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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

All Too Familiar!


Hello, everyone… At the beginning of this new year it feels all too familiar to me. Why? I tweeted this exact statement the other night. And let me just tell you why.


2014 reminds somewhat of 2011. Amazing how quickly the time passes isn’t it? It feels like yesterday. I was all excited, I was sure that something’s great were gonna happen and indeed they did. I probably still have no idea how much greater those days in 2011 can get for me or what they’ll bring for this new year. But I do know my motive that year and why it makes this year feel so familiar.

I was ignited with a passion that burned deep within in me. And I knew that I was born to be somebody, we are ALL born to be somebody. In our own way, however, that may be it doesn’t make a difference we are all special. We all have a purpose and a reason in this world. And I was beginning to find out ‘some’ of my purpose in this life.

It seems I’ve always struggled and been fought hard by many oppositions and have had to deal with a lot but I really don’t see it as that much compared to others so I guess it depends on your perception of things. I realized that may be – just may be – because we go through a little heartache, pain and hurt. Maybe all that is to prepare us for something even bigger, something greater than we could ever even imagine.

I’m still waiting, but not only waiting. I’m gonna do exactly what it is that God would have me to do regardless of anything. I believe with everything in me that if I do and say what it is that I feel deep within he would have me to say then ill be richly blessed for it and if we all did that. We all could.

I don’t just sit down to write stuff like this, except when I’m doing my daily blogs. No, normally I have to think real long and hard because I want things to be good. But then there are times when I just go off like a bomb and release all this to whoever it is that may be reading.

Do I find myself as that much of a writer? Yeah, I suppose so. I’m a little bit of everything and I intend to make my passions my work and I’m certain that by the end of this year I will have an income from it. Even though it most definitely ISN’T about the money for me. Money IS what it takes to survive in this world. BUT money isn’t ALL we need to survive. Because all we need is God and if we have God. Then we have all we need.

2011 – I hold on to that year like it’s a golden brick. Because it was a very important year to me. I ventured to many places, my favorite and most memorable place was Dallas, Texas. Thanks to my grandparents who made it possible for me to be able to go to KD College’s two week acting camp. The whole experience was worth more than anything to me. I  clearly made a couple life-long friends there that year. It was all a blur. But It’s there with me today, like it just ended yesterday. That was nearly 3 years ago… It’s so hard to believe.

I let my passion ignite and I let that fire guide me, I prayed a lot as I still do. And I don’t regret the year 2011 one bit. Nor the years after that, nor any ‘past’ event in my life. I don’t regret them for the most part anyways. Because if you do your best and trust in God, what more can you do? What could you regret doing? If you ask to be in his will and trust with the best of your ability that you are in his will. Then there can be NO regrets. None whatsoever.

3 years ago, I set myself a 5 year goal in the year of 2010 to do some great things for my 21st birthday and considering I’m no where near the possibility of being able to do those things. Then it looks like I’ve got some work to do. You see I could look at it as..

“There’s only 1 year left, I can’t make that.”

Or I could look at it and say:

“Well.. A lot can happen in 1 year.”

I’m gonna do my best and trust that God will take care of the rest and even if things don’t turn out fantastically great like I hope. I’m certain that things will be undeniably better by the end of this year then they are now. Not that now is any thing to complain about.

Am I being too optimistic? Absolutely! In today’s world, you have to! Because it totally works! I know God put these dreams, these passions and desires in my heart to things great so I COULD do things great. And I wait to be delivered NO more! Because to be deliver we most first WANT to be deliver WE must make the first move. Because it could very well be that rather than us waiting on him, he’s been waiting on us.

God bless y’all!


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