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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

If Nobody Believed


What if God quit trying? He just turned away, there were tear drops on his face? Tell me how would you feel? You’d probably give up too –  if nobody believed in you.


Both hearing – and now singing – this wonderful song that I found awhile back called “If Nobody Believed In You” By Joe Nichols, I did a cover on this song recently and that is what today’s blog post will revolve around. Isn’t it crazy how when something bad happens everyone is quick to blame God and question where he was when such evil was happening? Well, the answer to that question is simple: how can God protect and be there for those who won’t allow him to? In most places he isn’t allowed. They’ve taken him out of schools, and if anyone stand up for him then those are the crazy ones.

Oh, you can’t believe in God. It will offend someone who believes Buddha, Allah or some other false god. You can’t pray to your God because by doing so it will offend the non-believers. The thing here that is quite upsetting: what about those who are persecuted for believing in God? Does it not make you feel offended that you being a follower of Christ aren’t allowed to pray to him? Does that not offend you? Who is being bullied in that situation? The non-believers – or the believers?


“If a man believes in nothing, he will fall for anything.”


This saying is true in many ways, because if you believe in nothing you will most definitely fall for anything. The biggest objection to God’s existence is “If God Is So Good, Why Allow Evil?” In the scriptures, evil originated because of lucifer. He wanted to overpower God and be bigger and mightier than him. he wanted to take the throne. Lucifer himself made the decision (on his own) that he wanted to take God’s place.

I have talked about why I believe in God many times, but today I’d like to ask you why you believe in him? What gives you the faith to believe in God? I know that even through the bad he has been there to pull me out and most people don’t understand that. They can’t get that, but it is true. God meant it when he said he would never leave nor forsake us but sometimes his people leave him again and again. We are all his children – even those who don’t believe.

But not all of his children want to stick with him as much as he wants to stick with us. They’d rather go their own way, live by their own rules and do their own thing, thinking that they can control their life, when really in they actually can’t – not without it falling apart completely, anyways.

And even those who are rich and have all that the world has to offer don’t have it all that great, because money can’t buy peace. And if you look deep enough in to their life, you’ll see that there is always going to be something missing from their life and until they find Jesus and believe in him, nothing will fill that void.

I hope that you enjoyed my cover!

God bless y’all!


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One Response to If Nobody Believed

  1. Sobering blog today. I was confronted recently and was told that my music is more important to me than God. I was taken aback. Hurt and feeling sorry for myself, I looked to my heart and asked myself, “is my music more important than God?”. the answer I want to give is NO. But, I do have to examine myself periodically because being a musician is work and you have to believe in yourself to make it work. Yet, I have to believe in God more than myself to make it work right. I have to pray and talk with God as a part of my daily ritual or the day is lost.