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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

It’s Monday’


Hello there, I know that Monday’s can be the worst of all day’s for people, and no one likes a grouch so before you head out to work this morning why not leave with a smile on that puckered face?

Ok, I apologize, I can’t really tell if your face is puckered or not, but I am pretty sure that if you just woke up and have yet to have any coffee, it looks something awful. Don’t worry though, nobody looks good in the morning unless you are in some TV commercial, some romantic film or some kind of wild music video like the hyped up one that some girls mom paid 10,000 for so she would get famous and be a one hit wonder with a short time in the lime light, yeah just like Rebecca Black, but let’s face it. No one jumps out of bed at 7:00am in the morning looking half as ok as she did in the video and even if it’s Friday no one wakes up that perky, dramatizations yes, they are only that.

People in real life get up with their hair all out of wack, crud all in their eyes and sometimes they even might have some really horrid breath, when real people in real life wake up in the morning it’s not always a pretty sight, now you wanna add a Monday on top of that then you got something ten times worse maybe even worse than that how can I possibly know? But again, please don’t fret, you haven’t one little thing to worry because my sole purpose on this very wicked Monday from hell is to give you a bit of encouragement and hopefully have you leaving here with some great big smile on your face that says:

“Come at me Monday, you don’t scare me, I’m not afraid of you, get thee behind me satan, I’m coming for ya world and I’ve got my morning cup of joe made extra strong, with a pink donut in my other hand and a pinky steering my car, yeah that’s how brave I am Monday, so just come at me, make my day.”

Alright, perhaps you won’t get that enthusiastic about it, but who knows right? If Rebecca Black’s mom can pay for her daughter to have a $10,000 music video that makes her a one hit wonder then anything can happen, I failed to take into consideration that there are probably some of you who have no idea at all who that girl really is, well no need to worry, you aren’t missing much.


I understand that Monday’s can be extremely hectic for those that have to work and I’m sure traffic can be bad, with all of those angry drivers out there. Though it still amazes me how anyone could hate any kind of day no matter how hard or how ugly it may seem, here’s something for you to ponder, because that is exactly what my blog posts are all about right? To get people to open up their minds and think about everything going on around them, to think about the absolute obvious that they sometimes ignore due to however hard or horrible it is that their day may be, because if you think about this then perhaps you will leave here kicking.

My Great Grandpa’s favorite scripture in the bible was Psalms 118:24, no matter how bad the day might have been outside, if it was raining or sunny it did not matter to him, because he believed fully (as do I) that each day is a day of which the Lord himself has made and it does not matter how bad that day may seem, how rough it may start out or even how horrible it may end, what matters is this simple fact. If you were to go out to a wild forest all by yourself and sit there in the center of it or if you were to go out in the middle of 1,000 acres and have some nice little talk with God, then you would notice that there isn’t a bad thing out there, it’s all of God’s beauty and it is all of his beautiful creations that he spoke into existence.

Isn’t that amazing?

In Conclusion:

This is the day which the Lord has made, let us all rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it, let us rest assured in the one true fact that no matter what this day may throw at us we are blessed beyond measure to know that Jesus Christ is in this day, he is watching over us and he has his arms wrapped around us and he is leading us through every path it is that we might take today and he will not lead us in the wrong direction, he will not take us down any road that we cannot handle, times may be rough now and then, and we might even get some battle scars along the way but let us know that he has already gone before us and he has already won the battle, we just need to stick it through.

Thank you all so much for joining me today and I hope you leave here with enough strength and encouragement to face this cruel world, knowing that it isn’t the day itself that is bad, it is a certain amount of people and this wicked world that causes this day to only ‘seem’ bad and knowing these things will help you to carry on with a great amount of strength and will power, until we meet again I hope that you don’t overdose on coffee today trying to make it out alive, overdose on Jesus instead because he’s far better than any caffeine or any drug, he is the ultimate high and he will fill your heart and mind and soul with peace and strength to press forward.

God bless and SHALOM –

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