Nathan Tune

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Walk On…


Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling as if you just can not possible go on any longer than you have already gone? Does it ever feel as if you have took the last step that you can take and far too weak for more?

just-walk-awayBe not afraid and be not discouraged, times can get unsettling every now and then and it sure can seem as if we have reached our final destination but just when we think it might be the end it turns out to be the beginning of something beautiful, isn’t that amazing, I think it is, here’s what we must do though on our own, we have to be willing to walk on bravely and boldly through the hardships and whatever else it is that life may throw our way we have to be ready no matter what.

Reba McEntire’s song ‘Walk On’ is in no doubt the inspiration of today’s blog post, I was listening to it in the early of the morning one day and I have always loved it, the lyrics are rather plain and simple like a lot of famous country songs, it encourages you to move forward with determination and will power through all that may come your way because we know that life will get us down and may even knock us to on the ground every now and then but we just need to walk on through all the pain and tears, because there is indeed something better coming our way.

The Best Is Yet To Come:

I am constantly saying this, because it’s true, if we hold out for a little bit longer we will be given a great surprise that’s for sure. So many times people come to Christ thinking that this way is easy and filled with great luxury but that’s only because they are fed a lie from ‘Pastors’ that just want to get someone in the pew to pay the tithes, and I’m not saying living for Christ doesn’t have it’s perks because it really does it just isn’t the riches of this world or anything material like most would have you think, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t OK to have nice things either but the point is, going to Christ for nice things really isn’t the right way to go about it.

We are to trust and obey him in all things and he will lead us to his perfect will, in many cases he is sitting and waiting for us to move, because while we think that we are waiting for him to move, he has already moved in a greater manner than we could ever imagine, sometimes it takes opening our eyes to see the greatness that is set out before us, we must believe with everything in us that everything we may go through both good and bad is for a reason and a purpose, a ‘good’ reason and a ‘good’ purpose.

In Conclusion:

This may be hard for many of us to comprehend but we must not be dismayed, because it is the truth of his word, it is the beauty of his way, in the scripture it tells us that all things will work together for his good.

  • And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28 KJV

Amen to that, amen? So many times we can get caught up in worldly reasoning and we forget that God is higher in his ways then we are, and his thoughts are not the same as our thoughts, he knows all and sees all, he is the beginning and end, we are told in the scripture that to everything there is a plan, a purpose and a season, we must trust and believe in him at all times, for he is worthy of his praise and he is justified in his ways.

Thank you for reading today and I hope that it has been of some encouragement to you, until we meet again I pray that you all be uplifted in Spirit and health.


What Difference Does It Make?


Hola, how is everyone doing this very day? May you feel welcomed and at home in my little abode I like to call ‘blog land’ web-land or just ‘The Zone Of Truth’ regardless of that, welcome.


The title of this post pretty much says it all for how I am feeling at this time, I’m sure that many of you can recall the unpopular moment of Hillary Clinton when she blurted out that we have four dead Americans ‘what difference at this point does it make?’ every since that, I myself have not been able to let it go because every time I hear someone say it I think of her and it’s a little bit funny and then it’s a whole lot frustrating because it makes a big difference and she has lied.

However that is not the purpose of this blog post, my main objective is to let you in on how I have been feeing lately, it seems as though no matter how hard I try that no one really seems to care and I firmly believe that I am saying everything I should be saying and I seek only God’s will first and in doing so I am many times attacked for it and that doesn’t bother me one bit because I know that God is on my side but it can sometimes get rather frustrating that I always put God first in everything that I do only to (what it seems like) have my efforts mean hardly anything.

It seems to me that no one cares about what I am trying to say, perhaps that is the case, it seems to me that no one really likes what I have to say and that may be so but all I strive for is to do and say exactly what it is that God would have me to, and every now and then I find myself asking some kind  a question like ‘what difference does it make?’ is anyone really listening and do they really even care about what I’m trying to do?


I’m sure many of us can feel tired and drained from time to time in fighting this good fight of faith and that is ok, it is 100% natural but the thing we have to continue in is what I tell myself every day that I am down, HIS grace IS sufficient, with his grace we can endure whatever it is that life might throw our way and we can stand boldly without fear, firm in his word against those that cause us pain and strife, we can courageously stand up against the wickedness in high places and we can move forward in our fight.

Though sadly, all of that is MUCH easier said than done – because it’s always easy to sit down have a nice cup of tea and ‘TALK’ the ‘TALK’ but when it comes to actually ‘WALKING’ the WALK then that might call for something stronger than tea (just kidding) well not really, it does call for a little bit more strength then tea, actually a whole lot more because it calls for us to be deeply rooted in Christ Jesus and let his strength lead us and guide us through that walk no matter how dark or scary it may be at times we must abide in him always but nevertheless we MUST abide.

In Conclusion:

Does it make any difference at all? For me I am still uncertain, but I know that whatever difference I can make, I am willing to make that difference no matter what the cost because that is what I feel should be done even if it means that people will mock and laugh, because I also know that many of this Christian world often ask themselves that same question when they even think or consider making any effort at all to defend his kingdom, and that’s ok, it’s ok if you want to sit down in silence and be weak and feeble.

However that is not what we are called to be, we are to be led by the spirit YES, but we are called to be led by the spirit with COURAGE, strength from God, determination, will power and a great motivation to stand up and defend his truth wherever it is that we may go, and that is all that I am constantly trying my best to do, to publicly defend his truth at all times while making sure that he is guiding me all the way.

I hope you have learned something today, and until next time…


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