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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Mom – I – Pray (Still Today, I Pray)


I wrote this song nearly 4 years ago and I posted this 3 years ago and wrote the info about it below that same time as well…

I posted awhile back a blog post of mine from quite sometime ago explaining how God has brought us through so much and how my mom was able to come back to us and how I had forgiven her and God was working on everything and mending was happening and she had moved to Texas with us…

However I also said that “A lot has changed since I wrote that, but my faith is still strong” And It is, and I will KEEP MOVING ON…

What I say at the end of this video is still true to this day and I don’t believe that there has been a day go by in my entire life that I haven’t prayed this prayer for my mom…

It seems that the enemy is always against us and it disgusts me it really does, I have been working to try and get my testimony up and going writing it up and before I can testify for what GOOD God has done, life throws a curveball of bad right around the corner, I still plan on posting that short film of my Testimony, because there is much I’ve left unsaid and I want people to know that God is great, God is loving, God is JUST and God is the GREAT God JEHOVAH the ONE true MIGHTY God that IS ALWAYS looking over from over your shoulder. He has seen the end and if we trust in him we WILL win!!!!

It appears I can add to that verse “Not once not twice not three times but SIX”

It seems that my mom has decided to go back again down this path and has decided to return and get back in click with those people that cause us so much pain and she said she’d never do this again to us but I knew that this would happen and just like last time I sensed it coming months before it happened…

But that’s ok, because I know where I stand. I know where I stood all those nights during a 30 day revival I know where I knelt every night as I cried out to God and stood in for prayer for my mom every night. And she has left yet again another splinter in all of my family’s hearts and it hurts us all severely…

People that you expect to be real people of God condoning this and not even giving us any decency, showing us any respect at all and talking down to us like we’re trash… Well I tell you the only reason my mom was allowed to return this time is because of my fasting and my prayers all that time day in and day out.

Because of my grandma’s fasting, because of her prayers and because of my grandma and grandpa actually GOING and getting her out of that situation… But it appears yet again she has forgotten and she decides to throw it all away again.. And that is fine… Because God is STILL on the throne, and he’s that same God that has delivered us all every time…

I love my mom and always has but seeing her continue and continue going back to that same old slippery dark wicked path eats at me like a bad termite…

But like I said I KNOW GOD.. And I know GOD will see me through

Scripture says:

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.

Psalms 34:19 K.J.V.

It also says:

But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the LORD shall be as the fat of lambs: they shall consume; into smoke shall they consume away.

Psalms 37:20

I had a vision just like that where the enemy was standing before me and I said to the enemy “I KNOW GOD” and just like that verse said the enemy consumed into smoke it consumed away.

I have only just began to tell my testimony and I will continue testifying because “My Testimony Isn’t Over Yet, It’s Just Begun”

I won’t keep silent during all of this and just like every time I will continue making my petitions known before the Lord..

I ask that y’all my friends help me do the same, anybody that condones anything my mom is doing has no business being in my life anymore and they have no part of God living in them because they have no idea what they are talking about and they can all talk and they can be mean to other people that are trying to do good in Christ and be made new, but if they do that and think they can call themselves saved and all that then they got another thing coming to them because they more than likely belong to their father the devil…

It appears these end times are nigh as the scripture says everything is coming to pass…

I ask that true believers that are truly on the side of TRUTH be in prayer with me as I have stood many times before in my life because i know GOD will see me through!

In JESUS NAME – Blessings and SHALOM to you all in JESUS alone!

What I said nearly 3 years ago:

“Hey everyone, Somethings have been happening my family and I have been fought hard these past few weeks but I am still holding on and not letting go of my faith.

I believe that God will see us through and so will you!

The devils fight is nothing Compared to God’s might!

Just recently my mom has gotten back in touch with us we have tried reasoning with her and she was trying to get away from the man.

The man is a drunk he is abusive he’s abused her physically and emotionally.

Such as banging her head into the wall calling her every curse word under the sun.

She can’t even think straight. But I still pray, I know she will be released and I ask you to be praying for me, my mom and the Tune Family.

Urgent need at this moment.

I have forgiven my mother I have no hatred against her for what she’s done.

But I don’t believe any of it has been right. And I’m mad.

Right now we must pray that she get’s away that pharaoh let’s GODS people go!

With the faith of a small mustard seed God said mountains can be moved. The walls of Jericho need to come tumbling down and I believe it’s about to happen.

It’ll only get worse before it gets better and just when we think the end is near, the beginning has just begun.

Hold on don’t let go, you can’t see the glory, Hold on don’t let go, a blessings on it’s way you will see!

The best is yet to come. This is not over and God is still on the throne.

I will never stop believing and never NOT EVER GIVE UP!

Blessings to all who watch and thank you for your prayers,
Nathan Tune.

P.S. Mom I pray for you.
I wrote this song not long after my mom left and I sung it everyday while praying and still do.

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Again friends, I thank you very much for your prayers and encouragement. It would really encourage me if you passed this prayer request on and please, if you have a prayer request of your own please do let me know and I will be praying for you as well.. These days we as the body of Christ that stands for TRUTH and not let some watered down corrupted Gospel make us change our mind we need to strengthen each other with prayers, with encouragement and with the glorious hope we can find in the scriptures.


Thank you,

Blessings and SHALOM In Jesus Alone


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