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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

Merry Christmas!


Blessings and Shalom to you today. Merry Christmas and God bless. Today I would like to take the time to talk about this wonderful holiday that so many of us share.


Like many of us, I’m sure we can talk about our past Christmas experiences and make new ones this year. Will a dish turn out bad? Something that you decided you wanted to make at the last minute because you had forgotten or you just wanted to make it so you could surprise your family-  but instead it turned into a disaster. Now what some of us see as a ‘disaster’ and horrible and terrible and awful is what other people would be thanking GOD for!

So many times in life we take so many things for granted. We have so much is just right there so convenient for us but because we are the ungrateful people we are, we don’t appreciate those things today. I want to talk to you about some of my past experiences in my family and yes I plan on this having some type of a lesson in it that I do hope you take from it.

Celebrating Christmas

Over the years, we’ve managed to always have one good thing – and that’s the joy of celebrating Christmas. It’s always been a huge deal to me and my family. Even when we didn’t have much, we have always had enough. I can remember one time when it had been a pretty hard year and my mom got mad but later moved on from all of it and was happy too. My grandma let us open two presents on Christmas Eve! But it wasn’t that it was just ‘two’ presents, it’s that they were some pretty good presents too! I remember getting a city set with some toy trucks and cars and little people. It had a car wash and a little gas station and everything! I loved it! And to be honest, I still do! I have still got it to this day, for my 1/64 scale items.

Christmas has always been pretty good for us. Looking back, I don’t know how my family has managed to give us such good Christmas’s regarding our circumstances but nevertheless they have always been great. Not to say that they were like other families, extravagant decked out and normal… I don’t think I can say that about all of them honestly.

The last time I can remember us having a pretty ‘normal’ Christmas must of been 7 years ago when we lived in Doniphan, Missouri. We had a really nice home and the nice dishes, the silverware (that we still have it’s just packed) and all of that. Really nice Christmas decorations and all of that good stuff! And it was great… And then we have had Christmas with just our tree, not much of Christmas decorations, and no Christmas lights at all!

The first year we had moved to the Amish farm we had to eat out for the first time on Christmas ever! And my Grandma didn’t really like that. She didn’t know how to feel because she was used to doing all the cooking. It was still a good Christmas, though, and God is still good – no matter what! I look back and remember enjoying every single on of those Christmas’s.

And I believe this year I will do the same. This has got to be our most weirdest one of all time! We lost our oven four days before Thanksgiving (it blew up) and still don’t have one. I have been baking like crazy in a turkey roaster! That’s right, I’ve made biscuits and all of the Christmas dessert dishes pretty much. A homemade chocolate cake with some homemade chocolate icing. Droves of sugar cookies and brownies! I’m wiped out! But it most certainly has been good.

Because it doesn’t matter what you have or where you are. What matters is what you make of what you have and where you are. Make the best of it. Always.

Until next time my friends…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God bless!


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Merry Christmas Eve!


Hello, everyone – and Merry Christmas eve! I hope it is a very merry one for you this day, this hour and this very minute you are reading this very post about this very Merry Christmas Eve!


Who is excited about this Christmas!? Better yet, who is excited about the new year? Spending this time should be about love, kindness, sharing, giving and mending. It is very important that we begin practicing these good ole’ traditions more and more – no matter what! Especially since this world is turning into a dark evil and horrible little hole more and more that people can fall in to and seem to never get out of no matter how hard it is that they try.

But there most definitely is a way to get out of it! When we quit letting things like money, nice things, issues of the world and materialistic things control us. When we stop and quit letting those things revolve around our life and focus on what the good is that we have in life and in CHRISTmas then we can learn to live our lives and get out of that deep, dark hole the world really is.

There isn’t any thing pretty about the world, not at all. But there can be a whole lot of things beautiful about the ‘people’ in the world. Because none of us belong here; I have talked about this before. We all have a choice to make. The choice we make is left entirely up to us and us alone…

I hope someone out there – a lot of someones – have found that they can live their life out of this dark hole that this world really is. It isn’t that Christians go out and try to ‘recruit’ people to Christ more on Christmas than the rest of the year. Though it may seem that way and can be very possible some do! It is just that during the time of his birth is a whole lot easier for people to find him.

God bless y’all and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!


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Live, Laugh, Love.


Welcome, everyone! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Whatever time it is, wherever you are and whoever you are. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Live, Laugh, Love.

Today in my blog post I would just like to take a minute to talk about the 3 L’s. A few days ago  after receiving a huge thank-you from a good friend of mine, I had quite a bit of thinking to do. And I went to bed doing just that.

Sometimes we spend so much of our time and heart on people that don’t even appreciate what it is that we are doing. But because we are who we are it makes no difference to us because have learned to:


To the best of your ability and do the best that you can no matter what it takes or what goes on in our life. We must continue being who it is that we are. It doesn’t matter how other people are. What matter is how we are. Just like the image from Glenn Beck’s site says when he had that Restoring Love event awhile back. This is exactly what it takes. It truly IS our individual choices, how WE choose to live our lives that make the difference.

Sometimes we seem to get caught up in all of this world and begin to dwell way too much on how other people live their life. Well, that isn’t what matters. What really does matter, however, is what you are doing. How you are making a difference with the life you have made for yourself. Whether it’s a huge difference or just a small one, nevertheless -it’s a difference. The question is: is it a good one?

In today’s time people are watching everyone, it seems. You don’t really even try to make somebody else’s day brighter. You just have to put a little effort forth and that small amount of effort from your part will mean much more to that one person you may have been avoiding for so long. Because your caught up in trying to be there for someone else. But the fact really is, we need not just to be there for one single person but everyone we can as well.. Because sometimes, what you do and who you are, the way you live your life. That will mean so much more to some people then it will others.


Like there’s no tomorrow, at every little thing. Silly, stupid, crazy, whether it’s the way the snow falls on your roof (if you live in a snowy area) or whether it’s the way that the rain pitter patters on your roof when coming down. Just laugh, and don’t let anything get you down. When something goes wrong, laugh. When that person flips you off on the freeway, laugh. When those people come flying by you yelling and ranting angrily in their car, laugh – because life is too short not to laugh.

If you don’t laugh now, when will you laugh? Stop wasting time; start laughing now. Like when you go outside to get a package from the FedEx man and then come back in your house and then you hear honking like crazy and you go back out to find that the FedEx man is stuck in your drive way and you’re having to pull him out of your driveway ditch. Then it turns out that you can’t get him out so your grandparents get home from town and pull him out. Just laugh, because it’s not everyday that the FedEx guy get’s himself stuck in your driveway. That sure was a first! HAHA! And most importantly…


As if you have never loved before, love with a deep desire to be a better person each day and with determination to make the world a better place with each breath you may take.

There are many ways to show love; though it is something that cannot be easily explained for some people, it really isn’t hard for people to feel. People know when you are a loving, caring and kind person. People know when you get up trying make a difference with love.

If there’s never been a better time for this, I believe it would be now. The time my friends is now.

“Live, Laugh, Love”

By doing these three simple things with each passing day, you’re making the world a better place and blessing people around you beyond your wildest beliefs. Take the time to ponder on my blog post to day and after your done thinking.


Merry Christmas everyone! Until next time! Shalom and God bless!


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Tune Radio


Good morning, good afternoon, God bless! This blog post is gonna be a little different. I’d like to introduce to you the news of creating my social media sites for Tune Radio!

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 8.37.21 AM

I have been working on this for quite sometime now and was undecided for awhile on whether or not I wanted to make a totally separate social media site – especially for my radio station. It becomes a lot to manage but I thought on it and I figured that well, I am very determined to make this my job. One way or another that is exactly what I intend to do! 2014 is going to be filled with many adventures and many accomplishments – for me and my family.

I have been saying this all along that 2014 is and will be the year of deliverance for God’s people. The time to make things happen is NOW. I don’t know exactly how I am going to make my radio station my job. I don’t know how all the things I feel to happen in 2014 will happen. But I do know that I know a man who can! Amen!?

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 8.37.33 AM

If you are reading this and you have a social media site/profile such as Facebook or Twitter then please go and like @Tune_Radio on there and I’ll have the links posted below for both of those. Everything that I intend to do with Tune Radio will be much more than my personal stuff. That’s why it’s titled “Tune Radio” – it’s not just gonna be for my broadcasts alone but It’ll be for so much more later on to do with my stuff, my programs and my family’s stuff. It’s all just a simple matter of  time, my dear friends. And you can be a part of this while it’s still new and fresh! You, my friends, can build this now!

Like And Follow “Tune Radio”



Until tomorrow.. God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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Welcome To America, Jack!


Oh! MERRY CHRISTMAS by the way – and HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY New Year! Why hello, everyone! I pray that you are blessed today and enjoy yourself!


Today I’d like to give my thoughts on what is happening to Phil Robertson about his religious beliefs as they are many Christian’s beliefs as well. I’d like to just say here I most certainly stand by Phil with this one and I am excited to keep updated with the latest news and information on this story! It is a very exciting thing! But at the same time it is a very stupid thing…

What’s wrong with him saying what he said? It isn’t like he said it during one of the recordings. He said what he said when he was point blank asked. And because of it, he has lost his job? Now I know that A&E they reserve the right to hire and fire the people they choose but… Think about it for a moment. Isn’t this discrimination? Isn’t this hate towards Phil Robertson and the rest of us that support the Bible and stand up for those beliefs and moral values this country was founded on?

I believe that it’s more than most of the time  that when somebody who states the belief it is they have and if it happens to be from the Bible everyone has a very big problem with it. But on the other hand, people like Oprah Winfrey can wish death on a race her being one of the BIGGEST racists in this country she can win a noble prize! But somebody simply states their CHRISTIAN belief when asked, they are all of a sudden the bad ones?


Open your eyes, people! Look at what we are becoming; look at how insanely crazy this is! Remember, think back to what it is that America really is! My thoughts, my opinion? My belief on it all? I stand with Phil on what he said and believe the same thing as a lot of ‘real’ Christians do as well. As for the way people are treating him for it this is what I believe. We don’t hate those, we don’t mistreat those we do not agree with, we don’t torment. We simply just have a difference of opinion.

I believe that we should ALL get to voice our opinion and be who it is that we are! Because that is exactly why this country was founded. Yes there are laws, but the freedom is being taken away from US more and more and by US I mean the ones who are the ONE NATION UNDER GOD in this country! How dare people say we aren’t that anymore! Because we are! And I’d like to say to everyone!

Welcome to America, where we ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL! Where we ARE Christians, where we most definitely do celebrate Christmas and where we say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, NEW YEAR!



God bless y’all!


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Well then…


Well hello and Merry Christmas, everyone! Six days until the big day now, isn’t it? I’m beginning to run out of things to talk about, or at least that is how I feel at the time.


I doubt that I will ever really run out of anything to write about or talk about it is just a matter of the inspiration that will show me how I want to form these words to get them out to all of you. It can be tricky sometimes, this appears to be one of those days. Other times this can just come naturally for me.

Some people don’t like to write at all, other people hate to write and then there are those who love, love, love to write! I do enjoy writing little things here and there. I do have to say that my first 30 days of daily blog posts  were truly blessed that’s for sure. There just isn’t any way possible that I could have alone written those blog posts. I thank God for the daily inspiration. And ask him for more as I’m trying to finish up this year.

So I didn’t really title this blog post at all. I like to write something that will be very  encouraging and uplifting for people. Something that will make them face the day with a new perspective on things. Hopefully something that will give them a new approach on life, you know? But sometimes, all of that can get a little hard!

Here’s something to think about today that just came to me, before I get on that let me graze off into another point. I try to plan these blog post ahead as best I can not just my blog posts though but everything else as well. I like to have it planned way before the time comes. But sometimes that is just impossible so I’m left trying to cram something in at the last few minutes. So sometimes I just start writing and ask that God will have me say what is is he would have me to say.

Today though, let’s think about something he just brought to my mind… What the title of this blog post really should have been in the first place actually..

Being ‘Positive’ in a ‘Negative’ World.

You see, the title makes a lot of sense. To me anyways. If you look at this life we as Christians are supposed to look at life then the ‘WORLD’ no matter how we view it in reality it seems it happens to be a very ‘negative’ place right? Think about all of those places in the bible where it talks about the world not being our home how it is that we don’t belong here!

This world is a big NEGATIVE for us as Christians right? And it proves to be that way more and more. What with all the wild eyed liberals today that are attacking us more and more. Intolerant beasts that’s what it seems right? They say WE are the intolerant ones? They say WE push our religion down peoples throats? Ok.. Well, what about them? They don’t do ANYTHING wrong now do they? No… Except how many of you Christians out there are tired of having ATHEISM rammed down your throats?

Well let’s get off that rant, though it did have a lot to do with what I’m about to say. We, as Christians, have a duty to be a light in dark world, to be positive in a negative world and to love in a hateful world. No matter what. And I know it is quite difficult I know but no matter what like I said before. We gotta ask God for guidance and wisdom, trust in him and believe he’ll have us say what it is that he would have us to say.

Merry Christmas Y’all and God Bless!


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Good Day!


Hello, everyone! Christmas is just around the corner, isn’t it!? Amazing how quickly time passes us by? It seems to fly by quicker and quicker with each passing day, right?


Today I’d like to talk to you a little about something that happened to me awhile back on one of my birthday’s. I can’t remember how old I was turning but it couldn’t have been more than 9 or 10 – maybe even younger. It was a while! Anyways, what made me thing ok this moment was watching an episode of Duck Dynasty last night.

Have you ever seen the episode where Uncle Si wins the purple gorilla at the Chuck E. Cheese type place? It was hilarious! Willie said that he took John Luke there when he was 8 years old and now John Luke is like 18 and that gorilla was STILL there! Haha! But he did in the end win it some how, $200 worth of tokens helped I’m sure.

Anyhow, I was at a Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday one time and there was this kid there and I swear, when he’s able to. He probably is now, but this kid could score the jackpot every time. It was crazy! And he’s probably turned out to be one the best gamblers there is. No joke, although…. Hopefully not. But I guess that’s what you get when you give kids their own Casino.

So he asked me if he could use some of my tokens. I was at a machine having quite a bit of trouble with it and getting frustrated. I wanted some tickets! Well, he said to me that if I let him have some tokens to play he’d get me tickets. And sure enough he did. He helped me win quite a lot of tickets and he even showed me how to play the game a little better. I don’t where he came from or who he was but it was crazy. I loved it actually.

That’s just another thing I look back on in my everyday life. Another situation that where I ran across someone that I am reminded every day. Like I said really is just crazy how that works and you can’t help but wonder where those people are now? I mean, it just makes you wonder: How did they turn out? Let me share another store while I’m on this..

Encounters With Strangers…

That’s what this blog post should have been titled in the first place. There is a point. It seems to me that all the ‘kid’ strangers I ran into as a kid were incredibly nice to me. Now we all know it could have been a very different story right? Because back then too – but even worse today – kids can probably be the meanest people on earth? Right? It could be quite accurate. Onto my next encounter though.

This one isn’t gonna be as long… I was at a Wal-Mart from my hometown around the bootheel of Missouri, not IN the bootheel just up above it a little. And I was in the electronics where I still usually go first when I go to any store. That is, though, if they even have that section. I was looking around and there was this blonde guy and I can’t remember how it is that we got to talking. I think we were both having some trouble finding our parents. His Dad and my mom and grandma. We talked quite a little bit – strange to me how that even happened.

We were sitting at the front on the bench waiting for his dad to come and he did then he left and that was last time I ever seen him. I don’t remember his dad much at all. But that crazy experience has stuck with me for years now, that had to be just a little before or after the encounter with the kid at Chuck E. Cheese.

Either way, little encounters like that after all these years just gets me to thinking every now and then: where are those people? The kid I met at the kid casino or the kid I met at Wal-Mart who was looking for his dad? The guy who worked at the zoo? And so many more little encounters with strangers.. Where are they? Are they still nice?


What are some of your little encounters with people that seem to have crazily changed your life? Do you ever wonder about that person you met while out at town shopping for dinner? That crazy person, or that person lit up the room?

Think about that…

And those ‘good’ encounters with strangers. That will remind you that, maybe just maybe. This world isn’t so bad after all.

God bless y’all!


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Why, howdy everyone! In today’s blog post I would just like to write about daily life in these  past couple of days – in my life and around the world.


I guess that’s what I do every time I write one of these, isn’t it? Well, I can’t seem to escape the way that I feel about certain things, certain issues and how stuff can just grab a hold of me and stays with for so long like it does. Good things though, that’s not too bad. Things like the little kids in school that protected their little friend against the bully. The one about the boy who returned the money to the elderly woman that his dad had stolen from her.

And so many other great things. I have been talking lately that it’s important that we just, sit back during this time of the year especially. And just sit back, but quit sitting as well. You know? Perhaps not. We need to slow it down this time of year and just sit back and look at the world around us and we need to realize that we are not the only ones here. There is other people out there. Possibly with even bigger problems than us.

Because we all know that the truth is.. We ALL have problems, others just have bigger ones than others. But when it’s YOUR problem it’s big to YOU isn’t it? Ok, well just imagine that YOUR problem was that much BIGGER. Because we aren’t the only ones dealing with struggles trials and tribulations and another thing most people get wrong is that Christians don’t go through any of that. That we are just immune to it because of God. Wrong!


Christians Do Struggle!

So many times throughout life people think that just by taking to Jesus it will keep them from all these struggles and pains that life has to bring. And more then most of the time people sell out Christ to be that way. But that isn’t the entire true case. Because we all struggle and go through heartache, even people who have Jesus…

Except there is one difference, a BIG difference. With Jesus, we know that we can get through it because we know that with men, through ourselves alone it really is just impossible. But with GOD ALL things are possible! And it’s true! No we aren’t spared from ‘all’ of life’s heartache and struggles – but because we allow Jesus to lead us and guide us through life, we make it through and we have the most important things life has to offer.

Peace, Happiness, Love, Comfort, Calmness in the storm and the most important.. Unspeakable JOY! Joy. As that scripture says the JOY of the Lord is our strength! And it is. So many times these people out there doesn’t want us to mention any bit of negativity at all like the stepford church world or something. There is a quite a big difference in “ignoring” your troubles and getting “through” your troubles. Because we can’t just ignore them. They are there. And they are very real.

But because we have Jesus Christ, we don’t have to worry so much about them because he’s got everything under control. Amen?

God Bless Y’all!


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The other day I was watching a movie with my family and my mom pointed out this character who looked like someone from a zoo I went to for my birthday several years ago.


The mention of him got me to thinking… It’s so crazy how people you don’t even know, people who don’t know you, people that you have never met before in your entire life and people that you will probably never ever see again can stick with you for so long. Now…

People can have a pretty small, but memorable, impact on your life. So many times in life we meet all kinds of people – good and bad. On both happy and sad occasions, energetic and outgoing. Tired and introverted people. Those people can have a big impact on our lives or just a little impact. But however big the impact or small that person will always stick with us for the rest of our lives. No matter how old we are or how young when we meet them, no matter where we are or what time it is. You never forget the people who make a small difference.

This kid, he was one of the good people; I believe. The good people out there in the world that I’ve been trying to encourage you all to believe that are still out there. They are! And I’d like to share a story with you about another one of those people. I do hope that this guy is still a good hard-working person as he was when I was visiting a zoo in Strafford, Missouri for my 13th birthday.

I wanted to ride the camel. This kid was working there and he got me all set up and I was so high up in the air it seemed. It was crazy. I had ridden a big tall horse before but never a camel. You can almost feel like your on top of the world. It was crazy. Anyhow he lead the camel around in circles and talked with me a little and I asked him some questions about the camel and he answered I can’t quite remember all that we discussed but then he told me that he really didn’t like it when the camel would sneeze on him because snot would just go everywhere. Disgusting, right?

He was working there to help pay himself through college, I believe. I can’t entirely remember what it was he was going to school for but that moment has stuck with me my entire life. That guy has stuck with me every since that day nearly 7 years ago… Now, there has to be something special about a person like that, that they can stick with you for so long. Right? Well maybe you think I’m crazy but things like this just gets my blood pumping. Yes I am sucker for a good Hallmark movie and I thrive on good stories that have to do with real, pure, genuine wholesome goodness.

True stories, though, are pretty much always the best. Some of them don’t always end good. But for the most part they do and they can be very encouraging and inspiring for us all. Well friends, in today’s blog post I’d like to issue another thank-you and this time a prayer towards the guy who was working when I got to ride the camel at the Strafford, Missouri Zoo.

I pray that he is still a good,hard-working guy and that he made it to where he wanted to get in life and if things changed along the way I would just like to ask that God be there with him and guide him in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Keep strong, love God and believe.

Until next time friends….

God Bless Y’all!


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Blessings To All!


Isn’t Christmas time just a very wonderful time of year? I think so! I think so very much indeed! You know, I think it’s incredible how much love can quickly be turned to hate during this holiday of love, kindness, sharing and most importantly – GIVING!


Not just material items but giving of yourself, giving your heart to people and doing the right thing. I think that even though this world is spiraling down to a deep dark pit of turmoil, heartache, pain and hatred… It is just as quickly spiraling upward to peace happiness, kindness, joy and love. Some people may think I live in a fantasy world.

But let’s think about it… God didn’t give up on the world, so why should we? And yes I know the story of Noah’s Ark, but because he promised to never do that again.

He sent his only son to earth-  God himself in the flesh – to be a witness and example for us of what life should really be about. A man that practiced  love and still managed to get his point across that he most certainly hates sin. But, he doesn’t want to see the sinner go to hell, so he died on the cross for our sins so that we may be saved from that horrible treacherous place. He paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Now, I say constantly that:

“Just because he died on the cross for our sins doesn’t mean that was a compromise of sin.”

It is very clear in the Bible that we must put off all things of the old man and all things need to become new and we have to make that happen. There is no compromise of sin – only FORGIVENESS of sin.

Now, back to my original story. I feel that in this holiday even though it may not seem like it, there are still people out there who are caught up in the spirit of the holiday and do good. Some of it is just to make themselves feel good others, it’s because they truly enjoy being a blessing to all!

But there are good genuine kind hearted folks out there, so we can’t give up just yet – especially during this holiday season. I know it seems like I have talked a lot about both good and bad people often lately but that is because it is such a growing matter and I am determined to share the good news of the Gospel with others and encourage them to share it as well and to not give up on humanity just yet.

The time is now; someday is now. God needs his people more than ever to stand up and say: I believe; I will follow you and I will not give up the fight. If there would of been just one person left in the world that had gotten saved from the gospel of Christ or a million. It wouldn’t have made any difference to him.

He would have still did what he had to do. And if he had looked at the world said: “This isn’t worth it. They are all horrible people that will never change.” Well then I and so many others wouldn’t be here today where we are. I have a question to ask you for whenever you look at people in the world and say that they’re no good.

“What did you do? What kind of person were you?”

Chances are, you weren’t a very good person. None of us are. But because of God’s amazing grace and his love. We have the opportunity to be better with each day he blesses us with.

Remember the true reason for the season people! Blessings to you all and never forget that yes, there is still many of us out there that genuinely enjoy BEING a blessing to all!

God Bless Y’all!


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