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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)



Everyone always says I’m inspirational and sometimes motivational. Well, truth be known sometimes it’s hard to find motivation or inspiration to write these here blog posts! I guess it’s like the same thing with all of my songs I have written. Some of them just came to me easily and others were kind of drug out – but when finished, it’s great!


Now, I know with these daily blog posts though it is a little bit different. I try to keep these things going daily and will continue to do so for as long as I can. I have liked writing and having this ability to share stuff with you is a great thing, being able to take one thing and pull it out of another (like I did yesterday).

I took that blog post about that party I threw for my grandma and though it seemed I wasn’t getting anywhere to the motivation or inspiration finally it came at the end! I like doing stuff like it is a fun thing and I’d like to think that sometimes someone reading my blog needs to hear what I have to say.

How about we talk about inspiration today? Both the biggest inspiration there is, the inspirations in the bible and the inspiration here on earth.

Let’s start off with Jesus. What is more inspiring than God’s only son being nailed to cross to save us all from our sins? Or how about not even just that he took the murderer who was on the cross next to him to Heaven that very day. How about all the miracles he performed before he was crucified? I have always liked the story where the lame man and his friends helped lower him down into the place where Jesus was so that he could get healing.

Jesus wasn’t just an inspiration because of the things he said or did but also because of the love he had to give. Showing us that we should all be loving toward one another. He came for the sinners – not for the righteous, but for the sinners – so that they might be saved.

Bible Inspirations

I have always liked many stories in the bible but my favorites are the most well-known. How about the story of Noah and the ark? How he preached for 100 years? That, I’m sure seemed like forever because he was preaching to the most evil people there were. Everyone mocked and laughed him but when the time came for the flood there was nothing that they could do because it was already too late for them.

And that is how it will be when Jesus comes back for his children. Everyone who has mocked God’s people will not be able to get saved –  because by then it will be to late. (Kinda like when you get in line at the movies and they’re sold out of tickets. Trust me, you want your ticket to Heaven. It’s much more important than seeing a movie!)

Another bible inspiration for me is the story of David and Goliath. Talk about an inspiration there! Not only that but a great example of true never ending deep faith in our God. He’s our mighty defender and tower watching over us for sure! David approached Goliath with no armor or no sword for a weapon, just a sling shot and God on his side and trust me, when you have GOD on your side that is all you need! AMEN?!

Another favorite story of mine from the bible is how Saul became Paul, how God blinded him and asked him why he hated him so bad and asked him what had he ever done to him? I like where once he is Paul when he is with Silas they entered this city and there was a woman there saying how Paul and Silas were servants of God. Well, they didn’t like that. You see this woman was a witch. Paul went on to cast out the demons in her and when he did so, both him and Silas were arrested for what they had just done.

I love how they danced in prison and how the guard let them escape from prison. No matter what happened (and this goes for any bible hero) – no matter what, God was always watching after them and taking care of them through every situation. We have just got to put our trust in him completely and we will be ok.

Inspirations Here Today

This section is reserved for people –  Inspirations who live today. Whether that be firemen to you, policemen, of course our military, a family member an actor/actress or even a pet! (I know that’s not people but it’ll do). Inspiration is all around us. If you just look, you will find it I’m sure!

My inspirations for a family member of course would have to be my entire family. Everyone has through so much and we keep going. I’ve seen God work so many miracles in my family’s life – and for that I am thankful. Especially in my grandpa’s life, a walking miracle for sure! I know when things are bad God is on the throne taking care of things and though we may get stressed in bad times, which we can’t help (who wouldn’t?), we still can’t be so stressed that we quit trusting in the Father up above.

Another inspiration for me is Derek Clark. I found him back in April of 2011 and I don’t even know how but I was looking for child abuse videos to post for national child abuse month and I ran across one of his songs and it was so touching to me and inspirational. I decided to study more on him and at the time I needed to hear some of his stuff because it gave me HOPE and now I try to give others hope as well.

My acting inspirations are of course Chuck Norris and Kirk Cameron. Both of them have amazing stories although in the department of making it famous – against all odds. Chuck Norris would have to win this one against Cameron. In Norris’ biography, I read how when he was trying to get a producer to support the film he’d written, they were out to dinner one night him and his friend were both flat out broke. They had to pay the bill and manage to leave a tip so they didn’t look in today’s language (lame) in front of their potential producer. Which, somehow him and his friend did manage to get a payment and tip together.

Who are some inspirations in your life? I’m sure there are many, I have more; this is just a few. While thinking of someone who might inspire you, why not go out today and try to inspire someone else to…


Live, Inspire, Venture and Encourage?!

Inspire someone to LIVE.

God bless y’all!


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