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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

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Theme: “To Make People Think”

The main theme of this blog is about anything and everything, life really, what I try to do is tie a moral story into every post I write whether that is about a biblical story or an old cartoon from my childhood, whatever you can find to make people think is what you need to go for when writing anything for this blog.


Isn’t that funny, a non-denominational blog? Yes, yes it is, because here I don’t want to focus on ‘religion’ or denominations, If you belong to a church of a certain denomination that is fine, you still qualify to write for this blog, and you can still instill some of your faith in it as well however. All I ask is that you do not emphasize your denomination, it is better to emphasize Jesus Christ, and his full biblical truth.


You may write about any topic you like as long as you can tie it into this blog’s theme and as long as you can get your point across without really saying it outright to where it appears to be in someone’s face.

Post Photo Details:

It is desired that you include a photo along with your post that says something about what you have decided to write on, the picture must be at least 640×390 In dimensions horizontally.

Word Requirements & Deadlines

The amount of words to be written in this blog post can be anywhere from 500-1,000 or even 1,600 words, but no more or no less than that, however. If you have a piece of writing you would like to submit that is under the requirement, send it in for review and it just might be posted anyways, quality is many times better than quantity.

All posts must be written and submitted by the Monday before the following Wednesday so there is time to review it and publish it if it meets the all the requirements I have listed.

How To Submit

Submissions can be made through this CONTACT FORM using your ‘Name’ ‘Email Address’ and ‘Post Title’ (in the subject field) and by pasting the full post in the message field and clicking “SUBMIT”

Thank you for your interest in writing for this blog, this is also truly voluntary work so if you wish to share a bit of encouragement of the world from the goodness of your heart of wanting to help others then go right ahead, we welcome your writings and your insight on the world and we look forward to hearing from you.


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