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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

In Memory Of – Chief Chris Kyle


Greetings my fellow Americans/Texans, today I have a word for you…

Chris Kyle

Today I will be sharing with y’all a poem that came to me late during one night when I was having trouble sleeping back in the year of 2014…

About a week ago I went with my uncle to see possibly one of the most talked about movies this year so far, breaking blockbuster records at $248.9 million (something to stir up the liberals feeble emotions that’s for sure)
To take a moment to talk about the film, rather the man in the film.

I have not known much about this man, I remember hearing of his death Feb 2nd 2013 and I was very upset to hear that because I have a great love, care and respect for the people that lay down their lives for our country, the people that make such sacrifices. I hadn’t heard much about his story until now though, and while he wasn’t killed during duty it still saddens me greatly to see him go much too soon, and at the hands of someone he was trying to help.

(Chris Kyle born April 8th 1974 was killed February 2nd 2013 while trying to help a young Marine)

The movie was incredible, tear jerking for me personally and very hard to watch, what the men do to protect the Red, White and Blue isn’t something that we should take for granted.

These are lives, these are souls, these are Patriots that care about their country and they care about people they’ve never even met.

They lay down everything for a stranger, many times to be spit on by them, called horrific disgraceful hateful names, they don’t want to kill, I think deep down no American soldier really wants to kill especially faced with the tough decisions like Chris Kyle was when that boy had the IED, I don’t know about you but for me that scene was unbelievable, the whole movie was.

The silence in the theatre room at the end was just incredible, the sniffles of both men and women could be heard from seat to seat and everyone left not having a word to say, just pure silence of contemplation, was it really worth it? The only way to answer that questions is with our actions my friends, they laid down their lives for freedom so we could sit on our couches to let it be taken away from us, so the answer to that question is partially up to us.

Their sacrifices will always be greatly appreciated as far as I’m concerned, their acts of valor will always live on as long as our flag  flies freely and they will always be missed tremendously.

God bless Taya and family, I am greatly sorry for their loss, but greatly admire their ability to face the harsh scrutiny of their Husband, Father, Son by sheer idiots, but we all know better, we all know that Chris Kyle was a hero and I am grateful to him, to all other soldiers those that have fallen and those that are still here and I am especially grateful to their families.


To America’s Guardians:

(Chris Kyle was an American Guardian)

Here is the poem I wrote not too long ago:

   This Poem Is Dedicated To:

(All fallen soldiers, All Veterans, All who Served, & All  who serve in the U.S. Military.) 
To America's Guardians:(Of Freedom)
By: Nathan Tune 
Copyright December 29th 2014

To those that protect the Red, White and Blue, what would America be without you?

The land of the free because of the brave, their battle cries can be heard from the grave.

Those who are here and those that have passed on, where would we be if they never would have gone?

Some just young boys marching in their first war, others old, and experienced, they had seen it before.

All come from families and homes like me and you, who leave them behind to defend the Red, White and Blue.

They are Mother’s sons, daddies and mommies, sisters and brothers fighting for the freedoms of others they have never known, the least we can do is let our thanks be shown.

To the brave men and women, both young and old, to their families at home who are so bold to share them with you and me so that we can be free.

I cannot imagine how it must feel, to constantly worry your loved one will be killed, while out at battle fighting through and through defending what’s true, the Red, White, and Blue.

God bless you, and your families too, may God bless you, for protecting, the Red, White and Blue.

Though I may not know you, we may have never met, and if you served in times gone by, I most certainly thank you for it.

If you’re just starting out, Godspeed my friend, may God be with you wherever you are led.

You have my support and others too, we thank you for wanting to defend, the Red, White, and Blue.

When the early morning dew so gently falls without a sound, I make my way to a tall poll above the ground, as the sun is just rising, I hoist her up high, there she goes in the wind she can freely fly.

I think of you and the brave ones that did die, in the name of freedom, can’t you hear their battle cries.

They were someone’s son, a smiling face someone’s beloved brother.

But now a void, a broken heart and tears shed from a mother.

Because they gave their life doing what was right in any decent human’s sight.

To leave a void, broken hearts and tears shed from a nation.

The fallen soldiers.

Not forgotten.

To those who did fall and those that did not let our thanks be known for you have given a lot.

Yes this is true, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

All my life I’ve had respect for you, and each time I see her flying so true.

I can’t help but think of the sacrifices from you, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

The colors of freedom, liberty and justice for all, one nation under God we stand proud and we stand tall.

Land of the free and home of the brave.

I hear the battle cries of those in their graves.

To the veterans and the young, active and inactive, new and old, may your story forever be told of you defending the Red, White and Blue.

Thank you.




Hey, everyone! It’s time for another Recap! I hope your week was super blessed – I know mine sure was! And now let’s take a look back at what the Lord gave me to share this week…

Nathasn copy


Monday I wrote a tribute to a:

Small Town Southern Man

Today my blog is titled this because of a very special person who was in both mine and my family’s life every since I was a little over a year old. The man I am going to talk about today has passed away and gone on to be with the Lord now, but we will take this blog post to remember a great man of God who was dedicated and committed. READ MORE….


Tuesday my mom asked about:

God’s True Love – Do You Have It?

When Nathan asked me to post today for him, I prayed and asked God what he would have me share with you. And his answer brought me to 1 John chapter 4. I encourage you to read the whole chapter, but what I want to focus on today is verse 20: READ MORE…


Wednesday I talked about how we need to:

Cry Out To JESUS!

Hello everyone! I am back today, writing on my blog again! It is getting somewhat difficult to keep up with these daily blog posts, but I am doing my best to do so! I also have to finish up my lesson for this coming Sunday class! READ MORE…


Thursday my mom shared:

Fire! Fire!

It feels awesome to be on fire for God, being in his will, and being out and about doing his business! Amen?!

Last night, Nathan and I visited a little church down the road from my house. Since the first time I passed it (right after I first moved to Texas), I knew there was something special about it. READ MORE….


Friday I asked:

Why Neglect God?

First let’s look at the definition of the word ‘neglect

“To fail to carry out an expected or required action through carelessness or by intention.” READ MORE…


Yesterday I shared on Facebook that I wasn’t posting. 

Blogging Less Often

Posting every single day has become a little too much. I will be blogging about three times a week. With so many outdoor activities and other duties I have, it is time to cut back a little on the blog. I will still be updating and adding new songs and all sorts of exciting things. I’m still praying with my best friend almost every night and God is still blessing.

I’m just working to find a way to balance all of these exciting things the Lord has placed in my path!

I pray you enjoy your day!


God bless y’all!


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It’s that time again, everyone!

Nathasn copy


Let’s dive right in to this past week’s posts so you can start catching up right away on anything you may have missed out on…


Monday, we discussed:


Today I’d like to discuss friendship: What the bible has to say about friends, what I have to say about friends, best friend scripture references, what it means to be a friend, my best friend  – and much more! READ MORE….


Tuesday, I asked:

What Do You Say?

Writing a blog every day can get to be work! So I might draw them back them in the future but don’t worry – I’ll give you a weeks notice if I’m gonna do that! Until now, I’ll continue daily. READ MORE….


Wednesday, we had a guest post all the way from the U.K.!


By Sam Donaldson


The way that we go in life is something that many of us think about all the time. What will tomorrow have in store for us? What will my future job be? The answer is much simpler that you think, and as much as we love to try and plan our lives ahead of us it never seems to go to plan! If you were asked to plan our your last year, would you have predicted everything that happened? I definitely couldn’t have! READ MORE…


Thursday, we reflected on how:

Some Gave ALL…


The title says it all! Listen up closely because I believe with everything in me that I’ve got a pretty good message for all of you today. I’d like to talk about our freedom. Think about it for a moment…. While thinking about it, don’t forget to start ‘thanking’ those who gave of themselves – because all gave some and some gave ALL. READ MORE…


Friday, I shared:

Words I Would Say


Just a little recap on my blog post “What Do You Say?”I would like to talk about some of the words that I would say during times of trouble and heartache. I know that sometimes there isn’t anything we can say – but sometimes there is. And when we have those words to say, we need not ignore the feeling to uplift the weary with them. READ MORE….


Saturday, I was at a loss of what to say and shared:

An Interview with Me, Myself, and I


I have been putting this off for quite sometime and saving this for an emergency (like today, when I am in a bit of a pinch). I know that most of you might have noticed I didn’t share my blog yesterday on Facebook! Well, believe me, I did have one written and it was published early in the morning I just didn’t get around to sharing it on my social networking sites because I got up late. READ MORE…


And that wraps up another week, folks! I hope you were blessed in some way. I appreciate each and every one of you. May you have a blessed day today!


God bless y’all!


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Time for another RECAP!! This is for all those who missed out on my previous blog posts during the week. If you just got real busy and forgot, or if work got in the way or if it just slipped by you completely – this post today is for you!

Nathasn copy

Let’s start with Monday: 

Living Water

This is the first guest post here on Nathan Tune’s blog. He is sick and not feeling up to writing today so I have written about Living Water. I pray it blesses you…. READ MORE

Onto Tuesday: 

Trust Jesus!

Hey everybody! I’m back with a great blog post today all about learning how to TRUST JESUS! Along with this post, I will be posting a video that I created for public speaker (Derek Clark) back in 2011. The video is about this song that he wrote about learning how to TRUST JESUS! So, I hope you enjoy! READ MORE

What Happened Wednesday?:

Updated On Prayers – With My Best Buddy

We made it to the 30th day mark somehow without there being any problems. I know that one day we had to message our prayers but that was really the only nigh -t and it still counted! Every other night we didn’t skip a beat and pursued our daily prayers for 30 days straight in a row. READ MORE

Thursday We Needed A: 


Take the time today to just laugh. I know things can be hard from time to time but you’ve got to look at the brighter side of the situation and just laugh. This may be hard in the beginning but you will soon find it to be much easier as you search. READ MORE

Friday Was About:

For Christian Teen!

My blog for today will be somewhat different as I am aiming towards reaching the teen followers of Christ. For Christian Teens is a website I ran across a few days ago that was created by two Christian teens from England! That’s right – the United Kingdom! It’s an amazing website and you should go have a look. You won’t be sorry! READ MORE

Saturday We Was Asked:

What Would Jesus Do?

That’s right! Yesterday I was looking at my published posts and it said I had 59! That means that today is my 60th post!!!! I can’t believe that! My best friend and I started praying together 60 days ago as well, though, we haven’t made 60 days straight we have continued praying when we can. READ MORE

Well I hope that you enjoyed today’s recap! I know life can get busy sometimes and some of y’all might miss out on my daily blog posts that’s why I decided to make these weekly RECAPS on Sunday maybe people would have time to look at them and catch up!

God bless!


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Today is Sunday, people, and that means RECAP time!

Nathasn copy


I know life is busy and time gets away from us so let’s check out the past week’s…


Previous Posts

Monday we asked that:

God, Hear The Children

I am starting off another week with the same thought on my mind. I guess I can’t help but think about this subject due to experience in my life and the fact that I’ve been raised in a family that has always been reaching out to others. READ MORE….


Tuesday we learned how to:

Make An Impression!

They always say first impressions are important. What kind of first impression would you say that you make on a person – a good one or a bad one? Or even worse, a boring one? READ MORE


Wednesday I shared:

When I Fell In Love With Texas!

This is the shortest title that I could get for this subject! It’s not only going to talk about when I fell in love with Texas but it will also talk about my acting and learning experience in Dallas, Texas at KD College – because that is where my first visit ever in Texas took place. It was then that I knew it was just right. READ MORE….


Thursday we discovered:

The Body Of Christ – WE ARE THE BODY!

I believe I have talked about this many times before, but perhaps some of you were busy that day and missed it and even if you went back and found it with my weekly RECAPS then that’s great! But I’m telling it again, not in the same way. I will be explaining it in a different way though how we are all the body of Christ. READ MORE


Friday we peeked in on:

My Daily Walks!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I updated you on my daily walks. Well, they haven’t been so much daily as they are supposed to be. With the weather being as cold as it is and with it pretty much always raining here in Texas, I miss out on some days! I started my walking back the 18th and then the 20th it was supposed to be raining throughout the day so I didn’t go, but I did still have some form of exercise! READ MORE….


Saturday we visited:

The Healing Stream!

There’s this song my grandma has always sung throughout the years and it’s called Healing Stream. It’s a wonderful song and I’ve always liked it very much. Both my grandparents have sung it for years and I think it’s going to be needing to be making a come back soon – let’s go to the healing stream! READ MORE


I hope y’all enjoyed catching up on what I shared this week. And I pray you were blessed by taking a dip in the Healing Stream!

God bless y’all!


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Time for another RECAP!! This is for all those who missed out on my previous blog posts during the week. If you just got real busy and forgot, or if work got in the way or if it just slipped by you completely – this post today is for you!


Nathasn copy


Let’s get started beginning with Monday:

If Nobody Believed In You

What if God quit trying? He just turned away, there were tear drops on his face? Tell me how would you feel? You’d probably give up too –  if nobody believed in you. READ MORE


Here’s Tuesday’s:

Everything Is Not As It Seems

Today I’d like to talk to you about NOT  judging a book by it’s cover. So many times when we see someone by the way they are dressed or how they look, where they are or based upon their actions we tend to first off think of the worst thing about them that we can, but why? I know that in today’s society, most times, our assumptions may be true. READ MORE


Wednesday we prayed: 

God Protect The Children

Today I want to blog about all the hurt, brokenhearted children… the ones in pain, the ones without parents, the ones that have no one, the ones that struggle each day, the ones that sometimes miss meals – sometimes maybe even for days. READ MORE


Thursday we learned to:


Happy Valentines day, everyone! You know, I’m gonna speak of a different kind of love today – the kind of love that Jesus gave us to follow as an example. READ MORE


Friday was a: 


I have never been able to get one over on my grandma. I can plan and plan and be as secretive as I possibly can – but still she finds out what is going on! Not a coincidence, though, when you live in the same house with her. READ MORE


Saturday was an: 


Everyone always says I’m inspirational and sometimes motivational. Well, truth be known sometimes it’s hard to find motivation or inspiration to write these here blog posts! READ MORE

God bless y’all!


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Nathasn copy

It’s recap time again, everyone! I’ve decided that every Sunday will be dedicated to RECAPS! For those who might have missed one of my blog posts throughout the week (In case somebody got busy with work or something and couldn’t get to my blog post or if it just slipped their mind….) Let’s get to it then!

Previous Posts

Monday we talked about: 

Breakfast Quiche, Holy Peace!

Weird title for today’s blog post, isn’t it? I made a quiche for breakfast yesterday and I wanted to talk about that today! And how I made it. What I like to do is take some chopped-up onions and peppers, add some broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, summer squash and zucchini. READ MORE


Tuesday was all: 

God’s Business!

You know those moments where you just feel so bad? Yeah, those moments where it feels as if the whole sky is crashing down on your head – and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it and you can’t seem to get out from underneath the rubble. READ MORE


Wednesday I had: 

Missed Some Prayers – With My Best Buddy

So it isn’t much of a surprise to me that after reaching our 30th of prayer the day after that we weren’t able to make it together! Why? Ok, it was quite very surprising to me! It makes me wonder how we both made it together for 30 days straight without any difficulty. READ MORE


Thursday we learned to: 

Sing When Life Get’s You Down!

A good friend of mine from Missouri used to tell me when I was discouraged to SING – sing praises and glorify God! I have never forgotten that and it wasn’t until now – this very moment – that the thought occurred to me that it wasn’t long after he told me to sing, I started writing my own songs! READ MORE


Friday I told you about: 

Our 1988 Prevost

This is the story of our 1988 Prevost and how it came to be! Let’s begin with describing the photo below. The white 1988 Prevost is our bus we got back in 2011 and the 1981 Eagle is the Heartfelt’s bus (Heartfelt a group of gospel singers). READ MORE


Saturday we realized: 

It’s Almost Spring!

Good day people! I’d like to talk to you about the changes of leaving winter and entering into spring, it’s like our daily lives now isn’t it? How when we are in a struggle, our struggles and trials feel like our winters, but don’t fret! It’s almost spring! READ MORE

Hope you enjoyed today’s recap. Thanks to everyone for following me!

God bless y’all!




Hey everybody! So today I’m not really gonna write much of a blog I’m just gonna link back to what I’ve talked about in the past week and discuss those things some more.

Nathasn copy

We talked about how to:



I’ve talked about how you should journey slow, take your time, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation – which is all over the place. Everywhere you look you can see his glory, in every aspect of nature. But if you turn to the world, as in the cities or countries, you don’t see much of God’s glory in most of the people… READ MORE



Today I would like to talk more about stepping up to the plate and taking action! Not just talk and pray about it but really take action to go along with the teachings that you receive from your Sunday church studies. I follow this artist named Josh Wilson… READ MORE



I know there are times when people will try to push you against the wall. They’ll even knock you to the ground! But here’s where the going gets rough, which means – you’ve got to get TOUGH! I like to take this song and use it while saying this message to those who are discouraged or feel like they are at a loss… READ MORE



In this day and time I know for many Christians, it is often easy for us to become saddened, depressed, discouraged, emotionally, physically, mentally and just spiritually drained. But here is where the good comes in, because think for one second if you will… READ MORE



Today I’d like to talk to you about caring, sharing, and of course BEING A LIGHT! I believe that you can never talk too much about being a witness and an example for God because the bible says that he doesn’t just want us to go out and witness to others, he want’s us to BE a witness! READ MORE



Today I’d like to talk to you about LYING! And what it means these days to people “Keeping Their Word” and what it used to mean… READ MORE



Today I’d like to discuss with you about life being simple. It’s quite simple really, not that hard to follow through with and even though you can’t see simplicity, you can still touch it… READ MORE



What else does it mean to be strong? Where does true, real, pure and whole complete strength come from? It’s SIMPLE  If you have joy, you then have strength, but what joy do you have? The Lord’s joy! If you have his joy deep within your soul then let me tell you people his strength will flow within you and you’ll be spiritually uplifted and no devil in hell can get you down! READ MORE


It’s been awhile since I updated you on my daily prayers with my best buddy. Well, we’ve been continuing on with that – no matter what has happened in our lives! Despite the fact that we are miles away from each other and have totally different schedules… READ MORE


When you have been praying with your best friend for 30 days straight, the subject isn’t something you can get off your mind so easily – I know I can’t! My best buddy and I both believe that last night’s 30th day of prayer is not the end to something great, but that it is just the beginning to something truly wonderful and magnificent in the eyes of God… READ MORE

Just in case any of y’all missed these blog posts, here is a quick and easy way to find them and read up on them! I forgot to mention that mine and Cameron’s 30th day of prayer was not only that – but also my 30th blog post! I started blogging the same day he decided he wanted to call for prayer. AMAZING! That goes for both the daily prayers and the blogs!

I hope you’ve been enjoying them!

Have a blessed Sunday!


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