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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

New Blogging Arrangements!


If you noticed, a while back I had posted on my Facebook page and Twitter that I won’t be blogging daily anymore due to how busy things can sometimes get and I’m also trying to prepare for the new season of James Fickle!


That will be premiering on April 23rd – June 25th which is all Tuesday’s as it was usually. I hate it when a lot of times your favorite TV show gets changed from Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights it’s like day light savings time – it’s a lot to get used to! So, I will be doing my best to keep the James Fickle show on a Tuesday unless I just can’t anymore. Either way though that is something that will continue as long as I am alive! It is something great and much great comes out of it, don’t you think!?

Been good not having to worry about what I’m gonna have to be blogging about each day, but at the same time I know that those who do read my blog have missed the encouragement I try to bring in my posts. Life can be a handful sometimes but the way you look at it and perceive it is what matters the most because you can’t let all the  little things get to you, I know it may be easier said than done because so many things can upset us but we have got to try our best and look for the brighter side because even though we may not be able to see it at the time it is most certainly there.


Here Comes The Sun!

I like the phrase that even though you can’t see the sun when it’s raining, once the rain has stopped the sun comes out and you realize that it has been there all along! And that’s just the way life is; no matter how bad the day may seem or what we are going through and struggling with when we think about it just for a little bit and take that time to really focus, we will then see that what we are facing isn’t really as bad as we thought and we aren’t really in that much of a dark time because the sun is still shining though we can’t see it now it is there!

I know sometimes when we are going through a hard time in our life, we feel that God has left us but we need not to forget that he is the one who has gone before us and walked the path we are walking right now, he has everything under control and he is taking care of business! We may not be able to see the miracle he is working in our life at this time but if we look up soon enough we’ll see those clouds part and the sun be shining brightly before our eyes!

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog post.


This is the new blogging arrangements:

I will blog every Wednesday and Saturday so that is twice a week. Sunday will be reserved for guest blog post, so if my mom wishes to write something for y’all that day you may get something from her.

God bless y’all!


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