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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

He Is Risen!


Greetings my fellow comrades, soldiers in Christ’s Army, friends, foe, brothers, sisters and all other alien life forms alike, welcome back.


Well today is ‘Good Friday’ meaning that this Sunday will be the day most all Christians and most all the world even if they aren’t saved will and might recognize the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I would just like us all to reflect upon on that one amazing moment in history for a short period today if that can possibly be so, then lets get on with it.

I’m sure many might wonder how we are going to reflect upon an event that happened long before any of us was born and while it might be difficult it most certainly isn’t impossible, mean, having been giving his Holy Word to study and learn about the wonderful things that he has done for us as Christ our Lord then it becomes rather easy to recall the story in the bible about the day of his crucifixion which would of been on a Friday, and then the wonderful event of his grand resurrection.

Which from scripture we can tell would of happened on a Sunday morning because it says in his word it was the break of Sabbath and that would have been Saturday, now with today being the 1st day of his main plan for our Salvation as humanity I would like to briefly go over some of the things which Christ would have had to of endured during his crucifixion for the atonement of our sins, our sicknesses and all our diseases which are healed because of him alone.

Beaten And Ridiculed For Me, For You. 

It is very obvious in the scripture how horribly beaten and tortured it is that Christ was on that very day, he was beaten, whipped, made to wear a crown of thorns in mockery of his claiming to be the true messiah of the Jewish people, he was flogged until the flesh was coming off of his back and body until he was pretty much unrecognizable at that point.

One can only imagine such pain it must of been that he went through that day, we often have a hissy fit when we get a paper cut or when we are cutting roses and we get pricked from a single thorn we all know how incredibly intense the pain is from one prick of a thorn  you could only imagine the type of pain a whole crown of must of been like on your head after you had already been beaten so bad before and by those you came to help.

Let’s not forget one of the last parts where he had huge nails which were pounded into his hands and his feet, he was so weak and sick by the time it came to carry his cross to be crucified that someone from the crowd had to help carry it up there for him, we can comprehend every time that we might accidentally bump our hand while we are hammering something together from time to time and many of us say we feel the need to ‘curse’ at that very moment.

There are others who have accidentally shot nails through their hands or other places when work with the nail gun went wrong but surely we know our nails are much smaller then the nails would have been that they crucified Christ with was, and just think about this my friends, after enduring that much pain not once is there mention of Christ cursing or cursing those that were brutally killing him.

Yes, HE IS the King of Kings and God Almighty himself the only one who is completely perfect but we have to think about these things for just a moment my friends, God himself was in human flesh, he was walking around in human form with all the natures of that a human would have, he was able to hunger for food and thirst for water, he had the ability to be weakened throughout the day like anyone, we know from scripture that just like we are at times he even was tempted by satan, but he overcame those things.

We Can Too.

In Conclusion:

Christ said that this world would cause us heartache, pain and much worse than we could ever imagine, he said we would suffer for HIS names sake’ but he also said the not be afraid of these things because he has overcome the world.

If we truly believe that In Jesus we can find solace, Salvation, hope, peace, love and joy, then we will truly believe with everything in us that no matter how bad something is or how bad we are getting so awfully tempted and tortured by satan, we CAN overcome that because

‘Greater is HE that is in ME then he that is in the world’. 

I know many Christians don’t like to celebrate Easter or they think it is this demonic holiday or whatever and I know it’s true many of the holidays Christians celebrate are indeed of a demonic nature and you’re right ‘what’s bunny’s and eggs have to do with the resurrection of Christ?

Nothing really, not that I can think of, but I can’t think that it’s that bad or even bad at all, because I have the same thing to say about this as I did for Christmas.

Sure, it has a pagan origin, but you’ll not be able to make me believe that anyone in this world can tell you what origin that is, or that most people will even associate it with pagan unless it’s some atheist that is angry at God or some Christian that want’s to live completely under restriction from everything.

Because most people now recognize Christmas for the birth of Christ even though it isn’t and they recognize Easter for his Resurrection.

THAT is great.

Until next time friends, Happy Easter.


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