Nathan Tune

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Let’s Just Be American


It is often debated the terrible issue of ‘segregation’ in this country, well it is if you still live in the 50’s but if you are a strong American Patriot that has moved on from those mistakes and learned from them then you realize that segregation is a horrible thing, especially for us as people of such a great country that is “The United States Of America” so why is the political left still trying to segregate us all, pitting us against each other like we’re dogs?


Because the truth of the matter is, is that I believe that each of us are Americans, I don’t care exactly what it is that someone might believe or how it is that they might even feel about my beliefs and I certainly do not care about the color of their skin or where it is that they may have an ethnic origin from, that is not a problem for me at all. I love America and because of this I love Americans, though we often disagree from time to time, why is it that we can’t just all be Americans? Why do we have to segregate ourselves with titles such as “Asian – American” or “African – American” why is this even a thing at all, why aren’t we just fully American citizens of the United States? Even if someone be gay, or straight or whatever, if they are someone that truly wants to better this country for the good then they are Americans nonetheless, and the only ones that keeps segregating us in such a dramatic way is those who want power.

We don’t have to continuously fall for these lies that only breed more and more hate towards each other, hate towards whites because they are white and to the blacks because they are black, hate towards Asians because they are Asian, none of it makes any sense at all and none of it is even necessary at even the slightest, it is ridiculous. I find it hard to believe that people these days are still falling for this, I find it hard to believe that deep down people don’t want to be something more, something greater, something better than just someone that is being divided into categories like we are all slaves or pigs, I believe that people really want to just live their lives as American citizens.

There Is Hope –

I believe that regardless of what the mainstream media tells us, that we most certainly can come together, we might not always agree on every single little issue and we may never agree on every issue. But where we can find common ground let us find common ground, and no matter how impossible one may think it is, it isn’t, I have seen time and time again where no matter of race, faith or whatever differences it is that people may have they have came together and stood with each other against the Government that stands to threaten and take away ALL of our liberties, I have seen gays stand with Christian bakers and Christian Pizza shop owners and Christian T-Shirt makers, I have seen them stand together when their businesses were being threatened by people that only want to divide us more.

I have seen miraculous stories about Americans coming together in love, and standing with one another so that we all might be able to live a little more free in this country, because I believe that there is hope, Raven Symone who most of you may know was on the Cosby Show and on Disney’s “That’s So Raven” once made a statement almost too hard for the big O’ (as in Oprah) to handle.

“I don’t label myself. What I really mean by that is I’m an American,” the actress continued. “I have darker skin. I have a nice, interesting grade of hair. I connect with Caucasian. I connect with Asian. I connect with black. … I connect with each culture. … Aren’t we all (a melting pot)? Isn’t that what America’s supposed to be?” – Raven Symone

Yes! Exactly, that is exactly what America is supposed to be, the left and the right get so caught up in a strict political view that they often forget that we are still humans, we are still people and we are still Americans. We have all different kinds of races mixed in us and we have diverse families, friends and it is not a bad thing, I was amazed the other day when I was talking with an elderly colored woman and she couldn’t believe that I was talking to her in public it was like a throwback in time, I do not deny that racism still goes on and I don’t defend it in any sense, but we really have come a long ways in many good ways, in some ways we have grown better and in other ways we have grown worse.

So let us take great notice of our accomplishments and let us fix our failures from where we have fallen.

In Conclusion:

Whatever you believe, whatever your race is or wherever it is that your heritage may come from let’s not let that matter as much as who we really are as a people, I have mostly Apache blood in me, I have some Hispanic blood as well, I have Dutch and Irish and a lot of other races mixed in me, I’m a melting pot in one body, though I can’t for sure tell you exactly where my ethnic origin truly is and I can’t really tell you much about my tribe as an ‘Apache’.

But I can tell you that I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri of the United States Of America with a long desire in my heart to move out to Texas where I now reside, I can’t tell you what types of food my ethnic origin might have but I can tell you that I like good ole’ American cheeseburgers and fries with a nice ice cold American Coca Cola to wash it all down with. If you ask me what race I am or where I’m from or what my ethnic origin is, though I am mixed with many, I’m most likely to simply reply with a great big smile on my face –

“I’m American, and I’m from Texas.”

Thank you for reading today’s post , I hope that you are blessed beyond measure and until we blog again…


Who Am I?


In this life we often get caught up in this great adventure of self-discovery, trying our level best to reach some type of conclusion about our self.


The question that we many times find ourselves asking is the one I chose to title this post, “Who Am I?” Am I a Christian? and if so what type of church should I affiliate myself with? Should I reference myself as a ‘Baptist’, a ‘Methodist’, a ‘Pentecost’?

Because there are many types of ‘denominations’ that I could join, many ‘Religious’ organizations that I could associate myself with, but would that organization, would that denomination, would that Church even reflect upon the world what it is that I even say that I believe?

And what about my job? Am I a Writer, a Singer, a Songwriter? An Actor? A Preacher? A Policeman? How about a Baker? Let’s say hypothetically that I am a Politician, do I compromise all my values and beliefs just because of fear of being struck down by the big wigs of Washington D.C.? Or do I stand confidently and proudly before my constituents upholding the truth and values of our land and our Constitution that I swore to uphold?

What about my political party? Am I Republican, Democrat, do I lean Conservative, Tea Party, Liberal, Libertarian? Where do I stand as far as a political party? And let’s say that I lean a Liberal Democrat that is in favor of both Gay marriage and abortion, what about that?

But let’s wait just one second, I thought I just established above that I was a Christian, how could I possibly serve God rightly and justly, yet compromise his word by supporting the murder of babies and the unholy matrimony of two people of the same sex?

What Then?

Do I then cry ‘Amazing Grace’? Do I rethink my position and bend my knees repenting and submit my full self to God? Or perhaps maybe I just ignore his word all together and keep telling myself that, “He won’t mind, I’ve got to do what’s best for this world and this time, Jesus lived a long time ago, things are different now” Will I keep telling myself those lies?

What about my view on other faiths? How about those, do I accept all ‘Religions’ as the same, in fear of ‘offending’ or hurting people’s feelings? Do I stand by God’s word when he said In John 14:6  that he was the only way? Or do I let that slide by as well and cry out again ‘Amazing Grace’?

Because I know deep in my heart that Christ said, whoever denies him then he will deny them, but I keep telling myself that perhaps he didn’t mean that, God is love, mercy and forgiveness.

He couldn’t possibly deny me, could he?

The answer to that question my friends is, yes, he really could, and not because he wants to, but because he is a holy and just God, righteous and mighty.

The purpose of this post was to emphasize that, in life we so many times get caught up in the idea of finding a label for ourselves we forget ‘truth’ I personally have often seen too many times that people from some churches are overly boastful and proud of their denominations, yet explicitly ashamed of the one they ‘claim’ to follow.

Why? Why, I just do not understand, but I do know this, we must never lose sight of the way, the truth, and the life. I may lean towards the Pentecostal Apostolic faith, I may lean Conservative-Tea Party-Patriot, I may be a Writer, A Singer, and Actor and many more things, I may indeed be an American, I may indeed find many labels to cling to from time to time, as I’m sure many of you do.

But in conclusion,

Who Am I?

Most of all, I am a Servant Of Jesus Christ, because even though I may be a part of all those things in my life, He IS The Way, The Truth, and THE LIFE.

Until next time my brothers, sisters, friends and fellow servants…


In Memory Of – Chief Chris Kyle


Greetings my fellow Americans/Texans, today I have a word for you…

Chris Kyle

Today I will be sharing with y’all a poem that came to me late during one night when I was having trouble sleeping back in the year of 2014…

About a week ago I went with my uncle to see possibly one of the most talked about movies this year so far, breaking blockbuster records at $248.9 million (something to stir up the liberals feeble emotions that’s for sure)
To take a moment to talk about the film, rather the man in the film.

I have not known much about this man, I remember hearing of his death Feb 2nd 2013 and I was very upset to hear that because I have a great love, care and respect for the people that lay down their lives for our country, the people that make such sacrifices. I hadn’t heard much about his story until now though, and while he wasn’t killed during duty it still saddens me greatly to see him go much too soon, and at the hands of someone he was trying to help.

(Chris Kyle born April 8th 1974 was killed February 2nd 2013 while trying to help a young Marine)

The movie was incredible, tear jerking for me personally and very hard to watch, what the men do to protect the Red, White and Blue isn’t something that we should take for granted.

These are lives, these are souls, these are Patriots that care about their country and they care about people they’ve never even met.

They lay down everything for a stranger, many times to be spit on by them, called horrific disgraceful hateful names, they don’t want to kill, I think deep down no American soldier really wants to kill especially faced with the tough decisions like Chris Kyle was when that boy had the IED, I don’t know about you but for me that scene was unbelievable, the whole movie was.

The silence in the theatre room at the end was just incredible, the sniffles of both men and women could be heard from seat to seat and everyone left not having a word to say, just pure silence of contemplation, was it really worth it? The only way to answer that questions is with our actions my friends, they laid down their lives for freedom so we could sit on our couches to let it be taken away from us, so the answer to that question is partially up to us.

Their sacrifices will always be greatly appreciated as far as I’m concerned, their acts of valor will always live on as long as our flag  flies freely and they will always be missed tremendously.

God bless Taya and family, I am greatly sorry for their loss, but greatly admire their ability to face the harsh scrutiny of their Husband, Father, Son by sheer idiots, but we all know better, we all know that Chris Kyle was a hero and I am grateful to him, to all other soldiers those that have fallen and those that are still here and I am especially grateful to their families.


To America’s Guardians:

(Chris Kyle was an American Guardian)

Here is the poem I wrote not too long ago:

   This Poem Is Dedicated To:

(All fallen soldiers, All Veterans, All who Served, & All  who serve in the U.S. Military.) 
To America's Guardians:(Of Freedom)
By: Nathan Tune 
Copyright December 29th 2014

To those that protect the Red, White and Blue, what would America be without you?

The land of the free because of the brave, their battle cries can be heard from the grave.

Those who are here and those that have passed on, where would we be if they never would have gone?

Some just young boys marching in their first war, others old, and experienced, they had seen it before.

All come from families and homes like me and you, who leave them behind to defend the Red, White and Blue.

They are Mother’s sons, daddies and mommies, sisters and brothers fighting for the freedoms of others they have never known, the least we can do is let our thanks be shown.

To the brave men and women, both young and old, to their families at home who are so bold to share them with you and me so that we can be free.

I cannot imagine how it must feel, to constantly worry your loved one will be killed, while out at battle fighting through and through defending what’s true, the Red, White, and Blue.

God bless you, and your families too, may God bless you, for protecting, the Red, White and Blue.

Though I may not know you, we may have never met, and if you served in times gone by, I most certainly thank you for it.

If you’re just starting out, Godspeed my friend, may God be with you wherever you are led.

You have my support and others too, we thank you for wanting to defend, the Red, White, and Blue.

When the early morning dew so gently falls without a sound, I make my way to a tall poll above the ground, as the sun is just rising, I hoist her up high, there she goes in the wind she can freely fly.

I think of you and the brave ones that did die, in the name of freedom, can’t you hear their battle cries.

They were someone’s son, a smiling face someone’s beloved brother.

But now a void, a broken heart and tears shed from a mother.

Because they gave their life doing what was right in any decent human’s sight.

To leave a void, broken hearts and tears shed from a nation.

The fallen soldiers.

Not forgotten.

To those who did fall and those that did not let our thanks be known for you have given a lot.

Yes this is true, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

All my life I’ve had respect for you, and each time I see her flying so true.

I can’t help but think of the sacrifices from you, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

The colors of freedom, liberty and justice for all, one nation under God we stand proud and we stand tall.

Land of the free and home of the brave.

I hear the battle cries of those in their graves.

To the veterans and the young, active and inactive, new and old, may your story forever be told of you defending the Red, White and Blue.

Thank you.


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