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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

A Christmas Eve Catastrophe


And so it began nearly two years ago, the beginning of another Christmas Eve


I’m pretty sure I started that morning with some type of exercise, maybe even a walk as you know temperatures are fairly warm in East Texas even around this time of year,  when I got home there were cookies to be made, chicken salad to be prepared and pecan pies to be made as well!It all started like any other day, quiet, peaceful, calm and mystical as you could just feel the Christmas magic all around you in the air. The Christmas tree was glowing from it’s many strands of lights and beads that were carefully wrapped around it and presents were neatly stacked at the bottom, things were Christmas-y indeed.

I began making the pecan pies, I believe this was the first year I had ever attempted to make one on my own (and I’m not much of a baker to begin with) nevertheless I embarked on this mystical baking journey and set out to make two homemade pecan pies from our very own pecans right here on our own Texas abode!

IMG_2622However I’m pretty sure that they flopped the first time, but we intended on eating them anyways because we can never let anything go to waste (that is considering we have  done without things in the past) so we went on to place them aside to cool and supposedly “set up” (which they would have done, I just hadn’t baked them properly).

Time For A Present!

Usually we wait until we get back from looking at Christmas lights to do this but somehow this time was different and it was decided that we could open “one” present on Christmas Eve that is usual tradition in our home and I’m sure many other homes around the world as well, now, this was the night that I happened to obtained my very first condenser microphone ever for my radio show!

I surely have put it to good use over the past two years, I think, and I believe that I have gotten more used to it and better even, having bought two real XLR cable condenser microphones this year I mainly use them now, but I still from time to time use my very first USB as it’s just easier to set up for short projects and it can compete pretty well with my new professional equipment.

And of course it will always be my first microphone that I will always cherish and keep with me, who knows, maybe one day It’ll mean something to someone else besides me you think? You never can know I suppose…

Well Enough of my rambling, onto the rest of our evening.

The Return Home:

After gazing at Christmas lights for the past couple of hours (which happens to be a family tradition of ours) we then decided to make our journey home, what we didn’t know is the surprise that would be awaiting us when we got there.

It just so happens my friends that I forgot to mention that not too long before the holidays my grandparents had picked up this rescue dog on their way back from a funeral one day in North of Arkansas I believe, a black German Shepherd (at the time named Titan but we renamed him Samson) he had been mistreated by some old lady that kept him in a cage and starved him when he was a puppy.

Something we had forgotten that you’ll understand here in just a moment, a police officer had took him in and posted an ad that he needed to get him to a good family and sure enough my grandparents just all of a sudden decided to go pick him up that day.

It was quite frustrating for me too because I had worked all day on cleaning the house and all of a sudden they barge through the door and I get pounced on by a dog licking my face like a wild maniac, oh well, anyways…

Onto Christmas Eve…

It just so happens that we had put him in a cage not thinking much of it, it was a very big cage and we knew we would be home soon enough, we really didn’t think it could be that bad but sure enough when we returned home, well…

Let’s just say it wasn’t too pretty, he ripped out of that sucker…

(Photo Below)


We had gotten my grandpa donuts for Christmas that year and that is what he opened on Christmas eve, the dog just so happened to get into some of them, he also opened a few other presents as well that we had wrapped for him, (naughty little booger) he also managed to get into the mini beef franks we had planned for pigs in a blanket on Christmas day or in this case it would of been (Cows in a blanket) and he of course got into those beautiful pecan pies I had made.

But get this, he didn’t just eat one whole pie, he had to eat half of each one! We were all very frustrated indeed, but we knew it probably wasn’t such a good idea to put him in a cage given his past experiences, we just didn’t want him getting into the food (which he happened to do anyways)


Needless to say that was the last day he spent in the house, he made a pretty good house dog for awhile and even is house trained, he would go to the door when he needed to go out and I don’t believe he ever gave us any trouble there unless of course we didn’t pay attention to his plea to go out, he’s got short hair so his shedding wasn’t too bad but it was still a bit of a task to maintain.

However after we came home to that “Christmas Eve Catastrophe” we decided it was best he stay out side from then on, who could blame us, and who could really blame the dog? It was best for everyone I believe and he still loves us just as much as he did before.

With that said, I hope you all have  a very Merry Christmas eve and an even better Christmas day! My family went out Christmas light looking early this year, yesterday so I suppose we will be staying in tonight enjoying the magic that is Christmas Eve.

Until next time…


CRIKEY! Clean Christian Comedy!



Interesting title for me to choose now isn’t it? Yes, it is indeed. And let me just explain to you why it is that I’ve chosen to title this blog post as such, I recently wrote a blog post titled “The ‘GAG’ Order” and in that blog post I mentioned my two new amazing mate’s from Australia, I also happened to mention I would talk about them later and this is now later!


How did I ever in my life come upon these crazy Christian guys literally all the way across the world from me? I really have no idea myself. It was late one Thursday night and I had decided to search youtube from some “Clean Christian Comedy” which I had done a gazillion times however this time something different showed up, it was these two crazy guys sitting in a room with a stick horse, I thought well.. That looks rather weird HA! So, I went ahead and clicked on the link and was like… “What on earth?” I continued watching and soon discovered these guys were absolutely crazy then more than that I discovered they were very strong in their Christian faith with a very close relationship to their Father in heaven and a very great love for him and those around them. I discovered they have a very special ability to make be so ridiculously insane while being able to get the bold truth of God’s message out at the same time. Who was it I discovered?


These awesome mate’s and brothers in Christ right here, Thomas (T’Bird) to the left of the photo and Isaac (Indy) to the right:

Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 11.06.41 AM 2

I discovered that they are both very kind, very considerate, very very funny, crazy and easy going down to earth people. I discovered that even though they can be a gazillion miles away and literally all the way across the world from me that they can feel just as close to here as anyone else because I discovered that is what the body of Christ is, it doesn’t matter where we live, what part of the world we live in whether we live in a shack or a nice brick home we that follow Jesus Christ and serve him with such love and heart as TBIRD & Indy are all part of this great big body that is the body of the Christ.

We all have many different talents and different places in the world that God wants us to be but we come and find that nevertheless we are still his body, we are still the body of Christ it doesn’t matter what color someone is, it doesn’t make not a single different to God he is NO respecter of persons. And though I live in this great state of Texas and TBIRD and Indy live literally all the way across the world down under we are connected to each other in a wonderful way by the blood of Jesus Christ we are brothers in the family of God and I am greatly excited to be able to share with you these crazy mate’s I’ve discovered.

T’Bird and Indy fist fighting in a recent video:

Tbird Indy

I have discovered that they are just real, TBIRD has an obsession with pink donuts he claims that they are powerful and majestic, while Indy prefers chocolate donuts, it is extremely amusing to watch these two and all the videos I’ve seen have been both comedic with a chunk of the Gospel truth in there as well, they aren’t afraid to face controversy when they state a bold truth, the fact that controversy might arise does not hinder them one bit from telling it like it is, they are not just a comedy page they touch on some very sensitive issues from time to time and aren’t afraid to take some heat, they defend the truth and take a bold stand for Jesus and I commend them for that. They have been a great help to so many it’s amazing really, and they continue doing all that they do, they have blessed me and I hope they bless you as well.

I hope you find out that they are just as real as you and me in need of a savior, people that aren’t perfect but do their best to strive for what God would have them do and be who God would have them to be. I hope you find that they are kind, caring loving and considerate as I have written about in my blog post today. I hope you find that they are just awesome mate’s and brothers in Christ that love to laugh and love God. I hope you find that they are two crazy (in a good way) Aussies that are down to earth and no different than most of the world. I hope you find that they love God.

Thank you for reading today may God bless you and keep an eye out for another blog post I will be putting out tomorrow morning.

If you would like to give them some love on Facebook and their Youtube then you can do so by clicking here and here.

Shabbat Shalom!


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Extreme Mice Fighting!


Extreme Mice Fighting

Hello, everyone!

Today I’d like to talk to you about a very crazy event that happened to me one day while browsing a pamphlet for some cell phone company.

I had just taken the information from the counter and starting reading it while my mom and grandma were checking out….

When this guy walks up behind me and asks: “Don’t I know you?” Puzzled, I take a glance at him and during this whole event – I am in shock. Because I know I don’t know him at all; I’d never seen him in my life but I have no idea what to say so I just stand there in awe.

He then proceeds to tell me his name and how we met. He had two events to explain how we met. He first said that we met while he was a back-up dancer for the movie Magic Mike.. Now I just couldn’t help but start laughing. My mom and grandma couldn’t help but laugh either. My mom, especially, was absolutely hee-hawing and almost snorting!

But wait, I just thought it was weird until the next event he began to explain how we knew him. He said that he met up with me and my grandma and my mom too, out on the parking lot of Wal-Mart where he was wrestling mice. He told us that he was an “Extreme Mice Fighter” and that he put the littlest boxing gloves on them and fought them, then he went on to say that my grandma was there too and that had been betting on one of his mice! And that was an outright lie – we are Christians and none of us are betting people!!

By then everyone was dumbfounded and I had come to the conclusion in the back of my mind, finally, that this was just some kind of prank or something. Honestly, I myself, thought it was kind of funny because it reminded me of a funny thing my best friend and I have talked about doing when we get together.

Back to my mice fighting friend though – he continued to try and make us believe that we knew him. OH and I forgot to mention that when he first came up to me my mom had to tell me to shake his hand so I did and still in shock I was wondering when he was going to let go, finally after quite sometime I started to wiggle out of his loose grip.

What an experience huh? I sure won’t ever forget that day! I ended up giving him one of my business cards that day and I went home and posted this photo on my Facebook page saying “EXTREME MICE FIGHTING” above it but I never explained in detail what it was all about. So for those of you who seen it, now you know.

Had to laugh today. God definitely has a sense of humor and sometimes he shares it with us.

Blessings to you all!


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