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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Hope –


Hello again my very long distant friends, brothers, sisters, people of the web, people across both land and of sea, blessed be thee.

hopeAhh… Hope, such a strong word don’t you think? Well perhaps it isn’t as much of a powerful word as it is a powerful feeling, because really – what are words such as ‘hope’ but feelings that have a far greater meaning and value than the very place they were written?

What more could these words be? But words with the means to provide powerful emotion along with them? Because let’s face it, that’s really what these are, these are not words of power – rather power with words, but let’s not get off subject, let’s move forward shall we?

Tis’ word, this, ‘feeling’ “Hope” isn’t something that I have ever been completely oblivious to in my lifetime – oh no, as matter of fact if you really want to know something, I have most likely clung to hope since the very beginning of my young life, because when you are in some of the most darkest times – what else is left but ‘hope’?


…With hope… One thing I would like to briefly mention is the absurd fact that multiple times in life people like to bring up this completely preposterous idea of a ‘false’ hope, but wait a second – how could a thing as fake hope even exist at all, to say such a thing would be to say that it never really existed to begin with, not just in the current circumstance, but period.

Why do I say this? Because I believe it is quite simple, one simply will either have  hope or they won’t, because there is no such thing as a false hope, the reason for that is, deep down everyone finds a piece of themselves that believes even if it’s just a tiny bit and that small spark is enough to ignite a huge fire if it’s given probable cause to.

People do not realize that no matter what they try to say, no matter how dark their times may be and it doesn’t even matter how absurd or impossible the predicament may be, deep down they are holding on to something so powerful that if they just believe strongly enough about this, then whatever the outcome they are ‘hoping’ for,  well it just might come true.

How is it that this could be possible? And what exactly are some of the ways for us to share ‘hope’ with others? Well I have shared in the time gone by, a quote that comes from an old friend I discovered on youtube a few years back – you may find this a bit inspiring and it might even encourage you to go out and make a difference.


The quote was rather short and simple – encouraging all of us to do just one little thing each day.

Help – One – Person – Everyday

I was in the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) for a very short time which happened to be later on in my life and it was quite surprising that so many of the principles I found in the scout handbook can easily be found in the scripture, but not only that – I had been raised to live this way my entire life.

Right out of the scout handbook is the scout motto, well it’s been awhile since I actually read the book, and for the purposes of this blog post I didn’t necessarily go check to make sure, so it might actually be something else, nevertheless it is to say this.

Do a good turn daily, without expecting anything in return.

Isn’t that just sweet? 

In Conclusion:

Hope may never really be understood by us as mere individual frail minded humans, though some may think they have it figured out well we may all just have another thing coming, for this moment though let’s just say that we do have it all figured out, what then?

Whatever it is that hope may be, and however it is that it can affect us as people, I do know this – when applied in the proper manner it can have a large impact on someones life and by helping someone –  no matter who they are or what they look like, where they live or how they might dress.

Helping that one person, doing that one good turn daily without expecting anything in return may give them hope, but not only that if we succeed in one thing in our lives personally I think that it should be our impact on the world, not how much money we made or how many luxurious houses we owned but how we truly lived our lives and how we treated others.

Because if we succeed in that, if we do these small yet simple things – then our impact will not only give hope to those we help, but to any other person around and even to the entire world.

Well my post has finally come to an end.

Have fun, eat lot’s of pizza, french fries and burgers, drink lot’s of Dr. Pepper and most importantly, don’t burn the toast. Signing off from deep within the piney woods of East Texas – I’m, Nathan Tune.

Until next time…


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