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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

LIFE (It’s Precious)


Good afternoon people, good morning, good evening, whatever time it may be for you wherever you are and whoever it is that you might be I would like to personally welcome you to this blog.


A very special edition to this blog indeed, you know  even though  I may be quite young I have been noticing that more often people these days are beginning to less and less take heed to  one  of the most important gifts we have in this life which would be LIFE itself, now I know that many people may suffer and live without the basic needs that they should most definitely have but if you talk with many of those people (which I have before), they will tell you that they are really mostly happy to be alive, which is amazing because there are people that have SO much, yet take everything they have for granted, including their life and even others.

But why would there even be cause for such a thing? Do they not even know or can they not even begin to comprehend how precious life really is? All around this globe there are people out there who are fighting each day to keep living because it means something to the, life means something to them, they have family, friends, jobs, dreams and goals that they have yet to accomplish, they have so much left to do that they don’t want to give up so easily because it is something where they value it to the point they are willing to endure the pain of sickness as long as it means that they will continue to live.

It’s Beautiful:

It really is beautiful, sadly most people don’t really ever get to experience the way that we all should, most people aren’t able to experience it’s full potential because everyone is too busy with work or whatever else they have going on, and they forget how precious life really is, people can quickly become selfish and will unknowingly even take life so that they can continue living theirs the way that they want to without being interrupted, but really is that the society that we have become? I suppose it is.

Life begins at the moment of conception, that is when we are first brought into existence and then for 9 months we live in our mothers womb and then all of a sudden we are ready to come out and face this world, the cry of a baby as it is brought into this world is said to be one of the most life changing experiences for people, seeing life at one of it’s finer moments when a new person is being given to us, a gift from God really.

So who are we to say that this new existence doesn’t have a right to continue on in this world like we all have? Are we somehow better than that baby? I’d like to say that we aren’t any better than that baby because that is where we all came from, we couldn’t scream out in a frantic tone begging for someone to hear us, to please not take us out, to please allow us to be born, we couldn’t for we didn’t even know any language at all, we were helpless, yet someone decided it was right to let us live, so who are we to decide anything less for someone else?

What Is There To Miss?

You know this life has a lot to offer us if we would only pay attention to all of it’s best attributes but we won’t because we are too busy focused on ourselves and what WE want at the time and I’m not saying that it isn’t ok to want something for yourself every once in awhile but lately the people of this world have become so consumed with their own self that they don’t really care who it is they might hurt along their way and it’s really quite sad because we were all meant to be more than what we are becoming, we were meant to be greater, yet we continue down a path of such darkness.

Taking for granted the smallest of things, you know to be granted bigger things in life we must first show responsibility for the smaller things, we must first show that we can appreciate the smallest of items because if we can’t appreciate something that isn’t worth much, how are we ever going to be able to appreciate the finer things in life? We most likely won’t, if we are given the best that life has to offer first then we will most likely become reckless and careless of everything, we will lose all sight of right and wrong, we won’t care how much we hurt those even those that we claim to love, we will be ungrateful, hateful, angry and bitter, we will be lost for quite sometime.

But if we could only take consideration for the littlest of thing, like the way the wind so gently can often blow the leaves through the trees, or just how the air feels on your face, how the roses smell so incredibly amazing, how the water glistens from a distance so elegantly, the way that the birds sing their songs early of the morning, the way laughter makes us sound and feel, or how it might sound to us, the way music can sound to the mind, spirit and soul, oh how wonderful that it can make us feel, imagine all of those fun activities like playing outside in the playground or going snowboarding in the winter, surfing in the summer, scraped knees from learning to ride your bicycle for the very first time and hot chocolate near a warm fire place way up in the rocky mountains during the winter, imagine all of that and then…

Imagine someone not being able to experience all of that, can you imagine taking the best joys of life away from anyone? Because I can’t possibly imagine preventing anyone the opportunity to experience those things, I can not even comprehend being able to consciously do that.

In Conclusion:

There is more to life than pain, hurt, sickness, disease, heartache, war and strife there is so much more than that in this life, there is joy, happiness, peace, laughter, fun, family, friends, genuine love  togetherness, there is hope. If only we as a society could take into consideration how important these things are, then maybe, just maybe, we would think twice before taking that away from someone.

Lessons to be learned from today’s post are these:

  1. Be More Grateful
  2. There Is More
  3. Life Is More
  4. Life Is A Gift
  5. LOVE – LIVE (loving is living)
  6. We All Deserve To Live

The 5th one may not be too obvious in this post but it is in there and it is something that I have discussed many times before, I hope that you have been uplifted, inspired and encouraged by today’s post and I hope you leave here today valuing your life and the lives of others along with the lives of those that have yet to born a whole lot more, may you be richly blessed as always and don’t forget that sometimes we go through a little bit of pain so that we might gain the strength to face another day more easily.

Until next time my cybernite friends, I’m Nathan Tune from the deeply conservative pineywoods of east Texas saying ‘ya’ll come back now ya here?’ have a great rest of your day, drink some Iced sweet tea and have some fried chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens.


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