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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Live, Laugh, Love.


Welcome, everyone! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Whatever time it is, wherever you are and whoever you are. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Live, Laugh, Love.

Today in my blog post I would just like to take a minute to talk about the 3 L’s. A few days ago  after receiving a huge thank-you from a good friend of mine, I had quite a bit of thinking to do. And I went to bed doing just that.

Sometimes we spend so much of our time and heart on people that don’t even appreciate what it is that we are doing. But because we are who we are it makes no difference to us because have learned to:


To the best of your ability and do the best that you can no matter what it takes or what goes on in our life. We must continue being who it is that we are. It doesn’t matter how other people are. What matter is how we are. Just like the image from Glenn Beck’s site says when he had that Restoring Love event awhile back. This is exactly what it takes. It truly IS our individual choices, how WE choose to live our lives that make the difference.

Sometimes we seem to get caught up in all of this world and begin to dwell way too much on how other people live their life. Well, that isn’t what matters. What really does matter, however, is what you are doing. How you are making a difference with the life you have made for yourself. Whether it’s a huge difference or just a small one, nevertheless -it’s a difference. The question is: is it a good one?

In today’s time people are watching everyone, it seems. You don’t really even try to make somebody else’s day brighter. You just have to put a little effort forth and that small amount of effort from your part will mean much more to that one person you may have been avoiding for so long. Because your caught up in trying to be there for someone else. But the fact really is, we need not just to be there for one single person but everyone we can as well.. Because sometimes, what you do and who you are, the way you live your life. That will mean so much more to some people then it will others.


Like there’s no tomorrow, at every little thing. Silly, stupid, crazy, whether it’s the way the snow falls on your roof (if you live in a snowy area) or whether it’s the way that the rain pitter patters on your roof when coming down. Just laugh, and don’t let anything get you down. When something goes wrong, laugh. When that person flips you off on the freeway, laugh. When those people come flying by you yelling and ranting angrily in their car, laugh – because life is too short not to laugh.

If you don’t laugh now, when will you laugh? Stop wasting time; start laughing now. Like when you go outside to get a package from the FedEx man and then come back in your house and then you hear honking like crazy and you go back out to find that the FedEx man is stuck in your drive way and you’re having to pull him out of your driveway ditch. Then it turns out that you can’t get him out so your grandparents get home from town and pull him out. Just laugh, because it’s not everyday that the FedEx guy get’s himself stuck in your driveway. That sure was a first! HAHA! And most importantly…


As if you have never loved before, love with a deep desire to be a better person each day and with determination to make the world a better place with each breath you may take.

There are many ways to show love; though it is something that cannot be easily explained for some people, it really isn’t hard for people to feel. People know when you are a loving, caring and kind person. People know when you get up trying make a difference with love.

If there’s never been a better time for this, I believe it would be now. The time my friends is now.

“Live, Laugh, Love”

By doing these three simple things with each passing day, you’re making the world a better place and blessing people around you beyond your wildest beliefs. Take the time to ponder on my blog post to day and after your done thinking.


Merry Christmas everyone! Until next time! Shalom and God bless!


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