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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Forgiving – Learning


In this life we are often faced with many hard decisions to make as human beings, one instance might be having to forgive someone.

We experience many events in our life since the time that we are born, but one of the most traumatizing events has to be when we have been brutally lied to or when someone deliberately hurts us and breaks our trust with them when all that we have ever done is love and respect them while treating them with kindness.

In life we have to many times learn to forgive and other moments in our lives we have to forgive and learn, what exactly is this supposed to mean? I will explain later on, but first I want to purpose a question that many of us may wonder from time to time, (say new believers that is) is it at all mandatory that we as Christians should be so willing to forgive anyone and everyone no matter what?

The answer to that question is yes, however at the same time I must point out that forgiveness doesn’t mean we forget, it means we can forgive and learn from our mistakes so that we don’t make them again and fall into the same dark pit of pain.

Fool me once:

The old saying often goes like this ‘Fool me once, shame on you’ but ‘Fool me twice, shame on me!’ you see we cannot be so foolish to let others take advantage of us simply because we are trying to follow in Christ’s example, forgiving someone doesn’t mean that we forget about the wrong that they have done to us in the past, rather it is us saying that we have gotten over the incident and we have moved on but that we have ALSO learned from those events and we won’t be so careless in the future.

I don’t know why everyone says that you have to forgive and forget, did Christ do all of that? Ok sure maybe he did, but you see we aren’t all perfect and we aren’t all like Christ, the best we can do is strive to be more and more like him everyday, but if we find it hard to be with someone that has wronged us then that is completely ok, yes they may be 100% saved and sanctified but that still doesn’t mean we have to move in with them.

We can love them from a distance, that is just fine, because for some of us we are not that strong, and for some of us we will have to wait until the day that Christ comes back home to allow those people back into our life and if they are in heaven that is fine by me for I  certainly would be glad if they got their life right with God.

But until the day comes that God wipes the tears from our eyes, we don’t have to hold on to grudges, but we most certainly don’t have to let people that have harmed us multiple times back into our lives and as matter of fact that would be completely foolish.

In Conclusion:

Is Forgiveness absolutely necessary? Yes it absolutely is and here is the reason why, it is written that we as people cannot be saved until we forgive those that have wronged us as Christ himself has forgave us for our sins, and until we can learn to forgive, which isn’t easy let’s be honest, but it isn’t impossible either because we know from the word that ALL things are POSSIBLE with GOD.

And until we can forgive, we are not saved.

Why is it that so many people hold such anger and bitterness in their hearts I will never know, I can understand trials and tribulations that some people might have gone through but I myself have underwent my fair share of pain and not once have I ever decided that God wasn’t enough for me, and actually, it’s the darkest times that happens to bring me closer to the light.

Because of that I am not a bitter person I am a better person, as one of my friends on Facebook once told me, and I have come to know that yes Christians are supposed to be kind, loving, forgiving and Christ like but that never means that we are supposed to allow people to outright trample all over us like we are dirt.

We are to be wise, and as matter of fact Christ would have wanted it that way, be not deceived brethren, learn to forgive, and forgive and learn.

Until next time…


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