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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Like Quicksand


Hello, everyone. Today as I begin to write this, I am listening to my very own radio station broadcasting some uplifting music as it leads up to my show’s premiere.


LIFE like quicksand is what I should of titled this blog post, but I didn’t because it just didn’t look right to me. But the over all name of it gets the point across – enough for me, anyways.

Today I wanna talk about all the issues in life, that we sometimes try and ignore in fear of getting trapped in it “like quicksand” but in reality that’s exactly what life can be for many of us.

We don’t realize it, but something in our life gets us sucked up. Whether it’s good or bad. Too much of it, is BAD in the end. Always. Why? Because too much of a very good thing can instantly make us ungrateful and we begin to lose all of the appreciation we once had for that particular thing because now we don’t have to worry about how we’re going to get it because we have unlimited access to it.

People in today’s world are so ungrateful – and not JUST in today’s world, in our great country AMERICA. We take for granted (even the poor) stuff that other people (poor) in other countries can only DREAM of. Yet we pity ourselves and say we’ve got it bad? Now believe me, just because your pain and struggles are more or less than others, doesn’t make you any better or lower than anybody else. Because no matter how much money we have, no matter how rich we are. We will ALL always go through struggles, trials and tribulations and ‘like quicksand’ we’ll be trapped trying to get out of it.

Pull Out!

But the only way that we could ever get ourself out of such a mess is if WE ourself INDIVIDUALLY make the choice to be freed from all the hurt and pain we are so willingly allowing ourselves to sink into with each passing minute. And every minute you get a bit deeper and then what will you do when it’s too late?

You see, right now it isn’t very obvious because things may be just ok enough that you’ll say “I don’t need God, I don’t need any guidance or structure in my life, I can do this ALL on MY OWN” Ah.. So many times we mere ‘humans’ like to use that oh so familiar phrase “on my own” when in reality. What have we done? Just exactly what? We can’t even take a single breath without God allowing us to. Yes, we do have free will. But each day we wake up is an indefinite gift from GOD.

So, are you gonna allow yourself to sink into this deep hole where you’ll drown in your sorrows, your heartache, your pain, your mistakes, your failures? All the stuff that is going on in your life today that you thought couldn’t get worse, continues to get a little more worse with each passing minute and you go down deeper each time you try to do something on your own.

Because just face it: whether you realize it or not, whether you want to believe it or not. God is there; he’s with you. And sometimes he loves you SO much that he keeps you from sinking just enough to keep going ‘on your own’. There’s an almighty God out there waiting to pull you out. All you have to do is ASK and ye shall receive.

Remember people: 2014 IS the year of deliverance. But WE individually we have to WANT to be delivered. ‘On our own’

God bless!


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