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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

God Don’t Understand.


Greetings again my fellow virtualonians, webanites, friends, foes, aliens and all monsters alike, welcome back to my humble abode.

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It is often said by many, especially ‘believer’s’ that God just doesn’t really understand all of the heartache and misery that we are going through in our life, when times get rough we often turn to that with somewhat of a mocking tone in our voice – or mostly genuinely hurt and confused, asking God, why?

Why God would you force me to go through such a time in my life because I don’t know if I can handle anymore than what you have already given me to handle, correction, I know whatever it is that someone may be going through right now, or whatever it is that a person might have gone through in the past, it all seems like too much to continue bearing.

As if God couldn’t’ really care less about our current circumstances right? Well, to be clear, God really does care about our everyday life and if we too quick forget that then we will lose the truth of his word that tells us he never gives us more than we can handle, and what we really can’t handle, he steps in and intervenes for us.


Here is something very assuring for us to know, our God does indeed know of the pain that we endure, he understands our heartbreak like no one else and on some things he may be one of the only that really understands, because we are his child and who would most likely REALLY know their child like a Father would, but a Father?

All those afflictions and strikes to his back that he took while being crucified for our sins sakes, the mockery that he took from those he came to be a Messiah for – the cruelty and pain he must of felt in those dark times, can you even imagine what that would have possibly even felt like?

Because I can’t. 

Yet while knowing the truth of our bible, for so many years, many of us still have the gall to say something like ‘God don’t care’ many of us still have the nerve to say that he doesn’t know or understand what it is that we are going through, when in fact we KNOW that he has already brought us through this trial that we are having to endure.

We know that he has been watching over us the whole time, guiding us and protecting us, showing us the way out and we don’t even see it until we’re almost there – so why is that we are so quick to shout out in anger at God even though we know?


Brothers, Sisters, friends, sociopaths, it’s because we are human, it really is that simple. We have a tendency to get over upset during times of confusion, and for those of us that already don’t do well under pressure then that is all the more reason to see that we happen to act naturally in times of distress.

Which is why I just don’t understand these la-di-da Christians that seems to have just stepped out of Candy-Land with this great big lolly and a huge creepy step-ford smile on their faces, they don’t want anyone expressing negative feelings for too long because apparently ‘that isn’t the way of God’.

What on earth is that even supposed to mean? God himself in his written word said that there is a time and season for everything – most times what we deal with is reality, not negativity because people need to learn that there is a huge difference in being  a negative person and being a realistic person.

I will leave you with one of my own personal favorite sayings.

One must learn to live in a negative world, with a positive attitude – while dealing with things REALISTICALLY. – Nathan Tune

I thank you all for taking the time out of your very important days to read this piece from my blog and until next time, may you be richly blessed from Christ above and as always.


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