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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Dream On…



tumblr_m8nsc1XB1i1r6rgp2o1_500Over the years I have had many dreams, Today I’d like to talk to you about some of them.

Yesterday I was looking at the in ground swimming pool that is on the Ranch here in Texas.



I remembered playing out back on the 20 acres in Missouri with my uncle – I remembered how we we’d imagine getting an in ground pool on our land, I remember my uncle telling me how deep it was going to be and It almost scared me at the time I was shorter and couldn’t swim.


I recall us fantasizing over many things during that time, my grandpa was very sick and the whole family sacrificed things, another thing we dreamed about was going to this theme park in Branson Missouri called Silver Dollar City. We would save up our money and put it in an envelope for when that day would come, but it turns out every-time our money had to be spent for important stuff to help us survive out there, but we continued to keep on dreaming hoping that someday we would get there to that place.

Well years passed the pool never did come, and neither did Silver Dollar City we still hadn’t been able to fit it in. But things were looking up! My family had moved off the 20 acres to a place that suit us all better, especially my grandpa because of his sickness. During that time there was this old shed out in front of our new house and my grandma had discussed making it an herb-store at that time I had knew for awhile she had the dream for that store and now she was making it a reality that is what really amazed me about dreams, if they are strong enough, real enough and driven enough then you can make them a reality. I loved the store to I helped run it, I was the cashier, stocked shelves and priced items I think I loved pricing items the most.

I like to call it from dreams to reality when something like that happens, then finally a few years later we did make it to Silver Dollar City, but not exactly as a complete family. You see my mom was gone that time out of my life and my family’s life so she wasn’t a part of that and I felt a little unsettled about that. Another dream we had which goes back to when I was a little boy as well, we have family out in North California, I had always heard my grandma talking on the phone to them and she would tell them that we would be coming to visit one day if we ever got that camper we were wanting, which ties in with this dream I guess. In the year of 2011 we got that camper we were wanting it just came as a converted bus a really nice conversion too, but with everything we’ve ever had it needed some work.  Once we got it fixed it was ready just in time to help me reach one of my very own dreams, that’s when In July I got to go to Dallas Texas to the acting camp.


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”_ Walt Disney


That was indeed a dream come true for me, actually more then one dream came true for me during my 2 weeks there, there I met the best friend I’ve ever had and always hoped for and It’s funny how God played this one out because I really believe this was his work, for a long time I was praying for a friend but in my mind I was hoping for a german shepherd puppy or a husky, but I never really specified that I just asked God for a friend, a best friend..

Well it was in July I was at the point of giving up on that ever happening and then I met Cameron who I now am calling for prayer time every night. That is really a great blessing for each of us, but lets get back to my family’s dream of visiting the family we had in California, after going back in August we knew we were going to move, we found a place in Texas and was planning on making a trip to go back in Fall to drop by check out the house (which is now our Ranch) and go on and visit our family. Well it wasn’t exactly that easy, we had some setbacks and problems, but somehow we managed to make it through and we made it to see our family!

That was a bit unsettling for me as well because at the time my mom was still not with us and that was reminded to me constantly during my trip there, when I seen the sunset over the ocean for the first time in my life I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe my mom wasn’t there with us because it’s something we had planned together for years.

I still have many dreams of my own, and if there is one thing I have learned even though I don’t want to admit it, it’s that with dreams comes work, they are not just going to happen on there own, even when the door opens it takes you to go through it, and if you don’t then well God will close it he won’t leave it open forever now! So I guess what I’ve got to do and encourage all you to do the same, those of you with dreams, passions and goals. Continue to dream, let the passion burn deep in you always, Have Faith, Believe, Dream on…

Oh and another thing, about that pool, yeah we finally have the pool but it still needs some work too.

God bless!


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2 Responses to Dream On…

  1. Ah, dreams! Yep, you have to have a dream (goal) to keep moving forward, Nathan. As I always say, “If God is in it, you’re gonna win it”!

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