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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Ever Wonder Why Even Try?: Be RECKLESS


Sometimes I wonder why.. Why we even try? In this world full of hate, hurt and crime, what’s the point of chiming in? Sometimes, I wonder why.


Nobody really knows the life, the life of those that who hold true to God’s principles as if it were his/her last possession, because in the end, in reality. God is all we have left. People, Christians, they go to Sunday school each Sunday morning. Living it up, living life to the fullest. Holier than thou thanking God for all their blessings, because at the moment you see, their life is full of glee.

But they seem to not be that compassionate on those that tend to stay at home and worship. Perhaps it’s because of the churches being full of such hypocrisy. Sin is OK when it’s in your own house. They seem to ridicule others for not coming to church as much as them, but they are somehow always at the bar every Saturday night getting wasted before they pull themselves together before church the next morning. Not to say all Christian’s are like that, every Christian these day’s does have their faults, where it is easy for them to slip out of the whole truth God’s word intended for us in the first place. If we fall on one thing, then we have got to fall on something else, Pastor’s can cheat on their wives with women of the congregation, parishioners can get drunk, be gay, do drugs, smoke pot, curse, and break every law under God’s word without one bit of their conscious being convicted. Because it’s ok, the Pastor say’s it’s ok. So let’s just have this perverted church right?

Sometimes I wonder why, why do we even try? You see, you know I’m sure you do. They say one thing is ok, but another thing isn’t they pick out part’s of the bible, keep what they like and throw away what they don’t because they don’t think it applies to him when Jesus clearly said that if we love him we must keep ALL his commandments which are MANY. Not just the 10 Commandments.

I believe that Jesus Christ is God, above all through all and in you all. No man cometh unto the Father but by him, name above all names under which no man can be saved but by the precious name of Jesus Christ. So if we love him, we must keep his word true. But so many times in this world it’s easy to fall, it’s easy to say well. I’m guilty of this, so instead of changing from my sin I’ll let this other guy with sin off the hook because I am just as guilty. God forgave my sins anyways and he loves me so I can clearly get off the hook as well. I’m not here to tell you God will let you off the hook so easily.. Yes, you can be gay, but you can’t be gay and be saved, yes you can be a drunkard, but you can’t be a drunkard and be saved. Yes you can do drugs, but not do so and be saved. Yes, you can curse, but not do so and be saved. Yes you can live however it is that you please but in the end you will have to pay that cost, and that’s not hate, that’s not discrimination, that is simple truth, that is simple fact.

Yes God loves you, yes he sent his only son down from heaven to earth to die for you for the FORGIVENESS of your sins, not the acceptance of them. Because he is still a holy God, he still believes regardless of anything that we should live a holy life to the best of OUR ability. He still commands us to abstain ourself from evil and sin regardless of how big or small sin is sin and hell is hell to God. He gives us a choice to make, we have that free will. But in the end ultimately, God will be our judge and we will be judge accordingly to law that he left us to go by while on earth. So which is better, to say;

“I go to church every Sunday, every time the doors are open while living a life of a sinner all the rest of the week.”

Or to say;

“I may not be able to make it to church, but I do the best I can, I live a holy life, I pray, I fast, I ask God to be with me, to guide me and lead me. I abstain from sin, I make it to church when I can but these day’s it’s so hard to get to church and someday’s it’s hard to afford the gas bill to get there. I know that’s horrible to say, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love God, it doesn’t mean I’m this horrible sinner. It doesn’t make me less holier or more holier than you.”

Because the fact of the matter is more than likely the ones that can’t make it to church as often as the ‘holier than thou’ Christian does, ends up knowing more about their bible then they do and lives a purer life then them and a less hypocritical one even if they still have  a few flaws here and there. At least they aren’t mocking God each Sunday by bravely and boldly entering his doors after sinning the whole rest of the week. Which brings me to this, I know at this point you are thinking. WE ARE ONLY HUMAN. Yes, yes we are. But God instructs us all to abstain from sin, alone it is impossible but with GOD all things are possible. We are to do the best we can, to the best of OUR ability “OUR ABILITY” being key. If you believe deep down that you are that is up to you and God. Which means we are supposed to TRY even if we don’t know why.

I don’t get why people have to be so cruel, so hurtful and mean. Not many get’s what it is like to stand alone for what is right. Because when you stand on truth you take opposition from all sides possibly even people you thought were on your side! Not many know’s what it feels like to be entrapped and ridiculed by these people mocking you because you take such a stand. To know what it feels like to simply, kindly and lovingly say NO I will not accept that, then back it up with biblical truth and be ridiculed for it. Not many knows what it is like to suffer in all forms for taking such a true and morally straight stand for Jesus. Not many knows what is like to have their own family mock and ridicule them, not in a loving family way but a hateful and cruel way.

Not many knows what it is like to watch your grandmother leave a room and then witness all your relatives start talking about her and saying horrible things about her. Not many knows what it is like to see their mom get beaten by a ‘so called’ Pastor (man of God)  at 4 years old while they stand their helplessly crying being told to shut up. Not many knows what it is like to have ‘so called christian’ people flee from them in the stores because they despise them. Not many know what it is like to ever having to worry about their mom because she is being beaten by this scumbag. Not many know what it is like to watch their grandpa die multiple times and risen again only by a true miracle of God and then only come nearly inches from him losing his life again. Not many know what it is like to have to watch their family go without the simplest of need that comes so easily to others.

Not many know what it is like to be kicked out of people’s lives forever because you won’t conform to their hypocritical beliefs and join the same church as them. Not many know what it is like to have the enemy attack their family time and time again and not be able to do much about it even when God warns them.

Not many knows what it is like, to truly love God, stand on true principals, not back down and be punished for it, suffer for it, be ridiculed for it and mocked. Not many because not many are willing to take that stand. But the thing we all seem to forget is that.. JESUS did.. He experienced all those things, ever beating he took, every bloody stripe marked on his back, the nails driven in his hands and feet, the blood he shed, the crown of thorns.. The hurt, the pain, the feeling of betrayal.. He knows. And that is why even though I don’t know why. I will still try because he knows.

People though that go to church seem to act as if they are above others, but that simply is not true. They expect people to keep all their troubles bottled up inside, they expect them not to ever express them. And expect them to endure those troubles all alone while also expecting those people to be there for their every need.

They expect those people to be kind, gracious and wonderfully amazing nice people that should always be there for everyone else but when it comes time for them to need someone. They have no one. No one wants to be around. Because nobody wants to take that stand. So we, those that will take that stand. We hold onto to those God’s principals as if it is our only and last possession, because in the end.. Jesus Christ is all we have.

We are just strangers traveling through this world of woe and believe me it is woe.. Growing up, I remember going to church and there was this Pastor and Evangelist that were best friends and always sung this old gospel hymnal called:

“Where Could I Go But To The Lord?”

“Where could I go oh where could I go
Seeking a refuge for my soul
Needing a friend to save me in the end
Where could I go but to the Lord

Neighbors are kind, I love them everyone.
We get along in sweet accord.
But when my soul needs manna from above,
Where could I go but to the lord”

I never really liked that song when I was younger because it seemed to me that they sung it every service and the other man sung it wherever he went and it’s like I was cursed with it, it had been infringed on my brain.. But as I grow older in age and in Christ I am beginning to realize the value, the true meaning and true importance of that old gospel hymnal more and more. Because these day’s when it is so opposed to take such a stand for Jesus, where can we go but to the Lord?

We are called to be courageous, we are in this world, not OF this world. We are called to be his warriors in his army, we are here to save souls not feelings. We are called to be:


God bless y’all everybody!


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