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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

The Little Things…


Hello again and welcome back to my online oasis, isn’t it a lovely day for another inspiration blog post my friends, foes, brothers, sisters?

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Well, let’s begin then, shall we? It’s the little things that count, or so it is often said, is it not? When you take the time to think about it, the littlest moments in life really are the ones that count the most, being that we are all most prone to taking deep consideration at a baby’s first word, which to a lot of people might mean nothing and really compared to other events in a child’s life that occur, a first word really isn’t one of the biggest accomplishments.

Yet we as humans tend to take such note of the littlest of things, such as burping a baby even, isn’t that funny? It’s true though, we humans tend to overreact at the smallest things, so I would say that it truly is the littlest things that count the most, which can some times be good and other times be rather bad.


Biblically however, taking note of the smaller things really make all the difference, because we can learn from scripture that if God can trust us in the little things, that is when we will be blessed with much greater things. (By the way I really hate using the word ‘things’ but I don’t know what else to say.)

  • He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. – Luke 16:10 K.J.V.

I know that I might have mentioned this many times before, but this verse is one that my grandma has quoted to me all throughout my life, because when we didn’t have much sometimes I could get a bit ungrateful, which can happen to a lot of us especially when living in such a society that demands MORE and MORE, right?

But I was taught to cherish what it is that I have, and I am very easily able to be content wherever I am, I know that I may not have much at times, however, at the same time I am grateful that God has given me and my family ENOUGH, and for some people enough may not be all that they THINK they need, but for me it is.

Of course I want things from time to time, but I know that my Lord and Savior KNOWS that my wants and NEEDS are few and far in between.

Little Encounters:

Do you ever have those little encounters while out at public when at the doctors or buying groceries at the register, when someone all of a sudden walks up to you saying something funny or something you agree with?  Then all of a sudden you are in a  full on conversation  with this person that you haven’t ever met in your life.

I have, it’s funny how many little events I can recall, I have even put some of them on my blog before, because I can’t help but wonder about the little things when I’m riding around town while we are doing our shopping or going to church, or wherever we might be going.

I can’t help but wonder where the rest of those people we pass on our way might be going, what kind of events they might be going through in their life, it’s funny because many times when we pass someone on the highway I will look into their vehicle and If I sense for a little bit that something is wrong in that persons life, I begin feeling a strong urge to pray for them, and I do.

Is that strange?

In Conclusion:

What it all boils down to is to not take life for granted, think of your little dog, think of what excites him, it’s the smallest gifts of life isn’t it? Like getting to go out for a walk, getting fed by you, getting that pat on the head issuing him a ‘good boy’ all of that may seem small but to him, that is his whole life, dogs somehow realize that they aren’t going to be on this earth for a very long time.

So they somehow make a great effort in taking note and enjoying the little things that life has to offer, let’s be like the dogs, let’s be a little more grateful for the smallest of things in life, because what we may see as ‘little’ or ‘worthless’ someone else might see as beautiful and amazing, because they might not have been blessed with all that we have been blessed with, and we must never forget that we are not the only people on this earth.

 We must never forget, the little things. 

Until next time my long far away friends, take care, sleep with your gun held tight and don’t let the government bite.


My Top 5


Greetings again my webanite friends, good morning, good evening, good afternoon whatever time it is, as one of my favorite youtubers would say, (whom I’ll get to later) ‘GoodAfterNorning People!’    Welcome again to my humble abode all of you peoples, today I want to talk about some of my most favorite things to do when I’m not writing about God, the bible, family, friends, veterans or our flag, I am likely to be found watching TV or Movies, or youtube, you see I LOVE a good TV show or a good movie.

Let’s begin shall we?

  • 5: Political News (Such as Fox And The Blaze) 

I find it very important to make time to inform myself on what’s going on in our world today and for the most part I believe Fox News is a very good resource for that and I really trust The Blaze because it has never seemed to fail in telling the truth when it comes down to the most serious issues, but I don’t just take anyone’s word for it and I don’t encourage anyone else to do such a thing either, I encourage everyone that it is important not only to watch this news but to do research on our own to make sure we have the facts straight BEFORE we go blurting our own opinions.

  • 4: Family Drama TV & Movies 

Very often I can be found watching ‘Drama’s’ when I went to acting camp back in 2011 I surprised my acting instructor a lot because she suspected that I would be like a comedian type and I also shocked a few of my classmates as well and they didn’t take me for the ‘drama’ type of person however I am. And a few of my favorites are 7th Heaven for a TV show and for a movie I really enjoyed watching a movie called “Finding A Family.”

It’s about this young boy that happens to have this mother who suffered terrible brain damage from a car accident and it’s not that she doesn’t want to be a mother she just isn’t mentally able to anymore, the kid eventually gets stuck in foster care and has to make a hard decision to get himself emancipated from his mother which he didn’t want to do but had no other choice, he get’s adopted into this great family that doesn’t just want to foster him they want him to know he will always be part of the family and in some ways I can relate to that because of my personal experiences with  my own mom, it is such a sweet movie that I highly recommend watching.

  • 3: TransFormers (Robot’s In Disguise) 

I have always loved watching this and I even remember vaguely watching some of the originals and currently I am watching a newer series that I don’t find as baby-ish as some of them are these days it’s called “TransFormers Prime” it’s awesome, and I really believe it has a lot of great ethical values implied in it as well, and personally for a show about aliens I don’t think it could be anymore of an American nature than it is, the bases of the show comes from the leader of the AutoBots whose name is ‘Optimus Prime’ what a leader, I think he’d be an awesome President because his core belief is that “Freedom Is the right of all sentient beings.” Amazing.

  • 2: THE Jake Dudman Youtuber

Ok, to be clear he’s only called ‘Jake Dudman’ but I like to call him THE-Jake Dudman simply for the fact that he is the only one like him in this entire world and he is great really, he’s not really Christian based but of course neither is TransFormers or my next favorite topic, he’s a British Youtuber from ‘YorkShire’ I believe I guess he’ll correct me if I’m wrong but I think I heard him mention that a few times in his videos, he loves something called ‘Fredo’s”

At least I think that’s how those things are spelled, I don’t even know what they are, I looked them up once and even though we don’t have them here in America I think that we might have an item like those. For a YouTuber that’s pretty popular even here among American youth I have to say that one of my main reasons for watching his videos is because he keeps them clean and as a Christian that is always seeking good wholesome clean entertainment I am proud In knowing that THE-Jake-Dudman keeps his videos squeaky clean it’s something that I can respect.

He’s also who I quoted in the beginning of this post, he loves to blurt out his famous catchphrase ‘GoodAfterNorning’ when he begins his videos which are found HERE. He’s also got a great heart which I found out awhile back when he decided to raise money for a children’s cancer cause, that is definitely something else very noble to recognize, and I’m always noticing acts of kindness like no one else can, blessings to Jake today.

  • 1: Doctor Who – The Doctor 

This is one of my favorite shows it’s filled with such awe and amazement, I had started watching it back in late August of 2014 and I just wanted to check it out, my Grandpa and Uncle had watched it since it relaunched back in 05′ I started it from season 2 and I believe I became a fan at the third episode of that season after that I got up every day before 7AM (because it came on early in the morning on BBCA) and I looked forward to a  great adventure.

One thing I found out after finally reaching and getting all the way through the 8th season is how incredibly Pro-Life the Doctor really is and while a lot of the liberal audience that watches him is probably going to  deny this I have to say that given evidence what else could he be, in multiple cases he has proven to value life of all species even his enemies, he is completely against any  genocide and in a recent episode with the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) he even proved to us that he values the life of the unborn, the episode was called “Kill The Moon”

I think it’s pretty incredible, the Doctor is a great character and hero for the British people and around the world, there are many good messages in each show and it’s overall family friendly which is another thing I like about it, you can’t hardly watch any other show without seeing a reference of some kind and that is just great.

In Conclusion:

Well the conclusion of this post will be very short, though I’m pretty sure that I say this every time now don’t I? I guess we can leave with what we have learned from my favorite things to do when I am not writing these blog posts or singing or whatever else besides just resting.

  1. Do your own research.
  2. Family values matter.
  3. Freedom is the right of every sentient being.
  4. There are still clean sources of entertainment in this world.
  5. Life matters.

I hope that today’s post has been some kind of encouragement to you and who knows if you want perhaps you can go check out some of the movies and shows that I have mentioned today to see for yourself how great they really are, but everyone’s taste is different and that is just fine.

I most certainly didn’t intend to write this much for this particular post, but whatever works right?

Until next time…


LIFE (It’s Precious)


Good afternoon people, good morning, good evening, whatever time it may be for you wherever you are and whoever it is that you might be I would like to personally welcome you to this blog.


A very special edition to this blog indeed, you know  even though  I may be quite young I have been noticing that more often people these days are beginning to less and less take heed to  one  of the most important gifts we have in this life which would be LIFE itself, now I know that many people may suffer and live without the basic needs that they should most definitely have but if you talk with many of those people (which I have before), they will tell you that they are really mostly happy to be alive, which is amazing because there are people that have SO much, yet take everything they have for granted, including their life and even others.

But why would there even be cause for such a thing? Do they not even know or can they not even begin to comprehend how precious life really is? All around this globe there are people out there who are fighting each day to keep living because it means something to the, life means something to them, they have family, friends, jobs, dreams and goals that they have yet to accomplish, they have so much left to do that they don’t want to give up so easily because it is something where they value it to the point they are willing to endure the pain of sickness as long as it means that they will continue to live.

It’s Beautiful:

It really is beautiful, sadly most people don’t really ever get to experience the way that we all should, most people aren’t able to experience it’s full potential because everyone is too busy with work or whatever else they have going on, and they forget how precious life really is, people can quickly become selfish and will unknowingly even take life so that they can continue living theirs the way that they want to without being interrupted, but really is that the society that we have become? I suppose it is.

Life begins at the moment of conception, that is when we are first brought into existence and then for 9 months we live in our mothers womb and then all of a sudden we are ready to come out and face this world, the cry of a baby as it is brought into this world is said to be one of the most life changing experiences for people, seeing life at one of it’s finer moments when a new person is being given to us, a gift from God really.

So who are we to say that this new existence doesn’t have a right to continue on in this world like we all have? Are we somehow better than that baby? I’d like to say that we aren’t any better than that baby because that is where we all came from, we couldn’t scream out in a frantic tone begging for someone to hear us, to please not take us out, to please allow us to be born, we couldn’t for we didn’t even know any language at all, we were helpless, yet someone decided it was right to let us live, so who are we to decide anything less for someone else?

What Is There To Miss?

You know this life has a lot to offer us if we would only pay attention to all of it’s best attributes but we won’t because we are too busy focused on ourselves and what WE want at the time and I’m not saying that it isn’t ok to want something for yourself every once in awhile but lately the people of this world have become so consumed with their own self that they don’t really care who it is they might hurt along their way and it’s really quite sad because we were all meant to be more than what we are becoming, we were meant to be greater, yet we continue down a path of such darkness.

Taking for granted the smallest of things, you know to be granted bigger things in life we must first show responsibility for the smaller things, we must first show that we can appreciate the smallest of items because if we can’t appreciate something that isn’t worth much, how are we ever going to be able to appreciate the finer things in life? We most likely won’t, if we are given the best that life has to offer first then we will most likely become reckless and careless of everything, we will lose all sight of right and wrong, we won’t care how much we hurt those even those that we claim to love, we will be ungrateful, hateful, angry and bitter, we will be lost for quite sometime.

But if we could only take consideration for the littlest of thing, like the way the wind so gently can often blow the leaves through the trees, or just how the air feels on your face, how the roses smell so incredibly amazing, how the water glistens from a distance so elegantly, the way that the birds sing their songs early of the morning, the way laughter makes us sound and feel, or how it might sound to us, the way music can sound to the mind, spirit and soul, oh how wonderful that it can make us feel, imagine all of those fun activities like playing outside in the playground or going snowboarding in the winter, surfing in the summer, scraped knees from learning to ride your bicycle for the very first time and hot chocolate near a warm fire place way up in the rocky mountains during the winter, imagine all of that and then…

Imagine someone not being able to experience all of that, can you imagine taking the best joys of life away from anyone? Because I can’t possibly imagine preventing anyone the opportunity to experience those things, I can not even comprehend being able to consciously do that.

In Conclusion:

There is more to life than pain, hurt, sickness, disease, heartache, war and strife there is so much more than that in this life, there is joy, happiness, peace, laughter, fun, family, friends, genuine love  togetherness, there is hope. If only we as a society could take into consideration how important these things are, then maybe, just maybe, we would think twice before taking that away from someone.

Lessons to be learned from today’s post are these:

  1. Be More Grateful
  2. There Is More
  3. Life Is More
  4. Life Is A Gift
  5. LOVE – LIVE (loving is living)
  6. We All Deserve To Live

The 5th one may not be too obvious in this post but it is in there and it is something that I have discussed many times before, I hope that you have been uplifted, inspired and encouraged by today’s post and I hope you leave here today valuing your life and the lives of others along with the lives of those that have yet to born a whole lot more, may you be richly blessed as always and don’t forget that sometimes we go through a little bit of pain so that we might gain the strength to face another day more easily.

Until next time my cybernite friends, I’m Nathan Tune from the deeply conservative pineywoods of east Texas saying ‘ya’ll come back now ya here?’ have a great rest of your day, drink some Iced sweet tea and have some fried chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens.


It’s Monday’


Hello there, I know that Monday’s can be the worst of all day’s for people, and no one likes a grouch so before you head out to work this morning why not leave with a smile on that puckered face?

Ok, I apologize, I can’t really tell if your face is puckered or not, but I am pretty sure that if you just woke up and have yet to have any coffee, it looks something awful. Don’t worry though, nobody looks good in the morning unless you are in some TV commercial, some romantic film or some kind of wild music video like the hyped up one that some girls mom paid 10,000 for so she would get famous and be a one hit wonder with a short time in the lime light, yeah just like Rebecca Black, but let’s face it. No one jumps out of bed at 7:00am in the morning looking half as ok as she did in the video and even if it’s Friday no one wakes up that perky, dramatizations yes, they are only that.

People in real life get up with their hair all out of wack, crud all in their eyes and sometimes they even might have some really horrid breath, when real people in real life wake up in the morning it’s not always a pretty sight, now you wanna add a Monday on top of that then you got something ten times worse maybe even worse than that how can I possibly know? But again, please don’t fret, you haven’t one little thing to worry because my sole purpose on this very wicked Monday from hell is to give you a bit of encouragement and hopefully have you leaving here with some great big smile on your face that says:

“Come at me Monday, you don’t scare me, I’m not afraid of you, get thee behind me satan, I’m coming for ya world and I’ve got my morning cup of joe made extra strong, with a pink donut in my other hand and a pinky steering my car, yeah that’s how brave I am Monday, so just come at me, make my day.”

Alright, perhaps you won’t get that enthusiastic about it, but who knows right? If Rebecca Black’s mom can pay for her daughter to have a $10,000 music video that makes her a one hit wonder then anything can happen, I failed to take into consideration that there are probably some of you who have no idea at all who that girl really is, well no need to worry, you aren’t missing much.


I understand that Monday’s can be extremely hectic for those that have to work and I’m sure traffic can be bad, with all of those angry drivers out there. Though it still amazes me how anyone could hate any kind of day no matter how hard or how ugly it may seem, here’s something for you to ponder, because that is exactly what my blog posts are all about right? To get people to open up their minds and think about everything going on around them, to think about the absolute obvious that they sometimes ignore due to however hard or horrible it is that their day may be, because if you think about this then perhaps you will leave here kicking.

My Great Grandpa’s favorite scripture in the bible was Psalms 118:24, no matter how bad the day might have been outside, if it was raining or sunny it did not matter to him, because he believed fully (as do I) that each day is a day of which the Lord himself has made and it does not matter how bad that day may seem, how rough it may start out or even how horrible it may end, what matters is this simple fact. If you were to go out to a wild forest all by yourself and sit there in the center of it or if you were to go out in the middle of 1,000 acres and have some nice little talk with God, then you would notice that there isn’t a bad thing out there, it’s all of God’s beauty and it is all of his beautiful creations that he spoke into existence.

Isn’t that amazing?

In Conclusion:

This is the day which the Lord has made, let us all rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it, let us rest assured in the one true fact that no matter what this day may throw at us we are blessed beyond measure to know that Jesus Christ is in this day, he is watching over us and he has his arms wrapped around us and he is leading us through every path it is that we might take today and he will not lead us in the wrong direction, he will not take us down any road that we cannot handle, times may be rough now and then, and we might even get some battle scars along the way but let us know that he has already gone before us and he has already won the battle, we just need to stick it through.

Thank you all so much for joining me today and I hope you leave here with enough strength and encouragement to face this cruel world, knowing that it isn’t the day itself that is bad, it is a certain amount of people and this wicked world that causes this day to only ‘seem’ bad and knowing these things will help you to carry on with a great amount of strength and will power, until we meet again I hope that you don’t overdose on coffee today trying to make it out alive, overdose on Jesus instead because he’s far better than any caffeine or any drug, he is the ultimate high and he will fill your heart and mind and soul with peace and strength to press forward.

God bless and SHALOM –

The Name…


Welcome once again to my humble abode, I hope that everyone is seeing the brighter side of their day and if they aren’t I would just like a moment to present to you one bright side of everyday!


Jesus! That’s right, Jesus Christ is the brightest side of everyday that we will ever have on this very earth as long as we shall live and even after this life to infinity and beyond, but how many of us ever take in the true power and meaning of that name, how many of us ever take in the true power of our Lord Jesus Christ and savior? Now I’m sure many will say ‘It’s just another one of the many names that God has chosen to call himself.’ but this is one of the very last names that God has decided to choose for himself to show us how great and true he really is, this is the very name where he clearly states all throughout the bible the true name of his true form and of his magnificent power.

We can read in verses below that ALL power in heaven and EARTH has been given unto the name of Christ, not just ‘some’ or a little bit of heavenly power and strength but ALL.

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Matthew 28:18 K.J.V.

Now isn’t that just an amazing thing that Jesus  is so much more powerful then most of us can even imagine, I mean, even if we believe we have it figured out about him and even if we do we still can not even begin to fully comprehend the wonderful acts that he can pursue or how glorious he really is.

For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. –
Colossians 2:9 K.J.V.

He IS the fulness of the Godhead, when I think of Christ I often think of these two words put into a perfect harmony in my mind that ‘HE IS’ because we can go over the many names for Christ, or we can even go over his many attributes of pure greatness and majesty, but when it all really comes down to it if we don’t recognize that Jesus Christ ‘IS’ then I’m afraid we are missing out on everything.

And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. – 1 Timothy 3:16 K.J.V.

One of my very favorite verses when it comes to describing to us who Jesus Christ really was in this life and in the next, he WAS GOD, manifested in the flesh, justified in Spirit, the angels seen him, he preached unto Gentiles, believed on in this world, and received up into glory, it very well states that this was God, so who else could it been?

But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. – 1 Corinthians 8:6 K.J.V.


Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: 

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: – Colossians 1:15-16 K.J.V.

He IS our one God, the Father, whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus, by whom are all things, and we by him, I don’t know about you but for me when we really grab a hold of it’s true meaning it ought to really make us joyful inside, knowing that we know such a great and mighty God that has such power where with him ALL things are possible. 

Amen He IS

I don’t know about you my friends but I am sure very grateful that God took it upon himself to come to this earth in human form to bear the worlds sins on the cross so that we might be saved – (1 Peter 2:24) I am exceedingly glad that he did these things, and furthermore let us know that there is NO  other name by which we MUST be saved.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12

Praise God and amen for that, we also can learn so much more from his name but I try to keep my  blog posts around 1,000 words or less, but to just make one more point I would also like to try and mention that we will also suffer great persecution for his name sakes, it truly is ALL found in HIS name everywhere we look in the bible.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. – Mark 13:13 K.J.V. 

And they called them, and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus. – Acts 4:18 K.J.V.  (Seems to me this is still happening a lot today, even in some of the ‘Churches’)

Preaching in Jesus name caused the apostles to be imprisoned and martyred, we are no greater or no less than them, and in these days there are still many brothers and sisters in Christ who take the persecution bravely and boldly for his names sake’ let us not forget them ever. 

In Conclusion:

Jesus – The NAME of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, he holds ALL power in heaven and in earth, he IS the I AM and the I AM HE. We must not forget these things, we must always be in the remembrance of such power in his name, you know there is the old Gospel song that puts it this way – JESUS – There is SOMETHING, about that name, if and only if we could all just fully – grasp the entirety of what that something really is, perhaps then we could have our eyes completely opened to his truth.

The conclusion of this post will be shorter than the other ones in the past, but that is only because I think that I have covered all the bases and the above paragraph not including everything else is above and beyond ENOUGH and ALL that anyone ever needs to know on the matter, because when it comes to our Lord Jesus, we NEED to know one valuable aspect and this very aspect where so many seem to lose sight of is this.


Until next time my long distant friends, I’m Nathan Tune signing off from the deeply Conservative pinewoods of East Texas, have a lot of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy and don’t forget to say thanks for all the little things in life.


My Shoes – Your Shoes


Hello there, I hope that every one of you are doing fine this day or whatever time it is that you choose to read this post, may you be richly blessed in his name alone, AMEN.


For today’s post I want to discuss the importance of wearing and being thankful for our own shoes that God has given us in our life.  Are you appreciative of the shoes that you have been chosen to wear? If not please do think on this for brief moment if you will, see if you’ve noticed my purpose isn’t to judge, condemn, or outright TELL anyone what to do, all I can do is present you the truths and hopefully you might pay attention and accept it for what it is and if you don’t then I have no ability or authority to make you do or believe anything else.

I have been given shoes to wear that have wore my feet out at times, they’ve left me blistered and sore and in terrible pain, they have given me comfort too, when I least expect they show me how much they really do help me, because someone that doesn’t have any shoes at all is put into my path by God and I am shown that there are others out there who have it a little bit worse then myself. Who knows, perhaps you’re reading this and you have a worst story than I do.

But do we really want to look at our life as a ‘bad story’ or do we want to look at the alternative which would be to view every event that we’ve endured as a great ‘testimony’ for Christ, do you truly believe that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose? Tell me if you really believe that today because I am absolutely certain that you would have to say ‘YES, YES AMEN!’

Then Think About This:

What if you would of had to endure something much worse than what you are facing at this very moment or what you have faced before? Try to put yourself in someone else’s position and see if you are able to walk a minute in their shoes, much-less a day or even a mile, could we really do it? Could we really survive in someone else’s trials and pain? Perhaps some of us could depending on what we have gone through, but say that those struggles were worse than anything that we have ever even imagined or endured, maybe we could make it through but we would come out thanking God for the shoes that he has given us don’t you think?

The other day when I was out I realized something very important, something that I needed to be reminded of because from time to time we can forget these things, with the pain from what my mother has done with taking that man back and forsaking all of us leaving a gaping wide hurting hole inside of us. I have to say that from time to time I get a little upset about it, (which is why I’m prone to getting a bit to emotional during family/Christian/Drama’s) but I was reminded that I am not the only person that is going or has gone through this type of hurt in my life and when I see something else going on in someone else’s life even if I don’t understand it I can feel their pain.

I may not be able to feel all of it, but I can feel some of it, especially when it is caused from the same type of situation that I have experienced, and I see the things I’ve went through and I know that I am blessed, I may wish things would have been a bit different from time to time or I may just wonder what things could have been like.

In Conclusion:

But I am always grateful for the shoes that God has given me, and when I see someone else hurting from any type of pain, or similar pain then it really hits home for me and I get nudges from God at times to go and speak to people to let them know that I’ll be praying for them or whatever I feel that God tells me to say, because I know myself what it is like.

Let’s all be grateful today my friends, you wear your shoes and I will wear my shoes and together we can clean each other’s shoes of all the mud, the grime and trauma that they might have went through during their time of hardships in this dark wicked world however let us know one thing that is the most important of all. God is always in control and whatever it is that is going on right now in our life, in my life and your’s you have got to remember that everything honestly happens for a REASON and a PURPOSE, a GOOD reason and a GOOD purpose.

I really do hope that today’s blog post has given you some type of insight on life in some way and until next time don’t forget that God loves you, he’s watching out for you, he’s got your back you belong to him and if you keep fighting the good fight of faith you will do alright.

Signing off from the East Texas Conservative Piney-Woods.




Welcome back to my humble abode once again, the internet is quite a strange place isn’t it, how could that even a possibility?

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Perhaps because it happens to be for the most part one of the freest places that there is left on this earth and you know what else I seem to find strange? It actually works, there’s all different ways for all of us to ‘connect’ with each other – no matter how far away from the other person we are.

It also gives us a bit of an opportunity to be someone that we can’t always be in real life, yeah you do get your online bullies, which for some cases can be the worst type of bullying and it’s a terrible thing and something that we should all stand up against and I believe that more and more, people really are.

However, I seem to be getting off subject, or am I? Perhaps I am just getting to another side of the issue maybe? The side where we can actually learn how to triumph over the most darkest times that we might ever face in our lifetime, but how exactly can we do this?

Sometimes, our greatest ‘Triumph’s‘ – may come, from our worst falls. – Nathan Tune

I believe this is rather true in many situations, and I say this not only to make a point of my own but I say this from what I have seen in my family’s life, it seems that our greatest triumphs always comes after our worst falls, and we for sure have had a few falls, many times I often wonder how we even got through like we did.

Blessed We Are –

I guess I would have to say that we are incredibly blessed, which so happens to bring me to my next point in this post – God – yes, that’s right ‘God’ what role could he have in ‘triumphing’ over ‘evil’ if any role at all right? Well, in my life he’s had an incredibly huge part in every triumph I’ve ever made.

Because I will not lie, I will not withhold the truth from my audience – (however big or small that may be) no I want to be completely honest with you and I couldn’t do that if I didn’t tell you that God has had a huge impact in helping both me and my family over come and triumph over the hardest times.

People ask me why I believe what I do, they ask me why It is that I so ‘foolishly’ (in their eyes) believe the gospel without giving much of a thought or question to what it says or about life in general and my answer to that is simple, I may not know all the answers to everything in the bible.

I may not know the counter argument to a wild-eyed atheist that wants me to bend to his will and lay down my belief in God and sometimes I may not even know how to properly defend what beliefs I have.

And That’s Ok:

Because here’s what I do know, I know enough of his word deep in my heart that I know he’s real from that alone, but I’ve not only got that, because you may think you’ve won me over because of some ‘clever’ rebuttal you throw at me and you might think that you got me pinned down on the floor crying uncle.

But guess what, you’re wrong. Because I may not be able to fully answer the questions you have, and I may even wonder them my own-self at times and that’s perfectly ok, but I have inside of me something that most people don’t have – and that would be an deeply rooted faith in God from having experience.

Experience in the miracles that he has performed in my life – experience from all the ‘worst falls’ he has brought us through.

In Conclusion:

Everyday we gotta get up and act as if it’s our birthday, act as if it’s the start of something new, because that’s really what it is if you think about it.

I always like to say this rather often – each sunrise is not the end of a day gone by, but the beginning of another day yet to come – well it’s something like that, my point is this though and I say this from a bit of experience as well.

The end is not the end, rather the end is just the beginning, it has often been said that life is like a book and we may go through chapters or pages in our life, but the book of ‘this’ life isn’t completely over until the end of our life on this side.

And even then, if you truly believe like me, it isn’t over.

So without further ado, I hope to leave you with new thoughts and new revelation about the subject of triumphing over the dark times in your life and I hope to leave you with that sweet and salty taste in your mouth that comes from some weird American-Chinese food dish.

Until next time –

I’m Nathan Tune signing off from deep within the conservative piney-woods of East Texas, wishing you and those around you, chili cheese burgers, fries, Dr. Pepper and love.


Be Grateful…


Hello there again my long distant friends, brothers, sisters, webanites, internetonions and alien life forms from the far off outskirts of the universe.

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I am Optimus prime, (no just kidding, I just really like saying that) today I would like to talk with you about being grateful for whatever it is that you have, I myself have grown up learning that even though one might not have much they in many cases have more then others, because when we didn’t have much I knew that we had far more than others might have had. We had food on our table (we actually had a table, yes it was a little cramped but we had one) we had a nice place to eat.

We had mostly all of the necessary organs and parts of our body to function properly, not a limb missing, we could talk, see, smell, hear and walk. It seems to me that aside from just being ‘sorta’ poor we actually had it made compared to others don’t you think that’s a little bit true? Because I most certainly do, but most importantly above and beyond we had something else, something much far greater, we had Jesus Christ (which we still do)


Really friends, just think about it would you? Could you even begin to think about it for one moment about how great you actually have it even though in other areas of your life things might not be going exactly as you want them to go? I hope you can, because I know many of us can and many of us can’t, but there is a very great importance in actually acknowledging these things.

What if (now I know I’m not for playing the ‘what if’ card but just bear with me for a moment could you?) what if you was to wake tomorrow not being able to hear, what if you hadn’t the ability of hearing anymore? Or even worse, what if you lost both your hearing and your sight in the same day, could you even imagine those things for just one minute or do you not want to?

Of course you don’t want to imagine these things, none of us does because to all of us these things are precious to us, sadly we just do not understand it until they are taken away from us – like the old saying goes ‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.’

That just couldn’t be any truer, we often complain that we are in a horrible predicament, probably the worse type of situation in our lifetime and some of us may even go as far to say that we are in one of the worst predicament of ALL times, but do we really think that is true at all? Just how could we even dare be so selfish as to forget we are not the only people on this planet?

In Conclusion:

(Yes this is a shorter blog post than usually but I still think it has pretty signifiant value if I do say so myself, now moving on.)

You, me, whoever, are obviously not the only people on this earth and we have to constantly realize that because we may have our own share of dark troubling times but we aren’t the only ones experiencing grief, heartache, pain, hurt.

And there are others out there that may have even experienced some of the same things that we have, we just need to try and find them so that we can both comfort each other and they may end up helping us or we may end up helping them or who knows, we may end up helping each other all at once.

Whatever happens I know this, I know that I am grateful that I have the glorious ability to smell things such as the magnificent aroma of bakeries and pizzerias or subway (like the food chain) and so many other great things and even more so I’m grateful that I am able to TASTE those things! Seeing them, smelling them, feeling them and even hearing them cook, it’s all so beautiful.

Vibrant colors, exotic tastes, just imagine if all of that was taken away from us because I just can’t, and even though every so often there may be hard times for me and my family to face, I am grateful having been blessed with so much more than I ever deserved.

Think about that.

What are you blessed with?




Good Monday to you all, I’m back yet again for another magnificent and awesomely written blog post of the day, get comfortable.


I have discussed many things with you the past two weeks, but for this one in particular I would like to go over the importance of what true courage really is, where it really comes from and what exactly it takes to find it deep within ourselves even though times can be incredibly difficult and scary at times there have been so many who reach deep down to only pull out incredible courage.

But where does this come from? For many it comes only from the fact that they would rather die trying to face and defeat those of their enemy (rather that be enemies inside, spiritual, or physical) then not having faced them at all and for others their courageous acts can only come from God because they are scared like no one else deep inside, but they bow their knees in seek of a much higher power.

From a war-point Courage means so much, but what about from just your average ordinary guy point? Does courage really mean anything then? Well, it does but it isn’t often put to use because so many of us spend most of our lives thinking that – ‘Well someone else will do it’ – ‘I don’t have to, I can’t’ but did you know that we are meant to be of courage for Christ? We were all made to be courageous and strong, however not all of us can, but many of us must.

Good Must Rise Higher:

I was standing in the kitchen the other day washing the dishes and this thought came to my mind while I was improvising a speech that I might make as President someday (God forbid I ever have to lead us either in our out of some terrible war – Oh yes, I plan on running for POTUS one day too) and in this speech the main point was this.

When ‘evil‘ rises – good – must rise higher. – Nathan Tune

How true that really is, in our time now all we see for the most part is how quickly and high the evil of our time is continuing to rise more and more. And we aren’t really seeing any of the ‘Good’ rising at a higher rate than the evil at all and that’s because people seem to have grown weak and I’m not even talking about from a global or even a scale as far as war.

I’m talking about inside of our Churches as Christians, I often try to keep things as Christian, as life related and as politically related that I possibly can because I believe that for us as Christian, though most importantly and firstly above and beyond is Christ in the end is the only thing that matters – it doesn’t mean that we should be so insane -ly to the darkness of our time, because we are meant to be involved in these things.

It has been often said throughout history that ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing’ now – I’m only paraphrasing there but you perfectly understand what it is that I mean and hopefully you can understand the meaning of it’s importance to stand up courageous for God when it truly comes time to defend him, we must at all cost.

In Conclusion:

Courage is there for us all, but some of us cannot channel it like the others might be able to, which is why it is up to us to help those who can’t find their inner courage on their own by rising up for them and lead the charge for – TruthLoveBoldness – and above all other things, GOOD.

We as Christians may not think it but most of our darkest times only comes from some of our greatest mistakes, now God loves us greatly he does and he would never put us in harms way, but so often we can find ourselves in troubled times simply because of our own free will that he has given us. Because his will isn’t always on our mind and I have seen people say that God want’s us to have what we want to which is most certainly true.

He want’s us to have our hearts desires, but he also said that if we are willing to put him FIRST in everything then he will bless those efforts and he will always give us what we need, but it’s so easy to get lost along the way and we ourselves can cause complications that had nothing to do with God at all.

He will do his part most definitely, but WE must do ours. 

I hope today’s post has helped you in some small way or a great way – either way the message is still the same, stand up and fight for what you believe with great Courage, because GOD is with you.

Until next time, I’m Nathan Tune signing off from the deep East TX Conservative piney-woods, have a great day, eat lots of cookies and have some ice cream too. It makes for a great day.


He Is Risen!


Greetings my fellow comrades, soldiers in Christ’s Army, friends, foe, brothers, sisters and all other alien life forms alike, welcome back.


Well today is ‘Good Friday’ meaning that this Sunday will be the day most all Christians and most all the world even if they aren’t saved will and might recognize the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I would just like us all to reflect upon on that one amazing moment in history for a short period today if that can possibly be so, then lets get on with it.

I’m sure many might wonder how we are going to reflect upon an event that happened long before any of us was born and while it might be difficult it most certainly isn’t impossible, mean, having been giving his Holy Word to study and learn about the wonderful things that he has done for us as Christ our Lord then it becomes rather easy to recall the story in the bible about the day of his crucifixion which would of been on a Friday, and then the wonderful event of his grand resurrection.

Which from scripture we can tell would of happened on a Sunday morning because it says in his word it was the break of Sabbath and that would have been Saturday, now with today being the 1st day of his main plan for our Salvation as humanity I would like to briefly go over some of the things which Christ would have had to of endured during his crucifixion for the atonement of our sins, our sicknesses and all our diseases which are healed because of him alone.

Beaten And Ridiculed For Me, For You. 

It is very obvious in the scripture how horribly beaten and tortured it is that Christ was on that very day, he was beaten, whipped, made to wear a crown of thorns in mockery of his claiming to be the true messiah of the Jewish people, he was flogged until the flesh was coming off of his back and body until he was pretty much unrecognizable at that point.

One can only imagine such pain it must of been that he went through that day, we often have a hissy fit when we get a paper cut or when we are cutting roses and we get pricked from a single thorn we all know how incredibly intense the pain is from one prick of a thorn  you could only imagine the type of pain a whole crown of must of been like on your head after you had already been beaten so bad before and by those you came to help.

Let’s not forget one of the last parts where he had huge nails which were pounded into his hands and his feet, he was so weak and sick by the time it came to carry his cross to be crucified that someone from the crowd had to help carry it up there for him, we can comprehend every time that we might accidentally bump our hand while we are hammering something together from time to time and many of us say we feel the need to ‘curse’ at that very moment.

There are others who have accidentally shot nails through their hands or other places when work with the nail gun went wrong but surely we know our nails are much smaller then the nails would have been that they crucified Christ with was, and just think about this my friends, after enduring that much pain not once is there mention of Christ cursing or cursing those that were brutally killing him.

Yes, HE IS the King of Kings and God Almighty himself the only one who is completely perfect but we have to think about these things for just a moment my friends, God himself was in human flesh, he was walking around in human form with all the natures of that a human would have, he was able to hunger for food and thirst for water, he had the ability to be weakened throughout the day like anyone, we know from scripture that just like we are at times he even was tempted by satan, but he overcame those things.

We Can Too.

In Conclusion:

Christ said that this world would cause us heartache, pain and much worse than we could ever imagine, he said we would suffer for HIS names sake’ but he also said the not be afraid of these things because he has overcome the world.

If we truly believe that In Jesus we can find solace, Salvation, hope, peace, love and joy, then we will truly believe with everything in us that no matter how bad something is or how bad we are getting so awfully tempted and tortured by satan, we CAN overcome that because

‘Greater is HE that is in ME then he that is in the world’. 

I know many Christians don’t like to celebrate Easter or they think it is this demonic holiday or whatever and I know it’s true many of the holidays Christians celebrate are indeed of a demonic nature and you’re right ‘what’s bunny’s and eggs have to do with the resurrection of Christ?

Nothing really, not that I can think of, but I can’t think that it’s that bad or even bad at all, because I have the same thing to say about this as I did for Christmas.

Sure, it has a pagan origin, but you’ll not be able to make me believe that anyone in this world can tell you what origin that is, or that most people will even associate it with pagan unless it’s some atheist that is angry at God or some Christian that want’s to live completely under restriction from everything.

Because most people now recognize Christmas for the birth of Christ even though it isn’t and they recognize Easter for his Resurrection.

THAT is great.

Until next time friends, Happy Easter.


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