip and it will flop, we may wake up and everything will be flipping all around us and flopping all over us, but nevertheless, no matter how flip flopped things may seem. We can make it, “YES WE CAN” (In the words of our greatly adored, most high and mighty king, Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama, did I mention ‘HUSSEIN’? Ah forget that though, back to the blog post, shall we?)

Scripture Verse:

“We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.” – Philippians 4:13 (Paraphrased)

(Wonder if good ole’ Barack read that verse before his campaign? Hmmm… Moving on.)

Indeed my fellow brethren, the reason we can is because we know that God is with us, and if our God is for us then who can be against us right? While today’s post might have been much shorter than usual, as I have said many times before, ‘Quality’ is far better than ‘quantity’ any day, in my opinion. With that said, I will bid y’all (you all) a farewell, well, a good evening, a good night, a good day – perhaps a ta-ta? Eh, whatever, until next time my friends.


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