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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalms 118:24 (KJV)

God, Hear The Children


I am starting off another week with the same thought on my mind. I guess I can’t help but think about this subject due to experience in my life and the fact that I’ve been raised in a family that has always been reaching out to others.


Before I was even born, my grandparents were helping people – even before they got saved. And because of this, I have a heart for people as well. Not only because of what has been instilled in me by them but also it is due to the fact that I have had some experiences in my life that I can relate to others, children especially, which brings me to the title of my blog “God Hear The Children”.

So in a sense, this is another prayer. I was out in my bus room the other night praying and God spoke to me and I was moved and the plea came out for God to hear the children’s cries.


“The problem isn’t that God doesn’t hear the cries of the children, the problem is many people choose to ignore the crying children.”Nathan Tune


This at first was an indefinite statement to me and then I began to ponder what God was trying to tell me even more. It isn’t that he wanted to tell me this for my own self but so that I could share this message with everyone. Though this is not the first time I’ve mentioned this subject, it most definitely will not be the last. I will say it again and again throughout my course of time so that everyone gets a chance to hear me and also a chance to hear the cries of the children. Because as what God explained to me, it isn’t that he doesn’t hear the cries of the children, it’s just that many people choose to ignore the crying children.

But why? How could we turn and look away from such an innocent child? We see a situation and choose not to get involved because we either fear it will make things worse or that it won’t do anything at all, but like a said before all that is necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to sit back and do nothing. Good men and women sit back and do nothing all the time, and by sowing a field full of nothing what will you have to harvest? NOTHING!


From Nothing Comes Nothing

But when you decide to make a stand and step in where you feel God is calling you to be, then that is when good will begin to prosper. Everybody gets all caught up in their lives. I know we aren’t supposed to judge others and worry about what they are doing but the thing is, that doesn’t mean we are to forget others completely. Jesus wants us to love everyone and be there for those who need us and to go out into the highways and the hedges. It’s all good to go to church and learn what the bible teaches but what good is having that information if it is never going to be put to use?

When the Pastor tells us to that God commands us to love one another, the bible means that we are to be there for each other supporting each other and working together instead of pulling apart. When the Pastor says that we are to let our light shine, he doesn’t mean just when we are in church. What good is the church if it’s kept to itself like “my secret clubhouse” that you have to have some kind of stupid password to get in?



What good is your going to church and having the knowledge of God’s word if your just going to keep it to yourself? To me, that is the worst thing any Christian can ever do. Because by not going out and being witness for others and showing them love, you’re not letting your light shine – and that just makes this world that much darker.


God bless y’all!


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Time for another RECAP!! This is for all those who missed out on my previous blog posts during the week. If you just got real busy and forgot, or if work got in the way or if it just slipped by you completely – this post today is for you!


Nathasn copy


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Here’s Tuesday’s:

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Today I’d like to talk to you about NOT  judging a book by it’s cover. So many times when we see someone by the way they are dressed or how they look, where they are or based upon their actions we tend to first off think of the worst thing about them that we can, but why? I know that in today’s society, most times, our assumptions may be true. READ MORE


Wednesday we prayed: 

God Protect The Children

Today I want to blog about all the hurt, brokenhearted children… the ones in pain, the ones without parents, the ones that have no one, the ones that struggle each day, the ones that sometimes miss meals – sometimes maybe even for days. READ MORE


Thursday we learned to:


Happy Valentines day, everyone! You know, I’m gonna speak of a different kind of love today – the kind of love that Jesus gave us to follow as an example. READ MORE


Friday was a: 


I have never been able to get one over on my grandma. I can plan and plan and be as secretive as I possibly can – but still she finds out what is going on! Not a coincidence, though, when you live in the same house with her. READ MORE


Saturday was an: 


Everyone always says I’m inspirational and sometimes motivational. Well, truth be known sometimes it’s hard to find motivation or inspiration to write these here blog posts! READ MORE

God bless y’all!


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Everyone always says I’m inspirational and sometimes motivational. Well, truth be known sometimes it’s hard to find motivation or inspiration to write these here blog posts! I guess it’s like the same thing with all of my songs I have written. Some of them just came to me easily and others were kind of drug out – but when finished, it’s great!


Now, I know with these daily blog posts though it is a little bit different. I try to keep these things going daily and will continue to do so for as long as I can. I have liked writing and having this ability to share stuff with you is a great thing, being able to take one thing and pull it out of another (like I did yesterday).

I took that blog post about that party I threw for my grandma and though it seemed I wasn’t getting anywhere to the motivation or inspiration finally it came at the end! I like doing stuff like it is a fun thing and I’d like to think that sometimes someone reading my blog needs to hear what I have to say.

How about we talk about inspiration today? Both the biggest inspiration there is, the inspirations in the bible and the inspiration here on earth.

Let’s start off with Jesus. What is more inspiring than God’s only son being nailed to cross to save us all from our sins? Or how about not even just that he took the murderer who was on the cross next to him to Heaven that very day. How about all the miracles he performed before he was crucified? I have always liked the story where the lame man and his friends helped lower him down into the place where Jesus was so that he could get healing.

Jesus wasn’t just an inspiration because of the things he said or did but also because of the love he had to give. Showing us that we should all be loving toward one another. He came for the sinners – not for the righteous, but for the sinners – so that they might be saved.

Bible Inspirations

I have always liked many stories in the bible but my favorites are the most well-known. How about the story of Noah and the ark? How he preached for 100 years? That, I’m sure seemed like forever because he was preaching to the most evil people there were. Everyone mocked and laughed him but when the time came for the flood there was nothing that they could do because it was already too late for them.

And that is how it will be when Jesus comes back for his children. Everyone who has mocked God’s people will not be able to get saved –  because by then it will be to late. (Kinda like when you get in line at the movies and they’re sold out of tickets. Trust me, you want your ticket to Heaven. It’s much more important than seeing a movie!)

Another bible inspiration for me is the story of David and Goliath. Talk about an inspiration there! Not only that but a great example of true never ending deep faith in our God. He’s our mighty defender and tower watching over us for sure! David approached Goliath with no armor or no sword for a weapon, just a sling shot and God on his side and trust me, when you have GOD on your side that is all you need! AMEN?!

Another favorite story of mine from the bible is how Saul became Paul, how God blinded him and asked him why he hated him so bad and asked him what had he ever done to him? I like where once he is Paul when he is with Silas they entered this city and there was a woman there saying how Paul and Silas were servants of God. Well, they didn’t like that. You see this woman was a witch. Paul went on to cast out the demons in her and when he did so, both him and Silas were arrested for what they had just done.

I love how they danced in prison and how the guard let them escape from prison. No matter what happened (and this goes for any bible hero) – no matter what, God was always watching after them and taking care of them through every situation. We have just got to put our trust in him completely and we will be ok.

Inspirations Here Today

This section is reserved for people –  Inspirations who live today. Whether that be firemen to you, policemen, of course our military, a family member an actor/actress or even a pet! (I know that’s not people but it’ll do). Inspiration is all around us. If you just look, you will find it I’m sure!

My inspirations for a family member of course would have to be my entire family. Everyone has through so much and we keep going. I’ve seen God work so many miracles in my family’s life – and for that I am thankful. Especially in my grandpa’s life, a walking miracle for sure! I know when things are bad God is on the throne taking care of things and though we may get stressed in bad times, which we can’t help (who wouldn’t?), we still can’t be so stressed that we quit trusting in the Father up above.

Another inspiration for me is Derek Clark. I found him back in April of 2011 and I don’t even know how but I was looking for child abuse videos to post for national child abuse month and I ran across one of his songs and it was so touching to me and inspirational. I decided to study more on him and at the time I needed to hear some of his stuff because it gave me HOPE and now I try to give others hope as well.

My acting inspirations are of course Chuck Norris and Kirk Cameron. Both of them have amazing stories although in the department of making it famous – against all odds. Chuck Norris would have to win this one against Cameron. In Norris’ biography, I read how when he was trying to get a producer to support the film he’d written, they were out to dinner one night him and his friend were both flat out broke. They had to pay the bill and manage to leave a tip so they didn’t look in today’s language (lame) in front of their potential producer. Which, somehow him and his friend did manage to get a payment and tip together.

Who are some inspirations in your life? I’m sure there are many, I have more; this is just a few. While thinking of someone who might inspire you, why not go out today and try to inspire someone else to…


Live, Inspire, Venture and Encourage?!

Inspire someone to LIVE.

God bless y’all!


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I have never been able to get one over on my grandma. I can plan and plan and be as secretive as I possibly can – but still she finds out what is going on! Not a coincidence, though, when you live in the same house with her.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 8.24.43 PM

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the time I planned my grandma a surprise tea party while living on the Amish Farm back in Missouri. Look at that  –  this should be on Disney’s TTI commercial! I like those. They are very unique and fun to watch. Have you ever seen one? They are great! Anyway, how about we get back to the day when I had this big great tea party surprise for my grandma on our Amish Farm.

I had planned this months in advance. About two weeks before my grandma’s birthday/anniversary (my grandparents were married on my grandma’s birthday), I had my mom buy some bread, tuna and miracle whip to make the sandwiches for the party. If I remember correctly, I made egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches. The egg salad was on those mini sub buns and the tuna on the regular white bread. Also there were mini pecan pies, doughnut holes, and a big salad with sliced avocado to go on top! Am I making you hungry yet?

Well, I’m not even done with the blog post yet, which is very different from my usual posts I know. But I’ll find a way to fit something  motivational and encouraging in here somewhere – you’ll see! Just hang on and follow the story: my grandparents were going to be gone on the actual day so I had to have the party a little earlier. It was the end of March and my uncle, mom and me went to town. My grandparents were both in the pasture trying to make a place to live for these goats they had went and bought.

I had already told my grandpa about the surprise so that’s why he was trying to keep her out of the house. When we got back is when the real work began! I was rushing around like a maniac to pull this off. I was chopping onions, opening diced tomatoes and mixing like mad, having to get both tables set as the one in the picture happens to be our kitchen table.

Here’s A Photo Of The Dining Table:


I threw all this together on the same day trying my best to get it done before my grandma got back in the house and saw it. My grandpa was still trying to keep her from coming in, best that he could. At this point, all of the food was still left to be prepared and If I remember right, these dishes had to be washed because they had just been unpacked. So not only was I throwing a surprise party for my grandma, we had also just moved and all our stuff was packed and so I had to go digging up stuff to make all this right, had to buy the table cloth for the other table.

Well it turns out it wasn’t much of a surprise I was almost finished but not quite when my grandma busted in the house looking for a piece of paper to write something down on as she was on the phone to somebody. When I first found out she had already came in, I got upset.

My grandpa was trying his best to keep her outside but I guess she got to the door before him. He said he turned around and she was gone! Guess I’m not ever gonna be able to pull one over on her. Still today, even if I get up on her birthday/anniversary to make them their breakfast, it doesn’t matter how early I get up she still gets up before I can have it ready. I’m like “Your not supposed to be up at this time!”

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Maybe somebody needs a surprise from you? It doesn’t have to be a big ole’ party – although if that is what you see fit is needed then so be it! But it could just as easily be just a small act of kindness or a kind gesture toward another person. It doesn’t even have to be someone you know. As I said, everybody needs kindness. Everybody needs love. We need to share that  the world needs to be surprised with someone loving and kind.

God bless y’all!




Happy Valentines day, everyone! You know, I’m gonna speak of a different kind of love today – the kind of love that Jesus gave us to follow as an example. The bible says that we should: “LOVE ONE ANOTHER“.




Interesting, isn’t it? Actually, he COMMANDS that we love one another. If any man have love than they are of God because God is of LOVE. Now let us not forget that God is also a mighty strong and jealous God. We seem to forget sometimes that he also disciplines his children when he sees fit. You make a sin, you will be punished for those actions in some way. God doesn’t tolerate much. Though you are forgiven and he does love you, there are still consequences for your actions.

Everyone needs somebody to love them. I guess the heartbroken, hurt people going through pain have been on my heart lately. I guess God is trying to tell me that they need us. Maybe he is telling someone reading my blog posts that someone needs you. They need you to show them love, kindness, and care.


What is loving?

Loving is being there for someone in there darkest hour, sticking with them and helping them get through this troubled time. I believe that God needs us all to let our shine and when you let your light shine, you’re not only sharing hope in everyone, you’re also showing  and spreading love – that which is of your own and that which is of God.


“Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”- 1 John 4:7 K.J.V.


Many times we get distracted with the things in the world, which the scripture warns us of this. The bible also says that we need not love the things in the world or of the world for any man that loves the world then the love of the Father is not in him (which is true to some extent).

Yesterday, I talked about people with kindness dying off and pretty much going extinct. Well, when you lose kindness then you will most likely lose those who loves, because to have one of these traits is to also have the other.

It is just as important to love others in this dark world as it is to let our light shine because there again, to do one is also to do the other. Without one, you are defeating the purpose of the other. Your light can’t be a beacon if your light don’t shine.



The bible also said that:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16


You know the verse, people. The bible also that God loved us before we first loved him, before we were ever even spoke into existence. I’m sure you’ve got many loved ones around that love you dearly, so why not share some of that love with another person who’s hearbroken and in need of a friend.



“Love your brother. Love your sister. Love the broken too.”– James Fickle



So go out today with your mind set to spread the love. Come on now, there is plenty of it to give. Let your shine and be a beacon to this dark world.



Share hope in everyone, love, and share GOD’S LOVE!


God bless y’all!


God, Protect The Children


Today I want to blog about all the hurt, brokenhearted children… the ones in pain, the ones without parents, the ones that have no one, the ones that struggle each day, the ones that sometimes miss meals – sometimes maybe even for days.

Jesus and Children


Pray that the bad kids somehow get help and somehow turn around. Pray that the good kids get what they need to make what they want to of themselves. Pray that the ones without families gets blessed with families – loving, good, morally straight families – that will be able to help them in a great way. Pray that the pain be eased (even though it will never go away); pray that it gets better, and for the ones who are abused, the children who live under the roofs of drug addicts and alcoholics. Pray that they may be saved from the hell they have to endure on a day-to-day basis. Pray that they be protected and carried through each day with the hands of God wrapped around them tightly. For all the orphans, foster children, abandoned, hurt and abused here in America and around the world, pray so that they may be delivered someday – hopefully someday soon.


“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”-Matthew 19:14 K.J.V.


We need to pray not only today but everyday for all the children around the world that God protects them and watches over them. Think about it for a moment: as I’m writing this now and as you are reading this there could be somebody somewhere today going through some pain. The homeless children, or the children victims of abuse because of alcoholic dad’s or mom’s, those who suffer from the actions of their parents. Never do they get to live what is known to be a normal childhood and most likely because of how they look they are looked down upon. Sometimes it appears that all the people who care about another and have genuine kindness are gone. All that seems to be in this world is a society of people who only think of themselves, with their only concerns being:


  • “What shoes will I wear today?”
  • “Where will I buy them?”
  • “How much will I spend?”
  • “What movie will I see?”


“People live off of two things: luck and kindness. The problem is the kindness is disappearing. You’re lucky if you find somebody kind.”Cameron Wilkinson


This is a quote from my best friend, and I find it very neat and quite accurate. It’s hard to find somebody kind, and this quote was written by the kindest guy I know. I’m very lucky to have found him, and we should all cherish and honor people like Cameron who make a difference in the world by being kind. It looks as if all the kind generous and compassionate people are dying off. Either it’s because they’ve just grown adapt to day-to-day life with all the pain it can cause, not just to one’s own self but also to others as well and those others being little, small innocent children. Or it is because they just simply don’t have a heart? That has to be it! One must not have a soul in them to be able to look at a small, innocent child being abused and not think anything of it. And though it may not be that bad yet, there are indeed some people who just don’t care one bit about the subject. They may also be too afraid to view these things, but it is a very serious issue and won’t get taken care of by looking in the other direction.



Not only for the little children but also the older children as well. They all need our prayers – even those who have taken the wrong path and are going to allow their pain to become their shameful time. But after living a life that they have, you can’t really blame them for turning to the way that they turn. We’ve just got to pray God be there and continue to watch over them and protect them and that maybe there will be someone out there who is a light that will lead them closer to God. My heart is always heavy for children – and hurting people period. Anyone that has been through some trails or heartache in their life, I have a great concern for them and care for people like that. Also, remember that one must be courageous to have faith. With faith comes hope and from hope there is strength and  from God’s strength – joy!


God bless y’all!


Everything Is Not As It Seems…


Today I’d like to talk to you about NOT  judging a book by it’s cover. So many times when we see someone by the way they are dressed or how they look, where they are or based upon their actions we tend to first off think of the worst thing about them that we can, but why? I know that in today’s society, most times, our assumptions may be true.


But on the other hand, often more than most, our assumptions about another person is just downright wrong. As a Christian, how could you so carelessly judge someone else in the first place? How about the kid who is begging for you to reach out to them, but because of how they appear, you turn and look the other way. Or what about all the kids who come to school hungry, in dirty clothes? They could have gone without food for days; what about them? Yeah, programs are set up for situations like that but more than likely they aren’t put to use.

Perhaps most of those children are homeless, having to make it own there own or either with their homeless family, doing their best to struggle to get by in another day in this cruel dark judgmental world. Others most of the time(the majority are Christians) who pass judgement upon these people. In many situations – because of all the no-good lazy people who take from the government and are actually the scumbags of earth – it’s hard to see the people who are real, hardworking and honest. Why? Because in this day and time it’s hard to find, but believe me, they are out there.


“Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”- Native American Proverb


I really like that saying above. There is also this song called “Could You Walk A Mile In That Man’s Shoes?” If you look around at the life of others, sometimes you’ll notice that you’re thankful for your own shoes (If you look at it that way). If not, then you just won’t care, and that’s what is wrong with the world today: most people just really don’t care about anything that is going on with anyone else.

It’s just like school bullying. It’s not just in school. It’s an absolute real-life situation. And when you decide to sit back and do nothing, because you just naturally believe that it isn’t your problem, then you just aren’t caring or letting your light shine.

There are some situations where we can’t get involved, because some things just aren’t our business. Probably the events we choose to get involved in isn’t much of our business either, but if the desire to do something and make a real change is strong enough, then nothing will stop us from stepping in and making a difference. There is that saying where for evil to prevail is for good men to sit back and do nothing – it’s true!

Scripture On Judging:


“Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.”- Romans 14:13 K.J.V.


What about the children who come to school abused, with bruises and always afraid of any quick sudden movement? What about them? It isn’t their fault. Perhaps they live in a home with a drunkard. It could be a possibility that they may even live in a home with a drug addict. The reasons are endless; the problems are endless also.

What about the young women struggling to get through college while juggling a job and other daily life issues as well? Or the young girl who wasn’t able to keep her baby? We tend to look down on those types of people, but tell me why? Why is it that we pass them with judgement? We don’t know the shoes they are wearing; we probably can’t even imagine the beginning of it. All we can imagine is our own struggles and trials, because we all have them, though, some worse then others.

So let us be thankful for the shoes that we wear. They may be worn and torn, tattered with the passing years and dirty from all the mud puddles we’ve stepped in but let us thank God for our shoes, and let us be there for someone else who’s shoes have taken them down a harder path then the ones our’s have.

God bless y’all!


If Nobody Believed


What if God quit trying? He just turned away, there were tear drops on his face? Tell me how would you feel? You’d probably give up too –  if nobody believed in you.


Both hearing – and now singing – this wonderful song that I found awhile back called “If Nobody Believed In You” By Joe Nichols, I did a cover on this song recently and that is what today’s blog post will revolve around. Isn’t it crazy how when something bad happens everyone is quick to blame God and question where he was when such evil was happening? Well, the answer to that question is simple: how can God protect and be there for those who won’t allow him to? In most places he isn’t allowed. They’ve taken him out of schools, and if anyone stand up for him then those are the crazy ones.

Oh, you can’t believe in God. It will offend someone who believes Buddha, Allah or some other false god. You can’t pray to your God because by doing so it will offend the non-believers. The thing here that is quite upsetting: what about those who are persecuted for believing in God? Does it not make you feel offended that you being a follower of Christ aren’t allowed to pray to him? Does that not offend you? Who is being bullied in that situation? The non-believers – or the believers?


“If a man believes in nothing, he will fall for anything.”


This saying is true in many ways, because if you believe in nothing you will most definitely fall for anything. The biggest objection to God’s existence is “If God Is So Good, Why Allow Evil?” In the scriptures, evil originated because of lucifer. He wanted to overpower God and be bigger and mightier than him. he wanted to take the throne. Lucifer himself made the decision (on his own) that he wanted to take God’s place.

I have talked about why I believe in God many times, but today I’d like to ask you why you believe in him? What gives you the faith to believe in God? I know that even through the bad he has been there to pull me out and most people don’t understand that. They can’t get that, but it is true. God meant it when he said he would never leave nor forsake us but sometimes his people leave him again and again. We are all his children – even those who don’t believe.

But not all of his children want to stick with him as much as he wants to stick with us. They’d rather go their own way, live by their own rules and do their own thing, thinking that they can control their life, when really in they actually can’t – not without it falling apart completely, anyways.

And even those who are rich and have all that the world has to offer don’t have it all that great, because money can’t buy peace. And if you look deep enough in to their life, you’ll see that there is always going to be something missing from their life and until they find Jesus and believe in him, nothing will fill that void.

I hope that you enjoyed my cover!

God bless y’all!




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It’s recap time again, everyone! I’ve decided that every Sunday will be dedicated to RECAPS! For those who might have missed one of my blog posts throughout the week (In case somebody got busy with work or something and couldn’t get to my blog post or if it just slipped their mind….) Let’s get to it then!

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Tuesday was all: 

God’s Business!

You know those moments where you just feel so bad? Yeah, those moments where it feels as if the whole sky is crashing down on your head – and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it and you can’t seem to get out from underneath the rubble. READ MORE


Wednesday I had: 

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So it isn’t much of a surprise to me that after reaching our 30th of prayer the day after that we weren’t able to make it together! Why? Ok, it was quite very surprising to me! It makes me wonder how we both made it together for 30 days straight without any difficulty. READ MORE


Thursday we learned to: 

Sing When Life Get’s You Down!

A good friend of mine from Missouri used to tell me when I was discouraged to SING – sing praises and glorify God! I have never forgotten that and it wasn’t until now – this very moment – that the thought occurred to me that it wasn’t long after he told me to sing, I started writing my own songs! READ MORE


Friday I told you about: 

Our 1988 Prevost

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Saturday we realized: 

It’s Almost Spring!

Good day people! I’d like to talk to you about the changes of leaving winter and entering into spring, it’s like our daily lives now isn’t it? How when we are in a struggle, our struggles and trials feel like our winters, but don’t fret! It’s almost spring! READ MORE

Hope you enjoyed today’s recap. Thanks to everyone for following me!

God bless y’all!


It’s Almost Spring!


Good day, people! I’d like to talk to you about the changes of leaving winter and entering into spring. It’s like our daily lives now, isn’t it? How when we are in a struggle, our struggles and trials feel like our winters but don’t fret – it’s almost spring!


I was walking out to get the mail the other day and I couldn’t believe how beautiful things were beginning to look. Now, from the cloudy sky in the picture most of you are thinking it looks awful, but look beyond what you see. Why is it that your eyes immediately find the negative in most situations? Why can’t you direct your sight to the beauty of this tree? Look at the patches of green all over the yard. That’s actually green grass people! Here in the piney woods of East Texas – in February!

Here again comes my favorite scripture about this being the day that Lord hath made. Why is it that we can’t bring ourselves to rejoice and be glad in it? Because it seems that we often let our minds stray to the antagonistic turmoil that life can sometimes put on us, instead of looking toward the beauty of all Gods glory he has to offer us. There may be times when we feel there is no hope, the winter is getting too cold for us to bare. We might be getting frostbite but in your time of grief is not the time to give way, the time of grief is when God is doing his most work in your life.


“Appreciate whatever is around. You never know when it may be taken away”– James Fickle


Well, you ask me why can’t God do this work and things be better? Because when he is doing work in your life while things are going just fine for you, you don’t seem to notice or even recognize one bit what he is doing for you. Like the old saying: “You don’t know what you got until it is gone.” Sometime he has to bring us to rock bottom for us to truly appreciate the glory he has to offer us. Otherwise, we will just focus on those clouds in the sky instead of focusing our attention to the beautiful lush green grass that is developing before our eyes.


To me, this is a sign that winter is ending and spring is beginning, is that not what it means to you? Depending on where you live, you’re piled high in snow, but I’m not going to laugh. If you like to live that way, then good for you! If you don’t then I’m sorry, the winters in Southwest Missouri seem to always last forever and winters have always been hard for my family and I. Long, cold, horrific winters… Sometimes it felt like one of those old movies where the people lived in this old cabin up in the mountains of Alaska or something. Some days it felt like that! Especially at our Amish Farm!

So we are most grateful for the short-lived winter here in East Texas! Thank God! It is such a blessing. The other night it felt like I went to bed and then woke up the next morning to spring! The grass was turning green and the temps were reaching the 80’s it’s a beautiful thing! Come to think of it we really haven’t had that much of a winter here in our neck of the piney woods.. For our part, 28′ is the lowest I remember the temps getting to and that’s still better then -5 back home!


Spring is not only bringing back flowers, green grass, and leafy trees. “The James Fickle Show” is also making a return as well! Spring premiere of Season 2 will revolve around letting your light SHINE! Being a light in this dark world and not just to go out and witness but to go out and BE A WITNESS!

I mention this often but some people don’t understand what it means to BE a witness. Well, here is what it means… It means to let your light shine so that others may see God’s glory through you and want to come closer to him because of the bright shining witness and example you have been.

Until James Fickle returns with new episodes in April you still have a chance for a love offering of $20 to receive the COMPLETE FIRST SEASON of the James Fickle Show. These two CD’s are chock-full of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and more. It’s perfect for your loved ones or friends who refuse to go to church but you know they need to hear the word of God and be encouraged in their heart and soul. (Even rebellious teens enjoy James Fickle! He makes them laugh in spite of themselves!) It is also perfect for your fellow Christian who is going through a battle – or several battles – at the moment and need to be inspired and refreshed so they can continue on their walk with God with a lightened load and pep in their step.

If you need to send a money order, you can find out about getting your copy by contacting me through my contact pageIf you prefer online ordering, you can do that through the donate button below.



100% of your offerings and donations will go to my ministry

– which includes going toward keeping the James Fickle Show alive and helping it to grow as well as supporting all of my ministry goals and endeavors. I have a burning desire to do a great work for God in many areas!

This is just the beginning – the best is yet to come!

God bless y’all!


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