Nathan Tune

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Be Unique…


Ever find it funny how we live in a world that often embraces the ‘uniqueness’ of someone until they find out they don’t agree?


There is more than ever a double standard in our society today and if you ask me, I find it rather sickening, how is it that anyone couldn’t? Be you, be who YOU want to be, they say, don’t ever let anyone else tell you how to live, what to feel, believe or think.

Think for YOURSELF, and then when people actually form a self made opinion on their own, it seems all of a sudden that is wrong and you just shouldn’t do that. But why? Why exactly is it so bad to express yourself in todays world, if you aren’t gay that is, or liberal, if you don’t support the mass murder of innocent lives that is.

As long as you believe what society tells you is ok to believe, well let me get one thing clear, I would rather know someone that is not afraid to stand for what they believe in even if that belief differs from mine, instead of knowing someone that believes what they believe simply because ‘they’re’ told to believe that.


Well ok listen, if you believe in supporting gay people, if you are gay, if you believe in the mass murder of innocent lives, if you do believe all those horrible liberal things like socialism and even communism, ok that’s just fine.

I most certainly do not agree with that, but if you formed those beliefs on your own, great. The thing about America however is this, this is what is a key factor in making our country great and rarely do people pay any attention to it, what is it my friends?


The idea that men can live freely, the idea that men can have a unique essence about them, the idea that we can all have our own opinions and beliefs about how things should be, without being HUSHED by anyone, now I don’t aim to shut anyone up, because unlike the liberal left, I actually believe in freedom, I actually BELIEVE in equality.

And while I strongly disagree with their policies, I do support their right to have them, but why is it that they often deny us what it is that they say they believe? Why do they deny our unique personalities and lifestyles when they claim to fully support those?

Well I’m sure they have many answers for that, but whatever they are I don’t think they’re worth much, because it’ll be some idiotic argument against freedom and none of us has time for that, but here’s something that we have time for.


The Idea that we can all be who we need to be, without having Government tell us otherwise, does this mean I support things that I don’t agree with? No of course not, I will stand against those things, but I support people’s right to express those personal ideas and beliefs.

Like how it should be, people have to realize that in ‘Freedom’ at some point someones will be infringed upon one way or another, why is that? If a grocery store owner wants to make it his store policy that all employees must be vaccinated, then that is his right, and if a person refuses to get vaccinated, then that just happens to be their right as well.

There are a lot of issues more complicated then others, but there is an equal balance in living free while also living well regulated at the same time, we cannot function without the proper laws, it is necessary for a good society to survive.

However, that doesn’t mean that we have to ever stop being ourselves, I am considered very unique in today’s society and quite frankly I embrace that, if it’s odd that I support morals, values, ethics and Christian principals.

Then so be it. 

If it’s strange that I support being kind, loving, inspirational and insist on making the world a better place for us all to live, then that is fine too. If it’s so odd that I believe in the teachings of Christ that tells us to love, and to have discipline as well.

Okay, that’s fine too, but regardless of what anyone tries to make me do, I won’t change. And it isn’t my goal to make anyone else change either, my only job is to present the Gospel to others with love and if they refuse to except it, then it’s out of my hands.

Nevertheless, I will continue to do what I do, I will continue to be who I am, and I will love those who hate me, because most the time those who hate me are incredibly lost and without the Christ in their life, is all the more reason to love.

I hope this post gave you some type of insight today, I know Monday’s are everyone’s most hated day, but hopefully this piece was able to enlighten you in someway.

Until next time…


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