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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Another Mother’s Day


Tis’ Mother’s Day once more my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, a day that can sometimes be rather hard for me to get through due to all the times my own birth Mother has caused me severe pain throughout my life, I have constantly felt as though it was a consistent battle between who I loved most. Is it my birth Mother? Or is it my Grandmother? The woman that practically raised me.

Happy-mothers-day-5I have to say that I refuse to be pushed into that very battle today. I am done fighting that battle, I know that there were times when my mom was actually a mom, and that doesn’t take away from all the harm she has caused me, but it is not unrecognized either, today I would like to focus on my Grandmother, the Mother that I still have in my life today and I would also like to focus on the Mothers of all the world. Quite a lot to focus on when you think about it, actually when you think about it, there is a great difference in a Mother and an actual “MOM” shouldn’t it be called “Mom Day”? I think it should. Because like the saying goes for Fathers and Dads, anyone may be able to be a ‘Father’ but not just anybody can be a DAD. I feel that the same goes for Mothers/Mom’s.

This year is probably the first year I didn’t really wish my birth Mother anything at all, and I can be sent to hell for that or whatever and that is perfectly fine, I have been hurt enough and as I have said before, I do refuse to allow myself to be hurt anymore in any way at all. My Grandmother has had to overcome many obstacles throughout her life, starting with having to give birth to a baby girl at the age of 16 and there wasn’t any kind of help for her back then, she was told to abort the child and she refused, she’s had to sit night after night in hospital waiting rooms and emergency rooms with her Mother, her Daughter, her Grandkid, her Husband, friends and long distant family, you name it. She has been there no matter how late or how tired she was she has been there, only to be mocked at, laughed at, even spat at in some occasions. Yet she still keeps doing the good work of the Lord.

Thank God For ‘Mom’s’

Mom’s are a great blessing to us all and we only recognize the work they do when they aren’t there to actually do it themselves and we end up having to do it ourselves, as the old saying goes, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone (something like that) and it is true. However I am certain that we could all do better, we could all be better, better what? Better children, better husbands, better sons and better daughters, better people, I mean. With the greatest ‘Mom’s’ in the world raising us and taking care of us don’t you think that we would go out into this world much better people because of it? I most certainly would.

A person doesn’t have to be your ‘Mother’ for you to wish them a “Happy Mothers’ Day” as matter of fact, they could just be that sweet old lady down the street that bakes the best homemade chocolate chip cookies, or perhaps she is that old Grandma lady down at the nursing home that you visit with your church every Tuesday afternoon. Maybe she’s the old store owner downtown, the woman that’s worked all her life at the bank, it doesn’t make any difference, If she’s not a Mother to you, I’m sure that she has been a ‘Mom’ to a few people in her life. So go ahead, wish her a great big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

In Conclusion:

Happy Mothers Day Mama (Maw-Maw, for those who forgot) down a country driveway you found it hard to make a way, you did your best and left the rest and hoped to pass the test. I will never know how you do what you do and I will never know how you made it through, but Grandma I will always love you, Grandma I am blessed to have you.

And for anyone wondering, my birth Mother, I still love her, how can I not? Things are just very hard and at times, very painful for me, yet I continue to move forward, because I know that God is in control and he is capable of all things and I know that come the day that he wipes the tears from our eyes, all things will be made new.

Be blessed and to all the MOMS out there…


Until next time…


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