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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Change (Good or Bad?)


Quite the controversy, right? Almost as if we might be asking ourselves: “To change or NOT to change?” That is the question. Well, in reality change can be a little of both.


For most of us, change can bring inspiration, happiness, joy, comfort, peace, excitement, adventure and much, much more! Or it can bring us heartbreak, pain, discomfort, sadness, anger, confusion, etc.

Then there are the times that ‘change’ can bring us a little of both at the same time. When we close a chapter of a book there is always another chapter, right? Until the end of the book – then what happens? If you’re one that really loves to read, you’ll most likely pick up another book – just like that. So many times in life we face changes, big changes, small changes, many changes and few changes.

Change is a big part of our life. A big part. Yet we just continue to adapt to that and ‘go with the flow’. For some of us it’s easy to deal with this because we know change is just most of the time God’s way of saying…

“I know what I’m doing, trust me, I will take care of everything. You just wait and see.”

For others – they struggle with their change whatever it may be.


Sure is a lot of that in this blog post huh? I’ve been thinking the past few days and wondering why it is that we constantly freak out so many times when we are faced with sudden changes.

I, on the other hand, am used to changes of all kinds – little bumps in the road or huge dips in the valley whatever they may be. Good, bad. However they may come, we must just continue to trust in God and realize that though change for us at the time can feel bad it is most always good.

“The only thing that never changes is CHANGE itself.” – Matthew Tune

I have quoted that before in the past but that was a long time ago. Who remembers that, right? Though this does have some very significant meaning to it, obviously. I mean it’s an undeniable fact! With each passing day things are constantly changing! So fast that we can’t even keep up, what with all the new tech gadgets, breaking news. Storms, tragedies, triumphs, earthquakes loss of lives all across the world and more. It appears that change is happening rapidly, daily.

We never know what is gonna happen. It’s just like good ole’ Forrest Gump  said: Life IS like a box of chocolates and we never know what we’re gonna get! One day could be joys and happiness and the next day the sky could come crashing down on your head and the world could be very well be at its end. Nevertheless whatever the change may be, good or bad. We must continue to keep on moving forward and trusting in God that he will bring us through the good times and bad.

Because let’s be realistic. In our good times, we do face ‘some’ bad. But because the good is so overwhelming we let it go and are thankful for the good instead. Because the good is incredibly ‘great!’ But when things are going bad, that’s all we focus on. Even when God gives us something good we don’t recognize it nearly as much maybe not at all because the ‘bad’ is so overwhelming. No matter what though, good or bad. We gotta look at life and say: “Thank you” because we’re still here.

Always remember people: your end isn’t your END; it’s just the beginning of something great. I strongly believe that and I suppose you should too. It’s not a fantasy world, it may not be reality entirely but it’s something greater than both of them. It’s the power of God and that – that my friends, is very real.

God Bless Y’all!


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People Are Still Nice… Nice Indeed.


What an interesting week, huh? Only two more weeks until Christmas! So exciting isn’t it? You know, let’s focus for a minute about why I titled this blog post what I did…

Sky 1

Over the week, I got reconnected with a guy that I once met nearly FOUR years ago! Now, let me go into small detail about what point in my life that I was in when this meeting occurred.

It was during the time not long after my mom had left me and my family. As I was very devastated and had pretty much lost all hope in humanity, I still continued to move forward and to trust that God would take care of things and that he knew exactly what he was doing.

I joined the Boy Scouts wonderful association and I respect them all very much. On one Fall evening, I was to go with some members of my very small troop to this scouting event held by an elderly blacksmith and former Boy Scout. At this event, we were taught how to make knives and tomahawks! It was pretty cool. But what was even cooler to me at this event was this guy who was from another troop. He used to be a part of our troop but transferred to another not too far from the town our’s was located in.

At that point in my life, I didn’t have many friends. Never really had many friends actually and most people even my cousins and other relatives can just be down right mean and cruel – so I wasn’t too social with people, kept to myself, and just tried to do what needed to be done.

But, when someone’s as nice as my fellow scout Bryson Grabher is… It makes things a little different for me.  I take very kindly when strangers our kind to me. It just gives me hope, because…. Why be kind to someone you’ve never met? That means that there is hope for the world and that means that people are still nice. Very nice indeed.

I find myself finding more and more nice people with each passing day. People that aren’t just ‘nice’ but deep down inside they have something very special about them, something unique and wonderful. There are many people out there like that. And I’m proud to call some of those people my family, my friends, and acquaintances.

After meeting with Bryson, I tried to get connected with him, but… He wasn’t on Facebook at the time and I never really seen him again. I find it quite funny how it is that we lived in the same town almost two years after the scouting event and never ran across each other again. Interesting how that works, right?

Well, I’m thrilled that over the week I got the opportunity to connect with him again and I believe it’s safe to say that my new friend Bryson is one of those people who are very nice indeed with something special about them. We may not always fit in with the crowd, but sometimes as Martha Stewart would say “It’s a good thing” because sometimes…


These days isn’t something that people like Bryson, myself, and so many other very nice people out there should be in. I’m glad he continues to be his same, very nice self and doesn’t just follow in other footsteps of other kids his age. He doesn’t look at life and say: “Well, so many other kids are bad  in today’s world that they ruin it if I try to be nice at all and everyone will suspect I’m just like them so why try?” No, instead he goes against all that and strives to be better person, a kind person and a nice person.

Just another person out there that is proof of two very crazy cliches! All Kids these days are bad, all people are bad!

But people! That just isn’t true! So many people out there are incredibly exceptionally amazingly kind, nice and world changing people. The same goes for kids of all ages.

I’m proud to have met another one of those people and glad I can call them a friend. Kudo’s to you, Bryson!

So in conclusion of today’s blog post, I would just like this to be a reminder and encouragement to you to not give up just yet on people. Because there is hope. Always.

God Bless Y’all!


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Are People Still NICE?


Interesting question, right? I believe so. I feel that so many times in today’s day and time, because of how bad things are in the world, we may tend to fall for the absolute LIE that.


People aren’t good anymore. Everyone is out there doing bad. All teenagers and young people are dumb, stupid. Violent, drug addicts, good for nothing. Rapists, murderers… Hold on a second though, stop for just one second and look around. Is everyone out there really that bad? We tend to often think that because of how the news reports. And that is because most of the time news reports on how bad the world is becoming more and more each and every single day that goes by but we have to just stop for a few seconds and just realize how great people can be too.

Have you ever even thought about people? How great humanity can be, young, old… All kinds of races. Have you ever stopped to think about how wonderful people can be to each other? Probably not. But why? Perhaps it’s because in a world where all you see on the news is teenagers committing vicious acts of indecency it’s hard to believe that there is still any kind of hope for us as America, and for all mankind.

You know as well as I do that, not ‘EVERYONE’ out there is bad, not everyone out there is untrustworthy. Let me put it this way and turn the tables in some odd way that might make some sort of logical sense to you. In Massachusetts awhile back or some state like that, there was this big test and some of them failed. Ok, well because they failed they cancelled the awards ceremony for those who ‘DID’ pass. What does that say to those kids – the ones that came to school every day, studied hard, worked hard and showed themselves approved? What does that say to them? The same thing it does when we as a nation look at the news and say look at how bad things are, there isn’t a decent soul anymore.


Now I’m not saying that there ‘is’ people out there saying that. But, I can be a little like ‘most’ people and say well… It sure seems like it because most of the world is saying that. And it isn’t true. When we say that we have given up on everything and it’s not time to give up people! It’s time for us to be stronger than ever, standing tall and recognizing the good and saying. Thank You. Thank you for doing what is right.

Let me say: Thank you! I’d like to say thank you to a guy who works in Tyler Texas at a Super 1 Foods. Now.. I have no idea who this guy is, I’ve never seen him in my life and probably will never see him again. Maybe I don’t know.  But this appeared to be a guy that loved his job and genuinely was content with where he was. A young guy, maybe a little older than me but still.. In today’s world. People are nice… But do they always go out of their way? You walk into most grocery stores and can’t find a single soul to help you. I was getting some kale from the produce section and there was people everywhere. I couldn’t get to the bag it’s like all of a sudden they bombarded the produce section and I just had to wait for them to migrate out of the way.

I was holding the damp kale in my hand waiting patiently and looking for a bag. Before I knew it one of the workers there in produce came up to me and had a bag ready for me to place my greens.  Now… This may sound so stupid to some people, but maybe I’m different than other people. Maybe other people will say, he was just doing his job and yes. Yes he was. But at the same time. Even though he was doing his job, he didn’t have to go out of his way to make customers happy. Most people who work anywhere should care about their customers right? But a lot of times people don’t, again not to say those people aren’t nice because most the time they are. Just more than often they aren’t REALly nice.. And that’s what makes the difference. Genuineness in today’s world.

Thank You.

Thank you to everyone who makes the world a better place each day, without realizing it or without being recognized for it. Whether it’s by doing your job to the best of your ability with a genuine smile on your face or whether it’s just passing a smile along to brighten someones day. Thank you. And thank you to that guy who worked in the produce section at Super 1 Foods. His name was Davis I believe. I’m crazy I know but this has been with me every since it happened, which isn’t long it was yesterday but still… God lays things on my heart and this is what comes of it.

Don’t ever say that the world is completely going to hell in a handbag, because to answer my question at the beginning of this blog post. Yes..

People ARE still nice!!!


God Bless Y’all!


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Where Do I Belong?


Hello everyone! It’s me again, Nathan Tune. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I’d like to talk to you a little bit! That’s right, I’m back! As you know I’ve posting some stuff on here more and more and today I’d like to write a post the way that I used to!


The title of this blog-post is “Where Do I Belong?” It’s more of a question really rather than a title. But is the answer to that question? I know, do you? Now, in the small things in this life we don’t really know where it is that we belong, what kind of job we’re supposed to have, where we are supposed to live, what we are supposed to do, who we are supposed to meet, if we were supposed to meet the people that we did, and if we were even supposed to be born in the first place.

For a lot of people starting out in this world as their own individual self making it on their own, I can only imagine how hard that can be for them, but for those who don’t have to be thrown out into the bitter dark, cold, scary world without any help from anyone I know that it’s still a scary thing from them growing up.

As kids we wait our entire life to get to be an age where we can finally say “I’m all grown up!” But just because you’re of a certain age doesn’t necessarily prove that you have grown up. Because there is a difference in maturity and age. Most of this society just age and  no maturity comes with that time. I’m lucky and proud to know some good responsible people around my age that have struggled their entire life and working hard to make something out of themselves and are following their destiny.

All our life, we’re always trying to fit in. We are always trying to look cool for someone, and make a good impression on a certain group of people. Kid’s growing up in public schools really struggle with this area – people can cruel. So kids try to just go along with what’s cool and what’s cool can most the times be, dangerous, immoral, and illegal… But if that’s the case, then why isn’t somebody doing something about?!


Because nobody can change the way other people think, the way that other people act, how they talk, how they treat others or what they do to others. There can consequences for such actions but sometimes even the worst of consequences doesn’t change them! So where do we go from there? Far far worse then what we see now. If there isn’t a change at the time something bad starts in kids then it will just keep escalating until they will be too far gone for anyone to change them.

Kid’s wanting to fit in… It’s not worth, it’s not worth it at all! Who cares? The words, the torture, the ridiculing, it’s all just something from egotistical self-centered leeches anyhow. Why let them get the ‘BEST’ of you? Why let what they say get to you, change the kind of person that you are? It’s not worth it, just to get them off your back, just to fit in with the crowd. It’s NOT worth it! You know why?

Because this world is NOT where you belong! This is NOT where we belong.

They can take this world, all the low-life ridiculing mocking, sinful, wicked scumbag, egotistical self-centered leeches and cockroaches of the earth. If they don’t want to change themselves, if they just wanna be that way and put people down and be cruel harsh wicked and evil just for the fun of it then LET THEM!


They can have this wicked, cruel, dark and sinful world! Because my bible tells that this world is not where we belong it tells me that we may be in this world but we aren’t of it, we are just a stranger traveling though a poor wayfaring stranger traveling through this world of woe! So they can take this world, let them have it! I don’t want it!


This world isn’t where we belong. YES, we have a purpose in this life. We all have a purpose, a BIG purpose in the eyes of God. We ALL have a part in glorifying his kingdom. He is calling to all of us, but the question now is:  Will we answer to that call?

So many times in life we try to fit in, we try to figure out our purpose, where we belong. When all along. Our purpose, is right there, calling out to us the whole time. Where we belong isn’t anything to do with this world, so we will never fit in.

We’ve just gotta hold onto Jesus and do what it is that he’s calling us to do and no matter how hard things may get no matter how much punishment, criticism or ridicule we have to take for it we must just keep moving forward and say:

“All I Know Is I’m Not Home Yet, This Is NOT Where I Belong”

God Bless Y’all!


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