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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

30th Day Of Daily Prayers: Praying With My Best Buddy



It’s been awhile since I updated you on my daily prayers with my best buddy.

Well, we’ve been continuing on with that – no matter what has happened in our lives! Despite the fact that we are miles away from each other and have totally different schedules.

We work around them no matter what time we have to pray, and for me no matter if I have to pray out in the cold or in the bus because we have no cell phone signal inside the house. (And we are currently sleeping in the bus until our house is remodeled.)

I have to go outside only when we are late for our daily prayer. That is because my grandpa usually goes to bed around 8:00 pm and when we can’t pray at 7:00 I have to go outside to talk so I don’t keep him from sleeping and also sometimes I might have to go outside so that I can keep a cell phone signal! Out in the woods, there isn’t very good service most the times!

I will start with our 12th day of prayer as I’d like to tell you all about our past experiences while keeping dedicated to daily prayers together. Well, God tested us on our 12th night of prayer: Cameron lost his phone charger earlier that day and he had no way to call me for prayer time! His parents were using their phones, his brother’s minutes are limited, and no house phone! What were we to do?


I was a bit skeptical of this option at first and was about ready to just give up. I was crushed inside…. both of us were. It was so disappointing to think that we might not be able to pray that night, so we prayed with the only option we had – Facebook messaging! It wasn’t nearly the same as praying with each other over the phone, but it was still prayer with each other at the same time, and I believe with everything in me God honored it.

Was it different? Yes. But I still believe that God heard us and perhaps he was teaching us a lesson that night? Maybe he was trying to show us how blessed we are? With having the option to call each other and pray for and with one another here are some things we are to be thankful for.


Being able to talk and hear, also being able to call on a phone, another form of communication. God sure did open our eyes on that one, but we sure are grateful that we are blessed with such a very great form of communication.


Cameron found his charger and we were able to call and pray with each other again. That was something to be praising God for! Was the lessons taught on our 12th night of prayer intended to be:

Imagine not being able to talk?

I sure felt that way. We are blessed that we can come together to God through that and also being able to open our mouths to speak words and thank him with our tongues.

I have been used to going to bed at around 9:00pm, but for a few nights I had to stay up late in order to be able to pray with Cameron. On our 17th day; however, I was up at 11:17 pm out in the cold to pray with him and didn’t get back to sleep until around 12:00 am. I was so tired and just ready to give up and thought that for sure this was the end of our prayer time now.

I sent him a text saying I just had to go to bed, couldn’t fight the sleep anymore. Moments after I sent him that, he texted back and I asked him if he could call me then and he said yes. So reluctantly I drug myself out of bed and said,”ok then, CALL.” It was prayer to God with my best buddy.

I couldn’t disobey God. He was dealing with me so strongly I had to get out of bed and keep my promise not only to my best friend, and to God but to myself.

It’s been a great blessing for both me and Cameron being able to pray with each other, getting to come closer to God and with each other! That’s another thing that’s amazing about praying with a best buddy over the phone, though in reality he is miles away. When I’m on the phone praying with him, not only can I feel the presence of God there with us, but also I can feel my best buddy’s presence as well. It’s as if he is right there beside me while we pray – it’s amazing.


A word from Cameron about our Daily Prayers:


“The past 30 days of prayer has been revealing in many ways. I have seen the support and dedication of a true friend. I have experienced a stronger relationship with my Lord God and I have learned a lot about myself. For me, it has been proven that prayer is potent, essential and powerful. And we proved it BY praying! True it has only been just 30 days; however, may I say that doing this was indeed the perfect way to start the year and I am excited to continue our daily prayers.

We prayed for many things over the course of this month including ourselves and others who had requests for us. It is truly amazing to be able to call your buddy and pray with him/her and I would encourage you to try it. It shows that you genuinely care and it helps you learn to love. We need to learn to look out for  each other and prayer is a perfect place to start. Remember, the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy.

I hope that this blog has had some sort of effect on you and motivated you to go out and pray. Please do! It is a wonderful skill to be able to communicate with our God and we should be taking full advantage of that skill. Thank you for reading this. God Bless.” 


Cameron Wilkinson


Prayer time with each other just keeps getting better and better for us! We hope that we can continue our daily prayers with each other for a LONG time (no matter what) because it’s been a great part of our lives and we also hope that this blog post might encourage others to do the same! Prayer is important. All it takes is three steps!


“Bow your Heads

Bend Your Knees


Just Pray!”


It’s been a great 30 days and we hope that we can have another 30 days of prayer together – and many more! It’s such a great blessing being able to come together over the phone and thank God, ask him for his guidance and to help us with our needs, and also to help others with guidance and their needs as well.

If you have any prayer request please feel free to leave them in the comments or by my “contact page“.

God bless y’all!


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Stepping Back In Time…



Howdy, folks! Today I’d like to talk to y’all about the time I moved to an Amish Farm with my family In Southwest Missouri.

That certainly was a time to have! And a very humbling experience as well, which I intend to share some of that with you today!

First off, to those reading this let me say that I AM NOT AMISH and neither is my family. You move to an Amish farm and all of a sudden people get the idea that you’ve converted.


Though we weren’t Amish, we did live in one of the houses that they had built and for almost a year we lived how they we’re living, so in January of 09′ when that nasty ice storm had hit my family we weren’t really effected at all because we didn’t have any electricity to begin with.


For about six months I believe we lived without electricity, the day light savings had went an hour back so night came fast and it got really DARK out there so we had to move very quickly getting the chores done, such as going to the windmill and  filling five gallon buckets with water to prepare for our baths and also had to get water for our pets as well. As you can see there was much to be done, so when 4:00 pm came around, everyone was frantic.


You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…”


People can’t imagine how much water they use until they have to tote it all over the place in a five gallon bucket! Also, our bathroom was a three-seater outhouse (some people don’t know what that is). I had heard of one, but never used one until we moved there. (Don’t question the three-seater part – I will save that for some other day.)

Among other stuff living on an Amish Farm was a paradise, wasn’t that luxurious as you’d think. But it did have it’s perks, and helped us connect to the real world a little more and the beauty around us that God created. No T.V. … hardly anyway to have a computer, Well there wasn’t one. What did I end up doing for fun? Well, I had always watched Scooby Doo up until that point, though I’ve always loved to read I happened to find more time to read when I moved there.


What else could I do?


Aside from daily chores, winter was coming and we had to get wood gathered for heat which came from our wood-stove. There wasn’t much more that I could do. I found myself outside more – a-lot actually. Riding my bike, playing hoops or just running around like wild. No I didn’t actually run around like wild, but I did run around. And I got a lot of reading in as well. Mostly stuff like Scholastic, Scooby Doo and this one collection of books my mom brought me called “Puppy Patrol” – I LOVED those books! I still do! I never got the full collection, though, but during my time at on the farm I did indeed read every single one that I had. And other books, one about the holocaust, which was really sad but educational.

I learned a few things there and experienced a lot, too; I remember how before that I wasn’t much of an early-riser. I’ve never been much an early-bird anyways. But when you’ve got no T.V., computer, or much light at night, you find yourself going to be around 7:00 pm and waking at 7:00 am while being awakened by your distant neighbor’s mule. Or the neighbor himself talking (He was a very loud-speaking man) One morning I woke and heard his voice and he was all the way at the back of our land by a fence talking to my grandmother and uncle. That’s how big his mouth is – some people are just that way, though.

Having that experience will also help me in my acting career as well. When I was attending the two week acting camp in July of 2011, all my classmates were all fascinated about the whole thing as well. And that is something that one of my Drama instructors mentioned to me is that It would help knowing how it is to be in that setting if I ever got an opportunity to play a role in such a time period, having the experience living that way would help me in the future.


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin


It has also taught me to be prepared. That isn’t just something that the Boy Scouts or living an Amish lifestyle taught me but something my grandma has instilled in me from the day I was born. Being prepared for anything that will be thrown your way is important and it helps keep you from panicking as much, too. Knowing what to do is important in a time of urgency; without preparation you are just preparing yourself to fail.

God bless y’all!


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