Nathan Tune

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Statement Of Beliefs:


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I  believe in God the Father, I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in the Holy Spirit and He’s given us new life.

I believe in the crucifixion, I believe that He conquered death, I believe in the resurrection and that He’s comin’ back again.

I believe that THE NAME of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost IS Jesus Christ, I believe that they are one and one alone, being Jesus Christ, the KING of Kings and the LORD of lords. The I AM and the I AM HE. The beginning and the end, the first, the last.

None beside him and none before. I do not believe in what most Christian’s refer to as ‘The Trinity’ I deny that doctrine.

I believe in Jesus Name Baptism.

However, I do not believe that if someone believes differently then me about the Trinity that they are going to hell or that we can’t come together and UNITE as the body of Christ. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only God then I have no problem with you. If you deny that Jesus Is God, that’s where we should all have a problem. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about, there is nothing to harshly criticize each other about or ridicule each other of, nothing to argue over. Rationally discuss, yes, sure.

Let’s rationally discuss our difference, not argue about them.

Scripture tells us this many times throughout the bible, THIS is emphasized and THIS is what I believe:

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: – Deuteronomy 6:4 KJV

As long as we put our hope in the one true God, Jesus Christ, then all other things will fall into place.


Political Beliefs:


Gun Control:

The 2nd Amendment guarantees us the ‘Right’ and ‘Freedom’ to keep and bear arms at all times. Whether it is in defense against an intruder of our house, the Government, or the possibility of an enemy breach of our border security. We must be able to defend ourselves and Constitutionally we can.

Freedom Of Religion:

In this great Country we are all guaranteed the right to believe or not believe however it is that we choose and all forms of worship ‘must’ be protected. Not just some. However, let it be noted that we can not make satanism equal to other Religions’ it just isn’t, we have seen the cruelness of it’s practice and it is despicable.

Freedom Of Speech:

We all are guaranteed an opinion on matters, we are all free to speak our mind and publicly protest issues in a civil manner as we choose. While it may be a controversial topic, I believe that a public burning of our United States Flag (that so many of our brave men and women lost their lives defending in war) is NOT a valid form of freedom of speech, I find it repulsive and I honestly hope that some day we will create and enforce better laws that protect our flag more appropriately, if someone does not like our flag then they are free to leave.

Gay Marriage:

While I myself do not support any form of a ‘Homosexual’ lifestyle, and I most certainly do not believe In the legalization of Marriage of “The Same Sex.” I do believe, however. That it should be left up to the States on whether or not they want to legalize Gay Marriage, no Supreme Court ruling should be able to impose upon the individual State in this matter.


I believe that Abortion is Murder and that the practice itself should be ABORTED and ABOLISHED completely, however. While some may disagree with this statement, if we could reduce our amount of Abortions down to just those that are rape caused pregnancies, it would be a HUGE win for the Pro-Life Movement. Adoption should be encouraged far more aggressively than ‘abortion’ is and if we can make these few changes, we will have come a long way as a society. I know in my heart that one day, IF we continue on fighting for LIFE, future generations will look back and say “How could they have done such a thing?”


I do not in any way support the legalization of Marijuana when it comes to recreational use, I do not believe that it should be smoked at all. I do believe that it is a plant created by God and can be used for ‘Medicinal’ purposes but that there is a process it must go through to be made usable for patients that desperately need the treatment. I do not believe that States should have a right to legalize it recreationally, I could not morally support that, but if it be a well regulated Medicinal reason, States should have the right to vote on whether or not they want to use it for those purposes.


I have the same opinion about Welfare that Ronald Reagan did, we should not use it to give people a lifestyle funded by the hard working American people. But it should be there for people when they are down on their luck needing a way to get by with their families. There are people that are hurting, there are people that need it and we need to do a better job making sure those that do need it get it and those that abuse it are stripped of everything so they can get a job and stop living off of the Government.

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