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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Be Of Good Courage


Hello there, once again, welcome back to the blog, I hope that you have all been uplifted in Jesus name this past weekend and I pray that this post blesses you.


Today I would like to talk about what it means to be of good courage, all in the word we can find in the OT and the NT where we are constantly being reminded to be of good courage, Christ told us to do so because he had overcome the world, and if we put all of our trust in him and him alone then we can too.

When we are of good courage scripture also tells us that he shall give us strength if we HOPE in the Lord, it is also said in his word that with men it is impossible but with GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE, and lastly the word tells us that we can do ALL things through Christ who gives us STRENGTH.

How refreshing is that my friends? I suppose that there is someone at this time in need of an uplifting message and I intend to present one to you all today, did you happen to know that God is leading you and guiding you in whatever it is that you are going through at this time, he is there even if it doesn’t seem like he is watching after you and though it seems like he does not care, that couldn’t be farther from the truth, because we know that he died on the cross for us, suffered and was tortured because of LOVE.


So I believe he finds it somewhat offensive when any of us even consider to utter the very word’s “God don’t care” I think it actually gives him some amount of dissatisfaction and disappointment and I believe that it hurts him to hear such a thing, especially after he has endured all that he has.

However, no matter how tough things may get or no matter how bad our circumstances may seem we can never give up, we can never surrender to the enemies will and we can never stop and turn back from this path that we have already traveled too far on now. What we MUST do is to walk right on with our head held high and our eyes on Christ.

Fighting the good fight of faith, many people feel that the fight of faith isn’t to be fought outside of our homes, or in any physically way, and while it is indeed a spiritual battle first and foremost, we can use our earthly body that God gave us for his purposes on this earth however it may be and while Christ should always reign first I believe we also have a great responsibility to make this world a better place in any way we can.

We are most certainly to be IN this world but NOT OF it, however, that does not mean we can not contribute to the betterment of humanity.

In Conclusion:

When you are of good courage your heart will be strengthened,  you have put your hope in the Lord, because with him ALL things are most certainly POSSIBLE and through him and him ALONE you can do all things which in turn will strengthen you even more, both physically and spiritually.

I hope that today’s post has blessed you in some way, whether that be big or small I pray that you are uplifted to continue on in another day, and I do know that these are dark times we are living, but let us not dwell too much on the darkness that is, and this is to come, rather let us focus on Christ’s love, let us focus on his glory and let us focus on the sacrifices that he has made for us so that we might be saved.

Until next time my long distant friends, I wish you a blessed life, make sure you read his word daily, taking on the whole armor of his word and do not be afraid, for he is with you.


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