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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)



Hello again, neighbors, friends, brothers, sisters, ladies, gentlemen, webianites, internetonians, people across the land, sea, and world.

I am here to talk with you today about one thing, who knows though, my mind can quickly move from one thing to another just like that (you don’t know it but it just did) but no worries because I’ll work hard to stay on topic, maybe.

Winston Churchill not an uncommon name as far as people actually knowing that name I mean, not a man that isn’t famously recognized across the world, because he is, and if anyone knew more about taking a stand on something it most certainly was him.

He was a powerful man in strength, integrity, boldness, guts, faith, patriotism of his country, and in determination to stand against the evil of his time, he wasn’t afraid of these things, he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

As matter of fact, he embraced it, he was a man that gave people hope, he was a leader. Back then we actually had those, today though I bet if Churchill said even a small fraction of what he did back then, he would be labeled a hater probably even put in jail for ‘racism’ and so much more, our world has come a long ways.

Good things and bad things, where we have failed in one area, we’ve learned to make up in another. However, we also can’t seem to break ourselves from making the same mistakes over and over again, we need to realize that we can’t allow history to repeat itself and sadly it already has a lot, people swore they would never let this happen again, but sadly that generation is dying off and there isn’t enough smart enough to care.

Or is there? Perhaps there is, actually I believe there is. 

The only problem however, is that those who actually care, don’t seem to care enough. They understand the problems very well, they know what is going on in the darkened world and they just don’t know what to do, or perhaps they are afraid? Is that it?

Yes, that could be… These are dark times that we are living in and I’m afraid if we don’t do something now, we will indeed repeat history, we may very well be on the brink of WWIII but horribly enough; hardly anyone is paying any attention to the signs, hardly anyone is standing up.

Churchill once said:

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. – Winston Churchill

People these days are weak, and I know I am at guilt myself at times, but we must understand. If we don’t stand, who will? I know that we often think it won’t really matter, people won’t listen, ‘they’ll think I’m crazy’ ‘they’ll make fun of me’ ‘they won’t be my friend anymore’ ‘I’ll have enemies’ what then?

Well, I guess then you have enemies, but if the cause is great enough, deep down no matter what you will know, you will know to keep moving forward because you will realize how much it matters that you do.

I didn’t intend to get off into this subject, but now that I am here, let me find some way to conclude my thoughts on the matter so we can move along.


I will leave you with this quote on the matter.

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” – Gordon A. Eadie

It seems that has what is slowly, possibly more rapidly each day in our society, our world is filled with this almost ‘universal’ belief that all beliefs are equal and that they qualify to be as much truth as anything else, and with time that will destroy everything that we as a society stand for.

Because without truth, then nothing really matters anymore does it? Well actually I seem to be getting somewhat off the subject again. Maybe not.

Without truth then there is no longer a reason to ‘take a stand’ because there is nothing to stand for because we have at that point fallen for the outright lie that all things mean the same thing, all religions are equal (including satanist, which just isn’t true) all things are the same.

By that point we might as well be living in ‘The Giver’ now that movie was something else, it sure made you appreciate life more, because personally, I believe it showed us all the things may take for granted in our every day lives.

And when we lose the ability to stand up for the most important things, all else will fall behind, we have to continuously make a stand my friends, a bold stand a strong stand.

We cannot let ourselves be moved from that stand either, because there is meaning and value in what we believe, as Christians we cannot let our faith be crushed and destroyed having to watch it crumble before us like it was nothing, because it is something we cannot give up the fight and as Americans we cannot let our patriotism be burned out of us.

It’s important that even if our ‘leaders’ don’t believe in anything, we must. Because if one thing is for certain it’s this, America isn’t our Government, America is the people.

Because when tables really get turned over, American’s true pure patriotic Americans, know how to rise to the occasion, and that is why I’m proud to be an American.

The Government never has defined us as a people, it cannot, because we are so diverse. The people define America, the people is what makes America great.

And I encourage you, as Christians, as Americans, to stand with me, to stand strong, preach truth. Spread truth.

Stand with Israel and show them support in prayer and everything you can do to show them that even if our leaders don’t, WE DO.

Until next time my friends.


A Daily Blog Post…


I am writing to you today to inform you that I will be blogging more frequently than I have in the past months…

DSC_0236 copy

The reason for that is, is because it appears that the hard drive is completely full on the computer I do all my audio work, media and radio show work on, so all my audio ministry projects, videos, recordings, radio shows, dramas pictures, pretty much everything that I normally do will be postponed for quite sometime until I get this settled.

By purchasing an external hard drive, now this  will take me some time to get funds to do this, so I apologize in advanced for anyone that has been keeping up with me,  I do enjoy all the dozens of things I work on putting out there, and as most everyone know, I don’t constantly ask for donations.

And when I do, I make an effort to try and at least offer you something for your contribution to my ministry, the recent thing I have accomplished is the pilot episode of my very first official audio drama “Building A Kingdom”

It is available for Digital Download.

Those of you that do make that contribution, I am ever so grateful, may God bless you greatly.

If you would like to support “Tune Productions” to help me begin producing more media material soon, you can do so by clicking below.


100% of your donations to Tune Productions will go towards this effort and towards “Building A Kingdom”  if you are not able to donate at this time or at all, that is completely understandable your prayers would be greatly appreciated and just helping spread the word about what I’m trying do.

My mission is to bring more wholesome entertainment to families around the world, through audio drama stories, eventually television and movies as well.


“Because Family Values Matter.”

If family values matter to you and you would like to help this effort, feel free to do so by donation, prayer, or just sharing the word.

Until next time…


In Memory Of – Chief Chris Kyle


Greetings my fellow Americans/Texans, today I have a word for you…

Chris Kyle

Today I will be sharing with y’all a poem that came to me late during one night when I was having trouble sleeping back in the year of 2014…

About a week ago I went with my uncle to see possibly one of the most talked about movies this year so far, breaking blockbuster records at $248.9 million (something to stir up the liberals feeble emotions that’s for sure)
To take a moment to talk about the film, rather the man in the film.

I have not known much about this man, I remember hearing of his death Feb 2nd 2013 and I was very upset to hear that because I have a great love, care and respect for the people that lay down their lives for our country, the people that make such sacrifices. I hadn’t heard much about his story until now though, and while he wasn’t killed during duty it still saddens me greatly to see him go much too soon, and at the hands of someone he was trying to help.

(Chris Kyle born April 8th 1974 was killed February 2nd 2013 while trying to help a young Marine)

The movie was incredible, tear jerking for me personally and very hard to watch, what the men do to protect the Red, White and Blue isn’t something that we should take for granted.

These are lives, these are souls, these are Patriots that care about their country and they care about people they’ve never even met.

They lay down everything for a stranger, many times to be spit on by them, called horrific disgraceful hateful names, they don’t want to kill, I think deep down no American soldier really wants to kill especially faced with the tough decisions like Chris Kyle was when that boy had the IED, I don’t know about you but for me that scene was unbelievable, the whole movie was.

The silence in the theatre room at the end was just incredible, the sniffles of both men and women could be heard from seat to seat and everyone left not having a word to say, just pure silence of contemplation, was it really worth it? The only way to answer that questions is with our actions my friends, they laid down their lives for freedom so we could sit on our couches to let it be taken away from us, so the answer to that question is partially up to us.

Their sacrifices will always be greatly appreciated as far as I’m concerned, their acts of valor will always live on as long as our flag  flies freely and they will always be missed tremendously.

God bless Taya and family, I am greatly sorry for their loss, but greatly admire their ability to face the harsh scrutiny of their Husband, Father, Son by sheer idiots, but we all know better, we all know that Chris Kyle was a hero and I am grateful to him, to all other soldiers those that have fallen and those that are still here and I am especially grateful to their families.


To America’s Guardians:

(Chris Kyle was an American Guardian)

Here is the poem I wrote not too long ago:

   This Poem Is Dedicated To:

(All fallen soldiers, All Veterans, All who Served, & All  who serve in the U.S. Military.) 
To America's Guardians:(Of Freedom)
By: Nathan Tune 
Copyright December 29th 2014

To those that protect the Red, White and Blue, what would America be without you?

The land of the free because of the brave, their battle cries can be heard from the grave.

Those who are here and those that have passed on, where would we be if they never would have gone?

Some just young boys marching in their first war, others old, and experienced, they had seen it before.

All come from families and homes like me and you, who leave them behind to defend the Red, White and Blue.

They are Mother’s sons, daddies and mommies, sisters and brothers fighting for the freedoms of others they have never known, the least we can do is let our thanks be shown.

To the brave men and women, both young and old, to their families at home who are so bold to share them with you and me so that we can be free.

I cannot imagine how it must feel, to constantly worry your loved one will be killed, while out at battle fighting through and through defending what’s true, the Red, White, and Blue.

God bless you, and your families too, may God bless you, for protecting, the Red, White and Blue.

Though I may not know you, we may have never met, and if you served in times gone by, I most certainly thank you for it.

If you’re just starting out, Godspeed my friend, may God be with you wherever you are led.

You have my support and others too, we thank you for wanting to defend, the Red, White, and Blue.

When the early morning dew so gently falls without a sound, I make my way to a tall poll above the ground, as the sun is just rising, I hoist her up high, there she goes in the wind she can freely fly.

I think of you and the brave ones that did die, in the name of freedom, can’t you hear their battle cries.

They were someone’s son, a smiling face someone’s beloved brother.

But now a void, a broken heart and tears shed from a mother.

Because they gave their life doing what was right in any decent human’s sight.

To leave a void, broken hearts and tears shed from a nation.

The fallen soldiers.

Not forgotten.

To those who did fall and those that did not let our thanks be known for you have given a lot.

Yes this is true, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

All my life I’ve had respect for you, and each time I see her flying so true.

I can’t help but think of the sacrifices from you, while defending the Red, White and Blue.

The colors of freedom, liberty and justice for all, one nation under God we stand proud and we stand tall.

Land of the free and home of the brave.

I hear the battle cries of those in their graves.

To the veterans and the young, active and inactive, new and old, may your story forever be told of you defending the Red, White and Blue.

Thank you.


ALERT – U.S. History


On this day in U.S. History….


I have shared a photo of this flag before and I bring it to your remembrance once again, you see this flag was raised at Prospect Hill at early one cold winter morning at the beginning of this New Year 1776, a year of Revolution!

The Grand Union Flag, A flag of great significance that is hardly recognized today as a part of American History, who knows maybe it is, but most people I show it to have no idea that this flag has anything to do with America and they become very offended to see either of the flags of the two countries (The U.K. & The U.S.) defaced in such a way with the Union Jack in place of our Stars.

However the fact of the matter is, this flag is indeed the flag our Founding Fathers used at the beginning of this great nation, it is the flag of the early Revolution, it is the flag that was flown on July 4th 1776 (Independence Day) it is a magnificent historical piece that I am proud to own and fly on this very historical day in U.S. History.

If you would like to own a Grand Union Flag of your own you can do so by clicking the picture below:

Thank you for reading, once again Happy New Year & God bless!

Shalom –

Happy New Year! 2015


WOW, 2015 already, it just amazes me!

DW 2015

(Only Whovians will understand the photo) 

Doesn’t it you? Time, time is something that is here, yet it isn’t, one minute something is one way and the next minute things are completely different.

It always amazes me how time changes things, the way it shapes people’s lives, how it pushes us to move on, because the reality is when one life ends, life itself keeps on going.

I have seen many things happen this past year of 2014 starting early on in February when my grandpa had his first heart attack of the year, to May 17th the day my mom announced she was taking back the man my grandparents worked so hard to help her get away from.

To meeting my friends across the seas, In the U.K. and Australia from across the states to Wisconsin, California, Indiana, and the list could probably go on, even in Canada, so many people that I was able to meet and become friends with through the internet this year that certainly has made a good impact in my life as they are all remarkable and unique.

In October I met (the now new Governor of Texas) AG Greg Abbott who was out campaigning  for Governor at the time at a meet and greet in Tyler Texas! That’s not all, I also was able to meet the one and only Chuck Norris! Now, Chuck Norris is someone that I have always admired since I was a little kid, being able to meet him in person was absolutely amazing.

Yes, looking back I now realize that there have been both good and bad events of chaos in this year especially when you get down to the nitty gritty, but isn’t that the way all years are? Yet you don’t necessarily ever know what a year may bring, you can never in a million years guess that out of heartache God will bring bliss and outright miracles into your life.


Yes, I said MIRACLES, I am a strong believer in “Miracles” because I have seen many of them placed upon mine and my family life throughout the years, if it wasn’t for God’s grace his sheer blessings and outright miracles in our life I don’t know where we would be today, of course it did take much action on our part, we had to be faithful, we had to believe, we had to stand still and let God move.

And when you put your life into God’s hands, what better place is there for it to be? When you rest assured in the assurance of his sufficient grace, that is when you will be able to conquer all that is thrown your way, I am ready for 2015, I know it will be a year that will most likely be filled with much adventure, trials, heartache, joy, peace, love,  forgiveness, and miracles.

They are all around us, Miracles, that is, both big and small, we just have to be willing to look for them.

When we can do that, THAT is when we will begin to see the bigger picture, I am still a very strong believer that everything happens for a reason and for a purpose, a good reason and a good purpose, sometimes it may become hard to understand what that purpose and reason really is and as matter of fact, we may never actually know in this life time, but all we can do is trust God that in the end it’ll all work out.

Embrace 2015!

Welcome this year with open arms my friends, be not afraid, be bold, be courageous, share the truth in love with BOLDNESS. It CAN be done, I have seen it, I have done it.

Make this a year that counts for something, quit loving people into hell and actually love them with a real love, they may not always listen, they may not always agree with you but that’s fine it’s not about what they think it’s about what YOU do.


It is our individual choices the way WE live OUR lives that MAKE the difference.  – Glenn Beck


Again, I don’t know if that actually is a GB quote but that’s where I heard it from, and it’s true my friends, we are responsible and accountable to God for our own actions, we must share the gospel in truth with love and BOLDNESS.

My aim for this year is to do this myself and encourage others to do this as well, to share:


  As I have said many, many, MANY times it CAN be done, WE just have to DO it.


 Shalom –

ALERT – U.S. History


Well it’s time for a little U.S. History lesson about America’s flag!

December 3rd
On this day, December 3rd 2014 marks the very first day the very first (unofficial) flag of our country was flown. The flag of the colonists, with the Union Jack placed initially where the stars are placed today. It does however have the same 13 stripes representing the 13 colonies.

This marks a very unique and sadly much overlooked day in U.S. History, I seem to find the American flag a fascinating thing, and it gives me great joy to be able to display this lovely piece of history in my front yard today, in remembrance of the very first day it was ever flown 239 years ago.

Many people are actually unaware it was ever an American flag at all!

And to be honest, when I first seen it, I had no idea what it was either. But with a little research I quickly fell in love with it! Some people get mad seeing the British flag in the place of our stars, but that is indeed the flag our country used at one time and it was at one point an American flag. Unofficially that is.

It is actually the first flag that was flown into the Revolution and it is the flag for July 4th 1776, that is the date it was named the unofficial flag of our young nation. Making it in essence, (unofficially) our Nation’s  first flag.

That being said, if you plan on making a correct 1776 history play, do use the genuine flag that they would have used, because it wasn’t until 1777 that the Betsy Ross flag was introduced and adopted as our official flag.

June 14th 1777 (Flag Day)  to be exact!

I hope you have enjoyed this brief U.S. History lesson, and who knows; perhaps I’ll be giving one again soon!

You can get your very own “Annin”  Grand Union Flag (the very best!) for displaying, simply by clicking the image below:

Until next time…




Good tidings to you my dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!

Ahhh… Yes, time to break out the old “CHANGE” Image again!

Well, today I want to talk to you about some of the new directions I plan on taking my radio show, this website and whatever else I can think of to fill the gaps in this post. Let’s start with the new direction for “Tune Radio”

As you can see (If you even checked, you little lazies!) I have updated the “Tune Radio Page” I have also made a separate youtube channel completely dedicated to Tune Radio, I may just be sharing shows through that account for quite awhile like I already have been doing, because my digital radio dj/broadcaster will not work for me anymore like it once did and I now have no other way to share my radio show but youtube.

So if you haven’t already  – go SUBSCRIBE!

Next let’s discuss…

The Website:

From now on I will be dedication a lot more time to working on building up my website. Now, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting on other social media pages anymore, it just means I will be using social media pages to direct more traffic to my website because I’ve had this blasted thing for two years now and there are still some people that aren’t even aware I have one!

How do you like the new look by the way? I myself LOVE it but hey, I’m “supposed” to LOVE it! I made the darn thing! I bet some of you are reading and are thinking right now, “Well, this kid’s on a sugar high” Nah! I’m just excited about all the things I have “planned”.

QUICK! Think! Why did I put quotation marks around “planned” like that? Because I am one that believes everything always goes according to plan! Even if it doesn’t go according to MY plan, then I KNOW it had to of gone according to GOD’S plan because I always try to be in his perfect will.


I am going to try to write and share more blog posts, It’s one thing I love doing; however with writing and planning shows for “The Nathan Tune Show” that takes up a lot of time as it is and I have to manage things better and sacrifice some things for the good of something else.

With that being said blog posts will most likely continue as they have been, but who knows, I’ll try to write something short every chance I get!


This Christmas I will be premiering my very first ever audio drama!


Preview Below:

I have ALWAYS – LOVED audio drama’s! It makes me so happy to announce this story I created on my own and having acted all the voices as well! I CANNOT wait to share it with you!

Remember, this premieres December 23rd of this year!

It will be available to listen to on youtube for FREE – but if you wish to support this drama and others like it in the near future, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for whatever you can give! As someone once said…

Even the smallest pebble, can make a ripple; In the pool of life.

Well, that is about it for now! OH! I almost forgot – (ALMOST)

I will be taking a one week break from “The Nathan Tune Show” meaning I will come back on December 9th 2014.

Thank you for all who read and until next time…




Good day everyone, whatever time it is, wherever you and whoever you are I’d like to personally welcome you to my blog post for today and lets just get started with it right away then why don’t we? How was yesterday’s blog post? It was one of my favorites to ever write and my Australian mate’s enjoyed it very much and thanked me. However today I am going to be writing on a different note, more a spiritual writing for today.


Now as you know somethings have been going on with me and my family, we have been hurt, taken advantage of, lied to, mocked, laughed at, ridiculed and people just keep throwing those stumbling blocks, but we’re determined to turn them over and make them stepping stones and we just gotta keep right on trucking for Jesus Christ right? Because the world is already such a dark place and if we give in and let the devil blow out our light then it’ll just be that much darker in this cold, cruel wicked world. And that won’t be doing much help then now will it? No my friends it most certainly will NOT. That is why at some point in our day to day struggles and trials we have to come to the realization that we are FREE we are free from all those worries, those pains, those heartaches and those lies people told us. We are most definitely free from carrying those burdens.

When was it that I came to the realization that I am free? Yesterday I wrote about my two new Aussie mate’s, well I was talking with T’Bird one night and was telling him things going on with my mom and everything else and he was just encouraging me and everything and then after not long he had began to pray for me and I thanked him for that and told him that God will surely bless him and he was just happy to be a friend.    I went on to bed but woke straight up moments later with a deep peace and very calming realization that I am FREE, free indeed. I have came to realize though these things may upset us from time to time, they may get really hard to deal with. They may make us want to jump up and down on somebody’s head or slap some people around. We have to learn that we gotta be willing to LET LOOSE and Let GOD. Let God have his way in the situation, he’s already gone before us and he knows just where we are and just what we need.


We have got to come to that ever so blissful realization that we are FREE, the moment Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave we were on that very moment instantly free of shackles of heartache, pain, addictions, sicknesses, anger,hate, jealously, worry, sadness, mischief, all the burdens, the troubles, the fears, tears and horrendous years of the past we became free and we as his children have to start living like we’re free and when we come to that ever so peaceful realization our perspective on things will change. Sure things will still bother us, we are only human, but we aren’t going to let them get to us like they used to.

We aren’t going to let things dig at our skin until we bleed out from worry. We aren’t gonna let our heart be troubled because deep down we know that no matter what happens in our life, no matter how hot the fire may get or how high the water rises, how much the earth quakes and shakes or how strong the wind gets we know that we know God and if we know God we know we are set FREE through the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Do you know tonight, today, this evening, this morning, this afternoon. Do you know that you are free? You are free indeed, saved by his amazing grace, through Jesus Christ, alone? Think about that. You’ve been set free, redeemed and ridden of all your burdens the moment that you come to Christ.

With the 4th Of July coming up (Independence Day) I thought this was a great time to get this out and a great time to come to such a fantastic realization, no? Well we know that in America we are free, however our freedoms are being taking away from us almost on a daily basis and rapidly faster and faster with each passing moment it’s quite sad. Especially all those who lost their lives for that freedom. They may be able to take away our liberty in America, which won’t happen without a fight. So many people are just allowing this to happen it’s ridiculous. But one thing is for sure! They can NEVER take away the freedom that is given to us by the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for reading today God bless.


CRIKEY! Clean Christian Comedy!



Interesting title for me to choose now isn’t it? Yes, it is indeed. And let me just explain to you why it is that I’ve chosen to title this blog post as such, I recently wrote a blog post titled “The ‘GAG’ Order” and in that blog post I mentioned my two new amazing mate’s from Australia, I also happened to mention I would talk about them later and this is now later!


How did I ever in my life come upon these crazy Christian guys literally all the way across the world from me? I really have no idea myself. It was late one Thursday night and I had decided to search youtube from some “Clean Christian Comedy” which I had done a gazillion times however this time something different showed up, it was these two crazy guys sitting in a room with a stick horse, I thought well.. That looks rather weird HA! So, I went ahead and clicked on the link and was like… “What on earth?” I continued watching and soon discovered these guys were absolutely crazy then more than that I discovered they were very strong in their Christian faith with a very close relationship to their Father in heaven and a very great love for him and those around them. I discovered they have a very special ability to make be so ridiculously insane while being able to get the bold truth of God’s message out at the same time. Who was it I discovered?


These awesome mate’s and brothers in Christ right here, Thomas (T’Bird) to the left of the photo and Isaac (Indy) to the right:

Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 11.06.41 AM 2

I discovered that they are both very kind, very considerate, very very funny, crazy and easy going down to earth people. I discovered that even though they can be a gazillion miles away and literally all the way across the world from me that they can feel just as close to here as anyone else because I discovered that is what the body of Christ is, it doesn’t matter where we live, what part of the world we live in whether we live in a shack or a nice brick home we that follow Jesus Christ and serve him with such love and heart as TBIRD & Indy are all part of this great big body that is the body of the Christ.

We all have many different talents and different places in the world that God wants us to be but we come and find that nevertheless we are still his body, we are still the body of Christ it doesn’t matter what color someone is, it doesn’t make not a single different to God he is NO respecter of persons. And though I live in this great state of Texas and TBIRD and Indy live literally all the way across the world down under we are connected to each other in a wonderful way by the blood of Jesus Christ we are brothers in the family of God and I am greatly excited to be able to share with you these crazy mate’s I’ve discovered.

T’Bird and Indy fist fighting in a recent video:

Tbird Indy

I have discovered that they are just real, TBIRD has an obsession with pink donuts he claims that they are powerful and majestic, while Indy prefers chocolate donuts, it is extremely amusing to watch these two and all the videos I’ve seen have been both comedic with a chunk of the Gospel truth in there as well, they aren’t afraid to face controversy when they state a bold truth, the fact that controversy might arise does not hinder them one bit from telling it like it is, they are not just a comedy page they touch on some very sensitive issues from time to time and aren’t afraid to take some heat, they defend the truth and take a bold stand for Jesus and I commend them for that. They have been a great help to so many it’s amazing really, and they continue doing all that they do, they have blessed me and I hope they bless you as well.

I hope you find out that they are just as real as you and me in need of a savior, people that aren’t perfect but do their best to strive for what God would have them do and be who God would have them to be. I hope you find that they are kind, caring loving and considerate as I have written about in my blog post today. I hope you find that they are just awesome mate’s and brothers in Christ that love to laugh and love God. I hope you find that they are two crazy (in a good way) Aussies that are down to earth and no different than most of the world. I hope you find that they love God.

Thank you for reading today may God bless you and keep an eye out for another blog post I will be putting out tomorrow morning.

If you would like to give them some love on Facebook and their Youtube then you can do so by clicking here and here.

Shabbat Shalom!


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The ‘GAG’ Order…


Hello there friends, I know that the beginning of this blog post may seem quite different than any other one that I have ever written. It is that is most definitely true, but let me just explain and jump right on into this then why don’t we? You all know how awhile back I wrote a blog post asking prayer for my mother and my family. Whoever read it yes, you know. I appreciate all the prayers from across the world that I am receiving. From my two amazing new ‘mate’s’ and brothers in Christ in Australia (I’ll talk about them later) to people all over the country.


Onto the rest of my story… Well before I had written that blog post I did something that both I and my grandma have received much criticism for but you know what? I don’t care, and I’m don’t one bit feel guilty or bad about what I’ve done. You know? Because It’s true, I am disgusted and the things that have been going on with my mom and in my family makes me disgusted and it makes me GAG, it makes both me and my grandmother gag. I don’t believe this hurts my ministry one bit, people say “WWJD” they need to ask that to themselves the next time they’re in the bars getting drunk before church on Sunday morning, they need to ask that to themselves when they’re out singing at the honkytonks, Jesus wouldn’t be doing that, THAT’S FOR SURE. I find it SO amusing how LOVE LOVE LOVE “NON-JUDGY” Christians can become so judgy to others when they state truth or just state the biblical scripture. It’s ridiculous.

I’m pulling the “I’m Only Human” card on this one and I believe I have every right to be upset, disgusted and YES even post a long comment on my mom’s facebook with a pic of my grandmother and I gagging, I have EVERY right. Let’s get to that now then why don’t? I am going to edit a bit of this so I take out people’s names I used so they won’t be shared on this wide range of publicity but I will leave the majority of what I said in there and it’s the TRUTH and it’s how I have felt over the matter, my mom getting back into these people’s lives has disgusted me, not only that it’s made me sick. Especially after everything she once said when she returned to us back in 2012, anyone that has kept up with me remembers everything. Because this is one thing I have shared with everyone, I myself don’t believe a Minister is to have a personal life I believe it is good for him to be completely open and honest and that is what I’m being. It tells you that a person is real and nobody’s perfect.

All we can do is try our best, love God, deliver his truth to a cold dark wicked world and keep trucking on for Jesus no matter what this evil place throws at us. I’ve witnessed enough at my young age and been through enough that I don’t care what people say anymore, the way I look at it is if they have anything NEGATIVE to say then that’s THEIR problem NOT mine. And I don’t care because for the most part their ‘opinion’ doesn’t matter to me. They think they’re crushing, they think they are breaking us down with their words.

Sitting there waiting for us to fall and fail just like the devil, but they don’t realize is every stumbling block they throw our way we turn it over and make it a stepping stone HALLELUJAH!!! Some people think I’m crazy, that’s fine. If you aren’t crazy then your’e the one that happens to have a problem pal, not me. Because without crazy HUMAN people in this world, it would be such a boring place… Finally onto what I wanted to share most this morning.

I wrote this on my mother’s facebook page with a picture of me and my grandma that I no longer happen to have but I do not feel bad or happy about what I had to say I believe it was what I needed to say and do, I believe it is the truth and if anything I still feel disgusted.


“My my my look at how things change “I ain’t NEVER gonna have anything to do with them people ever again” you said… You blocked em and wanted em out of your life cuz that was the past….

So much for that, you’re all double minded and unstable in all your ways and you better all watch out cuz you can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time but sooner or later Gods gonna cut you down, yeah sooner or later Gods gonna cut you down.

Said you’d never have anything to do with those reprobates again, here you go right back to them again.. 

What is that the scripture says?

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly. 

(Proverbs 26:11 KJV)

It is just awful and a huge disappointment, I was rather proud of you, you were making something of yourself but I can guarantee you that you take this path again you will fall terribly and nobody’s coming to pick you up this time… 

You can all say whatever it is you want but here’s what I have to think about all of it… Know that God is still God he’s the God over mexico that dropped the wicked mexicans dead and God is just and upon this rock Is my foundation and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail… 

Go tell that long tongue liar,
go and tell that midnight rider,
tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter, tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down.

Tell em that Gods gonna cut em down.. 

You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time but sooner or later God’ll cut you down, yeah sooner or later God’ll cut you down.”


Now first off you have to know the situation which you couldn’t ever even begin to comprehend the things my family and I have endured to bring both my grandma and me to that point of gagging in public but that’s where we are and I don’t feel bad about it one bit I feel disgusted things are the way they are. That is all I said friends, along with the pic of us gagging, and we have received so much criticism for that. It’s ridiculous these people believe they’re perfect but they’ll soon find out they aren’t. I believe in truth I believe we all ought to try and be everything we can be for God and be as perfect as possible but I don’t for one second believe that I myself am perfect and I don’t believe anyone of us is except for Jesus Christ.

I shared what I said with many of my friends, they see nothing wrong with it, and they are very loving Christians that love God with all their heart and are great people. They are real, not some stepford Christian that lives in a world of all positivity and sunshine. They live in the real world with real Christianity where things may get negative from time to time but they remember the comforting words of Jesus Christ and pull right on through. This will cause another uproar in my family and probably among some of you reading, but again. I don’t care, I’m doing what I feel is right, I’m doing what I feel I need to do at this time and I’ve done so with much thought and finally decided to take this time, so go ahead, criticize me. I don’t care. That’s why I want to be an Actor, that’s why I want to be in the entertainment business using my talents for the Lord, because I’ve seen some of the most awful things said to my family and had awful things come my way from relatives that I got over and If some bystander hollywood reporter thinks that he or she is gonna get the best of me. Let em try cuz my own relatives couldn’t break me I never cared about the criticism they’ve given and I sure don’t care about what some stranger say.

This whole incident caused my mother to block both me and my grandmother on facebook, that’s why I called this the GAG order because both my grandma and I have been under a GAG order… With my mom, not here and most certainly anywhere else. Everyone has the right to do, say and live however it is that they please but they will have to pay that cost, we’re paying our cost. We have the right to say what we feel to say not out of hate, maybe out of anger, disgust and sheer disappointment. But especially out of love.

If you have made it this far in my blog post God bless ya, now go ahead and say whatever it is that you may… But remember, if you don’t judge people then well.. You don’t judge people, so why judge someone when you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes first? It’s funny how the NON- JUDGY LOVE LOVE LOVE Christians don’t believe in judging yet they always make the hypocritical judgements that Jesus Christ preached against, the ones he called scribes, pharisees and hypocrites. The ones he overturned the tables on, the ones he sent to hell. They make those types of judgments based on their on opinion rather than a righteous judgment and when someone does make a righteous judgement based on God’s word they ridicule that person and send them to hell.. Well poppycock, it’s just poppycock.

Thank you for reading and remember, don’t let others break ya! Let em help to make ya!

Blessings and SHALOM In Jesus ALONE.


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