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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!


Good morning, everyone! Good afternoon, good evening, whatever time it is, wherever you are and whoever you are. I would just like to say to y’all HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And God bless! I was wanting to just write something real short here if I can, if possible. Happy THanksgiving I was reading an old blog post earlier this morning and when I got to reading it I looked back at last year when I started my blog and that was about January of last year. Basically the same time that my best buddy Cameron and I started our Daily Prayers Together. I wrote several blog posts about that alone! And I set back today and wonder, how did I do that on a daily basis? I never planned anything out, I know sometimes I would have three to four blog posts written and ready to post days before hand but still…

Where did I get all that insight? How did I manage to get up at 5 o’clock every morning and write sometimes 1,000 words – most the time 500 word blog posts? What was it that kept spitting out those writings from me? I know It couldn’t have been myself, part of it was yes, because I chose to follow God and I choose to do what it is that he would have me to do. And I believe that when we all decide to do what it is that GOD would have us to do and not what WE would have us to do. That is when things can become truly beautiful.

I really wasn’t even going to write something on here today. I had already posted my “Happy Thanksgiving” post to my Facebook with my Tune Radio Show that I did this past Tuesday. But as I was reading that it just got me thinking and just like I have so many times I said. You know.. I’m gonna write something.

And so here I am! The beginning of this year seemed to have been pretty busy for me! I had just gotten started with my website and my blog, then all that praying with my best buddy it was crazy! The thing is sometimes I would even end up staying up  past 12:00 am praying with my best buddy and then get back up at 5! That was crazy for me and him because he had school and I had my blog posts.. But him, he’s used to staying up late and can get up early.. Not so easily but easier than I can I would say.. HAHA I’m the type of person that I cannot go to bed late and get up early and function. And even when I get up late and have slept 10 hours! I still can’t function! I gotta get to bed by 9 or 10 and then I can still struggle with getting up at 5:00 or 6am!

But I had fun as he did too, and that was a good experience. Now for the beginning of this year things are gonna be even crazier for me, I believe! I’m gonna have my short film about my Testimony, that’ll be happening in mid-January when I record it, then I’ve still got my radio show broadcasts! I don’t know how I manage to do them every week! Let me tell you, when you go for days of struggling on something to write or say and then all of sudden you have 20 mins of a radio show, that HAS to be God! It HAS to be. In my opinion, I believe it is.

I will still be recording “The James Fickle Show” although in December it’ll be ending the second season and going on break for a few months. Probably 3 or 4. But don’t worry you’ll still have my weekly broadcasts! And maybe an occasional blog post from me here and there also.


I will be working on a new Christian Radio Drama, for kids/adults alike. A family oriented radio drama about James Fickle, his life and his community and the events which go on in that community. I’ll release the name of the drama and more info about it in a few weeks ‘possibly’ but be looking out for it! I’m hoping I can get it airing by fall of 2014 and just in time for the holidays! I LOVE the holidays and I’ve been dying to write up a good episode for Thanksgiving! Or produce a drama for this Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t get anything to come to me and it would have taken too long because this Thanksgiving is already here.

But next year! I love the holidays. They really REALLY are a special time and a FAMILY time. Whether your family is blood or not, that’s the true family of God!

Keep up with me if you can and remember that my weekly broadcast on Tune Radio are Tuesdays 8am The “Tune Radio Broadcast” followed by “The James Fickle Show”.

God bless y’all!


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