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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Jesus Loves You!


The definition of ‘love‘ is something that can have many meanings, but the greatest way to describe love has to be the love that Jesus Christ has given us even before we were even born.


Think about it for just one moment: he loved us before we loved him.

But how? Because he died for me and you on the cross. He gave his life for our sins so that we might be saved. Is there not any greater love than that?


Scripture Verses On Loving The Children: 


Matthew 19:13-14 K.J.V.


Here, what Christ is saying is that they brought the little children unto Jesus and that he blessed them and he prayed for them. In today’s day and time, you are the future; you hold so much power in your hands. I’m sure you don’t understand it but you do.


Mark 10:14 K.J.V.


The same thing was said through these scriptures as well, that we are to bring the children unto him because he loves the little children –  all of the little children of this world. No matter what you may look like, sound like – even how you may act at times he still loves you – we may all make mistakes sometimes. We can forget things and that’s just part of our nature. But as long as we learn from those mistakes and try our best to keep from making them again, we will be ok because he loves us and will forgive.



How Can We Love Jesus?


1. Dedication.


2. Faith.


3. Joy.


4. Grace.


5. Forgiveness




These things I’ve listed are very important for multiple reasons, these are just my ways of how we can love Jesus and they are only just a couple of ways there are many more ways we can love him. So explain to me what are some ways you can think of?




Dedication through what? How can we dedicate ourselves and what for Jesus can we dedicate ourselves too?




What kind of faith? True faith, true faith to show Jesus that we love him and trust him to lead us no matter what we are going through.




People tend to forget that the scriptures tell us the Joy of the lord is our strength. So how can we love him with Joy? By allowing him to fill our hearts with great love and joy from deep within and nothing can take that away from us because it is rooted so deep we are eternally joyful in Jesus. When we have Joy, that shows we love Jesus.




That we are gracious and graceful in everything we do. Jesus has been very gracious toward us, by loving us so that he died on the cross so why not be gracious in our daily lives and towards him to show we love Jesus?




The most important way for us to love Jesus, the bible says, is that we cannot be forgiven unless we can forgive. There is a phrase used often by this motivational speaker and it goes like this love is for giving love is forgiving.



“Love Others! Share His Love!”



Last time, we discussed what it meant to BE A WITNESS. Well, for the conclusion of our lesson this week let us review what we’ve learned about Christ’s love for us and then lets ask ourself a question:


If Jesus loves me, and I love him with all my heart, then why not share his love with others?


But How Can We Share His Love?


1. Dedication


2. Faith


3. Joy


4. Grace


5. Forgiveness


Because by doing these same things you do to show your love for Jesus you can also show others his love – by dedication to a friend, by having faith and believing in someone when no one else will, by expressing true joy and being happy for someone that deserves to be happy and blessed, by showing grace to those less fortunate than us. And by forgiving those who have caused us harm.


God bless y’all!


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