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Guest Post from the U.K.!


Hey, everybody! This is my second guest post – and it’s coming from a very awesome Christian all the way from the U.K.! That’s right. Welcome, Sam, from Christian Teens!


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By Sam Donaldson


The way that we go in life is something that many of us think about all the time. What will tomorrow have in store for us? What will my future job be? The answer is much simpler that you think, and as much as we love to try and plan our lives ahead of us it never seems to go to plan! If you were asked to plan our your last year, would you have predicted everything that happened? I definitely couldn’t have!


God is the way

Yes God is the way! How often do we actually ask God where we should go or maybe what he would like us to do? Now there may be some of you who are actually amazing at this. I for one am not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t always ask God more! I am a firm believer that God has more of input on our lives than we know, but often God wants us to do things and we can turn away through the hard it may bring or because it may not be so convenient. But God sees the bigger picture, and we should remember that! God knows what will happen tomorrow – and the day after – so we should really start to trust him a lot more than what we do!


Guidance through prayer

As Christians, we often pray for our forgiveness (something good to do) and many other things but when we view our own lives and see all of these problems we often never even think to include God, yet alone talk to him about them! If we daily pray to God, asking him to show us the way, funnily enough he will! I think we often underestimate God and what he will do, but ask anyone who has asked God for guidance and they will have a story about how God showed them the way.


Things pop into your mind

I hate to mention myself but I have an example of how God has guided me in my life. Over Christmas I was really praying God would show me the way and what I have to do in life, and he immediately gave me the idea to create a website for Christian teens! At first I thought I couldn’t be bothered and that other people would have already done what I wanted to, but I was wrong! A gap was there, and so was the need! So here I am today. That’s one example of how God has really moved in my life, and one that I’m really excited about also. It could lead to my job, or just be something I learn from. It’s a real blessing to me to see how we can impact young lives and how close I have become with the others helping me out!

God has plans bigger than you. He wants more for you than you want for you! Look at Proverbs 3: 5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

So what does this tell us? To go for it anyway and make things better ourselves? No! It says to trust in God with ALL YOUR HEART. Not just when you feel like it but in ALL YOUR WAYS. Everything you do!

Guidance is a real blessing from God, and something we shouldn’t ignore! Pray, ask God, and he will answer!


I hope this helps!

Sam Donaldson

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